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Member Since: Oct 17, 2007

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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75 75% Private Life (2018) - Jan 21, 2019
"This film is populated by rather stereotypical New York movie characters, but beyond that the writing really is rather good."
70 61% Das Boot (1981) - Jan 20, 2019
"In some of the scenes, the claustrophobic captivity of the submarine comes over very vividly. The characters are a bit simple, though, and don't develop. The ending also isn't too my liking - a more subtle (and less ex machina) point could have been made."
60 38% Kung Fu Hustle (2004) - Jan 20, 2019
"Quite a romp - but in the end still more kung fu than I can bear."
65 48% Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (2017) - Jan 20, 2019
"Both the documentary's style as well as Jim Carrey himself were far more pedestrian than I would have wished for."
70 61% Beasts of No Nation (2015) - Jan 19, 2019
"Sadly deals with its psychological observations in the voiceover only, leaving the imagery for the action. Big up on the location photography though!"
50 24% Midnight Express (1978) - Jan 19, 2019
"Watched this as I was promised shots of old Istanbul, of which there weren't a lot. The score was a nice surprise, the rest was forgettable with a side of racism."
70 61% Shutter Island (2010) - Jan 18, 2019
"Not too fond of the story, but the pictures are beautiful."
25 6% Ghostbusters (1984) - Jan 18, 2019
"No redeeming factors beside the very occasional chuckle about Bill Murray - but even he was mostly annoying in this one!"
70 61% P.K. (2014) - Jan 17, 2019
"A tactful religious satire - guess we did need India to make that one! Also surprisingly coherent for an Indian film - and didn't even feel long! I also reluctantly admit that I may actually have been moved by the ending - granted, while lying in bed with a flu, so your mileage may vary..."
65 48% The Dictator (2012) - Jan 17, 2019
"Not every gag is amazing, but somehow even the ones you see coming from a mile away still manage to crack me up. Particularly in the first half - the love story seems unnecessary."