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Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Age: 36

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70 61% Ága (2018) - Oct 21, 2019
"When I saw Nanook of the North, I was very grateful that film was invented before that way of living died out. I was even more excited when I saw this, the same way of life filmed in beautiful high definition. Disappointingly, it turns out to be more fiction than fact, but the film still works for me. After a slow first half hour that spends most of its time documenting that faux way of life, it picks up pace towards the middle up the melodramatic, but beautiful finale set to Mahler."
55 29% Family Romance, LLC (2019) - Oct 20, 2019
"Highly interesting topic, but Herzog seems happy to just scratch the surface of it, most of the runtime being filler material. The story development would be bad for a documentary, let alone for a scripted film, and the cinematography looks like Herzog just ran around Tokyo with his 4k smartphone (couple of drone shots aside)."
70 61% Seven Samurai (1954) - Oct 20, 2019
"It has some great shots, and does not feel like 3.5 hours (although also not like 90 minutes). But why is everybody talking all the time? Instead of telling me what you are going to do, just do it?"
65 48% Borç (2018) - Oct 18, 2019
"Makes its point much too often and forcefully (the majority of scenes seems to be openly about money), but has a fair number of genuine moments."
65 48% Charulata (1964) - Oct 15, 2019
"The cinematography is pretty and generally serves the story well, but I don't see the subtlety that every other review seems to be praising: the acting, the lines, the story development, it all seems stilted and unnatural to me. The scene close to the end where she dramatically breaks down (and gets dramatically overheard doing so) would be just as much at home in a mass-market Bollywood movie."
70 61% Grüße aus Fukushima (2016) - Oct 14, 2019
"Dörrie approaches her Japanese subject matter with all the heavy-handedness of her German main character. The black and white pictures are beautiful though, even if some of them scream for color, and the juxtaposition of actual footage from Fukushima works well."
55 29% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Oct 10, 2019
"Moonrise Kingdom with Nazis - and neither the film nor the ideology were very good ideas to start with. Sure, dancing Hitler is funny, but Waititi utterly fails to find a balance between comedy and drama (most of his story actually would be better dealt with as drama). He also resorts to a cliché Hollywood story line whose telling is excruciatingly obvious. Feels like a missed opportunity."
35 10% Juo ren mi mi (2019) - Oct 09, 2019
"Midi Z had seen a lot of pretty scenes in movie. Midi Z also wanted to make a movie with these pretty scenes. But Midi Z just couldn't think of a good story to tie them together. So fuck it, Midi Z thought, I will just shoot them anyway. Spoiler: Fight Club"
45 18% The Wild Goose Lake (2019) - Oct 09, 2019
"I think the reason that I don't like crime films is that they are just the ever same lines in front of changing backgrounds. At least the backgrounds are pretty in this one."
30 7% Parwareshghah (2019) - Oct 08, 2019
"I take back what I say about Sadat's first film, taking non-professional actors and sticking a camera in is not enough. This movie suffers from terrible directing and an abundance of clichés. It also does not appear to have a script - it's like they just filmed random segments and played them back in any order. There isn't even much location photography, which I so loved in Wolf and Sheep. And the Bollywood part seems to be tacked on just for the festival synopsis."