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85% Road House Road House (1989) - Rated 13 Aug 2009
"Sure, it doesn't have the artistic integrity or influence as many other films have, but it certainly is a masterpiece of film camp! Every piece of dialogue is either complete garbage, hilarious, or just unnecessary. All the actors, except Elliot, are at their worst. This movie is the definitive "so bad, it's good" film."
10 99% El El (1953) - Rated 25 Jul 2009
"The greatest portrait of obsession; The main character, brilliantly played by Arturo de Córdova, is both a louse and an unsympathetic figure who's just merely gone off the deep end. Jealousy is taken to a whole new extreme with this masterpiece. The bell tower scene is bar none, my favorite scene of all films I've seen so far."