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90 96% Perfect Days (2023) - 22 Feb 2024
"Maybe it's a little too long, but really, its only misstep is my own: after the heart-wrenching days with the niece, I expected, wanted, needed a conventional conflict-resolution plot. But that's not what this film provides; instead, its message is driven home in its final moment, driving to work: these perfect days are anything but simple, but they are worth fighting for, fighting through, and fighting, in every small moment, to find."
90 96% Pride & Prejudice (2005) - 16 Feb 2024
"Intricate direction and inspired performances make this film feel immersive and lived-in. The small, quiet details - a flexing hand, a silent look - are everything ... Until a liquid gold sunset, a foggy morning, a windy hill overwhelms you with beauty: the cinematography is incredible. The film nails the profoundly small and the stunningly expansive, and everything lives harmoniously rent-free in my head. I love, I love ... I love it."
80 79% Godzilla (1954) - 10 Feb 2024
"The situation-hopping prologue isn't easy to follow, but it's shot with the same careful composition and is full of the same clever effects that elevate the human drama that compels for the rest of the runtime - and, of course, it was the first ever build up to the destructive, existentially terrifying reveal of Godzilla itself, and for that alone it's more than watchable. Excellently shot and scored, and Serizawa's conflict is a powerful driving force after the prologue."
75 66% Fallen Leaves (2023) - 05 Feb 2024
"It's impossible to argue the glowing reviews saying, "It shows that even in the bleakness of our world, there is love and light," but the darkness and light of this film are within a mere few lumens of each other in delivery; the patient and gentle romance, in its deadpan subtlety, just failed to connect with me."
75 66% Salaar (2023) - 01 Feb 2024
"Remember the bogeyman speech from John Wick? Make everything but its anticipatory build completely indecipherable, keep it building for an hour, then multiply the cathartic release of the following cinematic violence by fifty and you've got the opening acts of this immense picture. Almost nothing ever makes sense, but that score! that man! that violence! Holy shit! And then it's all undermined by the protagonists being active participants in human trafficking and the mass murder of civilians."
65 42% Shin Kamen Rider (2023) - 31 Jan 2024
"This movie does not give a single ファック. Some of the worst shots ever lined up by a camera are married to incredibly kinetic, bloody punches; then an angle of inspired badassery captures stunt performers who have forgotten their choreography; and nothing makes sense, on purpose, and it's silly as soap-corpses and as serious as death. What a ride. The bat-aug will haunt me forever."
75 66% Poor Things (2023) - 30 Jan 2024
"She was born sexy yesterday, but don't worry - the men who wrote and directed this made sure she was really obsessed with it and naked a lot. Liberating! There is a unique fairy story of growth and autonomy hidden in here, Emma Stone gives a strong performance, and apart from the sex obsession it really does feel fresh and exciting in its presentation. Everyone's accent was ATROCIOUS but Ruffalo (worst of the lot) was hilarious anyway."
65 42% The Zone of Interest (2023) - 27 Jan 2024
"The art of this film is a vacuum of meaning. It says absolutely nothing - certainly nothing new or uniquely valuable - but its adjacency to something inherently profound forces the viewer to apply substance. Technically, this film is immense, but its content is specifically and actively meaningless. What a bizarre and unsettling experience, to be bored and/or get a few charming horror-movie tingles from a film (nearly) about the Holocaust. There's something wrong about that."
60 32% Anyone But You (2023) - 25 Jan 2024
"The acting is atrocious and the writing is worse, but there's a cast singalong montage in the credits that I was delighted to sit through, because sometimes it's okay to laugh easily and enjoy something silly and bad. Less horny than I was expecting, honestly."
80 79% The Holdovers (2023) - 16 Jan 2024
"The aesthetics are immaculate and pair perfectly with the content - tweed-and-pipe with cozy relationships, snow and patient takes with gently handled traumas, fuzzy film with charming humour. A warm film for cold times, from the 70s to the 20s."