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Member Since: Oct 18, 2007

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Age: 38

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55 27% Happy End (2017) - Jan 19, 2022
"There's so many figures in this one that none really turn into characters, and the editing feels like Haneke actively trying to avoid telling a story. Not for me."
50 20% Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) - Jan 15, 2022
"Better than the first part for sure, but could have done without the sappiness and the didactics ("If even a machine can learn not kill humans, maybe humans can too?")."
60 36% Longing for the Rain (2013) - Jan 10, 2022
"Starts out with a pretty strong depiction of contemporary China, but then loses itself in the second half. Also the attempts at stylishness are not always successful."
60 36% Kundun (1997) - Dec 13, 2021
"Does an admirable job of creating a setting (particularly considering that most was filmed in Morocco), but then destroys that by having everybody speak English. The stilted dialogue and the terrible score (that I was surprised to see Phillip Glass sign responsible for) that only occasionally goes fake-Asian, but largely stays Western, also show that the set was just a bit of Orientalist veneer for what is very much a mainstream Hollywood production."
100 99% On Body and Soul (2017) - Dec 03, 2021
"There's a love story between deer here, and there's a love story between Playmobil figures, and either of them is better than 99% of the love stories out there. It's delivered in beautiful cinematography, blends poetry and humor in a way I didn't think possible, has a great cast and practically reinvents the close-up - it's as if it was made for me!"
65 48% Tepenin Ardi (2012) - Nov 21, 2021
"Worth it for the beautiful location shots already, but the story has a couple of long moments. "
65 48% Güvercin (2018) - Nov 13, 2021
"Fairly run-of-the-mill outsider story. Alper is perfect in his role, it looks pretty enough and, gracefully, the runtime is short, but most story elements just feel tacked on."
60 36% Sibel (2018) - Nov 12, 2021
"Stunning location that gets used fairly well and an interesting setting, but gets hamstrung by atrocious storytelling and some terrible acting. In the end it just piles on clichés about Turkish society in an effort to somehow become relevant."
90 97% In Bruges (2008) - Nov 05, 2021
"We so need more of this type of comedy! Setting couldn't be better, cast is right on the spot (almost everything Farrell and Gleeson say is funny - except for those moments the laugh dies in your throat), plenty of interesting side characters, amazing story development - and it knows just when to turn up the music."
70 62% Ostkreuz (1991) - Oct 10, 2021
"Not without faults of its own (some of those lines man!), but does the realism a lot better than the so often praised Rossellini."