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65 47% Dead Pigs (2018) - Rated 19 Nov 2023
65 47% Groundhog Day (1993) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"Harmless 90's fun - holds up to a rewatch quite well except for the drawn-out romance parts."
55 26% The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"A great production (in case you haven't heard), but many disconnected plot elements that just appear to be ticking off stuff from the novel they wanted to get in. Way too long and unfocused - and way too much pathos in the acting!"
75 76% Licorice Pizza (2021) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"While this felt more like separate segments rather than one continuous movie, all of the segments are entertaining to watch and PTA's directing (needless to say) is spot-on. Such great fun watching Haim shout at basically everyone too!"
60 35% White Building (2021) - Rated 20 Aug 2023
"Suffers from a lot of developing country arthouse ailments (oh, these meaningful, minute-long stares!), but hey, it's not like we're spoiled for choice when it comes to Cambodian movies available internationally."
65 47% Aftersun (2022) - Rated 18 May 2023
"This at times just goes through the motions. It also hides what it's on about until quite late (at least to me), so that I couldn't really find a way to connect to it."
70 62% Triangle of Sadness (2022) - Rated 16 Mar 2023
"Östlund is a highly talented filmmaker, and so everything he does is at least entertaining to look at. I'd have preferred him to develop more on the subtle psychological examination of Force Majeur than on the grotesque satire bits of The Square though, which he takes to an extreme here. The "criticism" particularly in the weak last part remains utterly shallow."
95 99% The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) - Rated 13 Mar 2023
"Wow, what a difficult movie not to break the tone. But while McDonagh strains it almost to the breaking point several times, he always stays in control of it. Admirable! As is the screenplay that works on so many levels. As is the acting - obviously."
55 26% My Blueberry Nights (2007) - Rated 07 Mar 2023
"The problem with this movie is that whereas WKW in his best movies, particularly In the Mood for Love, exaggerates small gestures to point at the big things left unsaid, here he exaggerates small gestures to point at very obvious and trite things, and that just falls flat. (Also, Jude Law acts as if he had been told to act Jude Law acting.)"
60 35% 9 Muses of Star Empire (2012) - Rated 12 Feb 2023
"They apperently had pretty good access to Star Empire and the band, but don't manage to make much of a documentary out of it. It was interesting though to see an aspect of Asian slave labor that one would not first think of."