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Cinema Addict - 1021 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 17, 2007

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Age: 36

Gender: Male

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60 37% Nancy (2018) - May 16, 2019
"Some nice elements in here (including the main premise), but then a lot of generic, desaturated soul-searching. Some weird choices about lighting and music too. "
70 61% Paradise: Faith (2012) - May 08, 2019
"While it has ample similarities with other Seidl movies, this one resonated a bit less with me. I particularly fault the crucifix masturbation scene - whereas in the other movies the characters seemed to be very ordinary and portray parts that all of us contain, this one just was a bit too much over the top to make the same point."
45 18% The Hateful Eight (2015) - Apr 25, 2019
"Didn't realize Tarantino movies could be boring."
30 7% The Neon Demon (2016) - Apr 24, 2019
"Seriously, this is from the guy who made Drive? It feels as if it had been written by the very people it portrays. It's not often I abort a movie, but no way I'm sitting through more of these terrible dialogues."
65 48% Amina (2019) - Apr 16, 2019
"An interesting look into Amina's life, but ultimately not quite enough of a story there."
85 93% Dear Son (2018) - Apr 16, 2019
"Surprisingly mature filmmaking. The script is flawless, editing does not treat you like a child, and the acting is world-class. Very pleasant discovery!"
55 29% Chuva É Cantoria Na Aldeia Dos Mortos (2018) - Apr 15, 2019
"I keep proclaiming that we are living in a golden age, as cheap equipment makes it possible to film remote cultures that still have not been soaked up by the mainstream. This film does portray a very interesting example of such a culture, yet unfortunately doesn't do enough to have it become an interesting film in its own right."
55 29% Beol-sae (2018) - Apr 15, 2019
"I feel like I've seen this movie 20 times before. The directing is rather amateuristic, and the length utterly excessive."
35 10% Les confins du monde (2018) - Apr 14, 2019
"What a disaster. Rambling and cliché-ridden, with perhaps the worst love interest I've ever seen. Only points of interest were the locations and seeing how fat Depardieu has become."
90 97% The Shining (1980) - Apr 14, 2019
"Outstanding setting and cinematography - really makes me regret that we won't be able to see what Kubrick would have been able to pull off with today's technology! Jack Nicholson's face is pure cinema. (Too bad Duvall isn't quite on the same level!)"