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Cinema Addict - 1628 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 10, 2012

Location: Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Canada

Bio: I have a conservative life but a liberal mind.
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75 98% Bombshell (2019) - Jan 20, 2020
80 99% Late Night (2019) - Jan 09, 2020
80 99% Mike Brant: Laisse-moi t'aimer (2002) - Jan 07, 2020
"A sad example of how celebrity is not for everyone. The film dwells into Brant's quick rise to stardom and explores the reasons leading to his early and tragic demise."
60 97% Impact After The Crash (2013) - Dec 30, 2019
"Very sad story. buy that is not the reason why I didn't appreciate the film. The film was not very well crafted."
80 99% Snake City (2014) - Dec 28, 2019
80 99% Siskel & Ebert (1986) - Dec 26, 2019
"How I miss this show. Every time a film comes out, I wonder what they would say about it. "
80 99% The Awful Truth (1999) - Dec 26, 2019
"Buried treasure. Micheal Moore at his best."
80 99% Snake Boss (2013) - Dec 26, 2019
"I suppose I am biased, being a snake fanatic and having a huge interest in Australia, but I loved this show and I love this woman. She's quirky, funny and clever. She loves both snakes and people. And she's made it her vocation to protect them from each other."
80 99% tt3713670 (2013) - Dec 26, 2019
"A very personal look at a woman making perhaps the most important decision of her life. Yet, she approaches it with humor and lightness. NOTE :The Title is Screw You Cancer. I put the IMDB number in the title box by accident and it seems I cannot correct it. So, to the moderator who is reviewing this entry, can you please make the correction. It's a great show. Thank you."
80 99% Gleason (2016) - Dec 23, 2019
"Very moving. Although it involves a different illness, the film reminded me of the film My Life with Michael Keaton which always brings me to tears. And I am not a sentimental person. "