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Film Freak - 931 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 3, 2015

Location: Canada

Bio: http://remedialreviews.tumblr.com/

My "better than this one worse than this one" system doesn't always stand up to time and volume; trust the review, not the rating.

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70 54% The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) - Nov 23, 2022
"Civil war is feckin’ shite, so. And if that’s not the point of this film, I suppose I just don’t have this sort of men in my life to relate it back to - once the film turns from slow rural comedy to utter, preventable tragedy, its characters likewise transform from charming bumpkins to caricatures of concept. Terrifically performed and never boring, but too unreal and (dare I say?) unnecessarily cruel. May yet stick with me and improve in recollection."
80 79% The Menu (2022) - Nov 23, 2022
"The first courses are a sumptuous treat of unsettling anticipation, but the main course’s social commentary is clumsily mixed. Luckily, this broken emulsion is just one of the many dips served by the film’s chef, and there are fine flavours of humour, performance, and thrill to taste instead. Smooth, mostly clever, and funny."
70 54% The Wonder (2022) - Nov 21, 2022
"Its framing is interesting but pointless - even worse because its agent is a non-character and its message, the power of stories, is not its strongest theme - but Cassidy and Pugh center the film with strong performances and its harrowing plot compels, though it moves, perhaps, a little too slowly."
75 67% Enola Holmes 2 (2022) - Nov 21, 2022
"Carries forward all the lighthearted charm of the first outing. Any film that starts with sticking it to the pigs and ends with workers organizing is alright in my books! Fun and easy."
85 90% Doctor Sleep (2019) - Nov 17, 2022
"[Director's Cut] Ferguson and McGregor give masterful performances in this patient and poignant tale of trauma. Terrifically envisioned and deeply layered, its horrors never seem gratuitous and its profundity never forced - it’s beautiful and terrible in careful and agile turns, and always effective."
50 15% X (2022) - Nov 11, 2022
"Solid cinematography and effects and hints of comedy suggest that there is a fine slasher film in here, if only the director held his material lightly and tickled it. Instead he grips it in a fist and yanks as he tries to, without a sense of irony, make it something better. No wonder no old folks came out to audition. And my god the chafing."
40 7% Morbius (2022) - Nov 09, 2022
"Joker and Venom (2018) had filthy sex in the unlit basement of a hospital and four years later gave birth to this film - a ridiculous Sony antihero film that would be comically bad except that it attempts to do for chronically ill folks what Joker tried to do for the mentally ill: prove that these people are one nudge away from gleeful murder. Neither of its parents should have been allowed to procreate."
75 67% Lost River (2015) - Nov 07, 2022
"Its atmosphere is impeccable, hauntingly designed in sound and image. Thematically, it fails to really connect, its comments on poverty and (particularly female) disenfranchisement getting lost behind beautifully rich, film-grainy colours and a story more about vibes than content. Visually but not intellectually arresting."
75 67% All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) - Nov 06, 2022
"Especially considering it was never quiet on the western front due to changes to the novel, this might be more aptly titled “Scenes From a War”. Its only narrative surrounds the signing of the armistice, an unnecessary and bland addition, but it is only generals and politicians who get narrative during war, so perhaps that’s appropriate. Beautifully shot and richly depicted, which means it can’t fail to be affecting, but the real power of film rides on story and character and this hasn’t any."
95 99% Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - Nov 02, 2022
"Masterful in its every element, gracefully turning from affection to horror, from agony to wonder, from beauty to grotesquerie, and back, and back, and forward again to new magic and new terrors. Exquisitely designed, performed, and shot; meaning and care resound in every flicker of a fairy’s wing. Extraordinary."