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Cinema Addict - 1225 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 18, 2007

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Age: 37

Gender: Male

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40 12% The King of Comedy (1999) - Aug 05, 2020
"Generic trash, not sure how this got so famous? (And for a movie with "comedy" in the title I sure would have expected it to be funnier.)"
75 76% Days of Being Wild (1990) - Jul 28, 2020
"Very strong visual language courtesy of Doyle, but storywise tacks on a bit too many things in the end for my end."
80 86% Platform (2000) - Jul 27, 2020
"Jia Zhangke has a way of documenting China's changes that just jives with me. This one is a little long in some scenes, but has some great ones to make up for that."
70 62% Du zi deng dai (2004) - Jul 26, 2020
"The story is exceedingly simple, but there are a lot worse films in China - and how could I objectively rate a movie that has so many Xiali taxis in it?"
55 27% Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014) - Jul 22, 2020
"Once more decent atmosphere, but I'm just really not into crime movies."
65 48% The Social Network (2010) - Jul 20, 2020
"It's solid, but I'm not sure why so many people are raving about it. "
80 86% The Day After I'm Gone (2019) - Jul 18, 2020
"This one manages to move around a lot, barely using the same location twice, while examining two interesting and beautifully acted characters. Every scene is very deliberately constructed and there are some powerful emotional moments - just a pity then that it thins out towards the end, a bit more resolution (or maybe build-up to its resolution?) would have been nice."
65 48% Paradise: Hope (2013) - Jul 11, 2020
"Felt a lot more contrived than the other two, with really less to say than the over-the-top storyline might make you think. Still, there's a bunch of very Seidl observations."
80 86% Juliet of the Spirits (1965) - Jul 07, 2020
"This must be the ultimate Fellini - every scene is pure circus! Makes great use of the medium, even if it is maybe a tad too long."
60 36% Wild Style (1983) - Jun 29, 2020
"Not great as a movie (particularly the acting), but interesting as a document."