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85 T10 L'argent (1983) - Oct 16, 2017
"Money itself is somehow counterfeit: in some way the only thing that exists but equally a fiction, an artifice, founded on a belief but ultimately crediting only nothingness, found nowhere yet behind everything, a ghost in the machine but also, today, the deus ex machina itself. Counteracting that excess, Bresson's style here reaches a pinnacle of austerity (yet every moment also looks beautiful), which, from a certain perspective, may make it his best attempt to control the viewer's perception."
75 T9 Kamyu nante shiranai (2005) - Oct 15, 2017
"Unduly neglected (an idiotic review by Jay Weissberg in Variety may not have helped), this is an enjoyable, interesting and ultimately affecting reflection on cinema and murder (much better, for example, than AURORA, viewed just before this one), as well as on cinema and life, weaving Truffaut, Visconti, Mann, Camus, Mahler and others together with a set of youthful characters who are very well composed by the writer and performed by the actors. Disc is released by DVD of the Month Club!"
35 T2 Aurora (2010) - Oct 14, 2017
"The bland "director's statement" included with the DVD, with its pseudo-profundity and tedious paradoxes, serves to confirm this viewer's impression that the filmmaker has thought less, and has less to say, than he is given credit for by some critics. A strong commitment to filming from behind pillars or through doorways is not enough to justify the running time, at least in the absence of other ideas interesting enough to hold the viewer's attention."
70 T8 Still Walking (2008) - Oct 13, 2017
"Some questionable aesthetic decisions, but mostly subtle and well-worked out drama about resentment and regret. Really avoids melodrama, which may lead to an impression of lightness, but what this film seems to be about is the near impossibility of resolving some kinds of generational problems."
25 T1 Family Sins (2004) - Oct 13, 2017
"The Australian director of this telemovie began his feature film career with a biopic about a woman named Frances: perhaps he thought twice would be a charm. Kirstie Alley gives a spirited performance as the crazed criminal mother, but the mediocre screenplay is unconvincing."
35 T2 Non-Stop (2014) - Oct 11, 2017
"Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra seem to want to become the new Denzel Washington and Tony Scott (perhaps slightly blander, though, as in: less forceful in the virtuous world-weariness, less frenetic in the editing). Hence this teal plane is......non-stoppable!"
65 T7 The Andromeda Strain (1971) - Oct 07, 2017
"On (1) the elaborate character of modern technical systems; (2) the way in which the complexity of such systems can also lead to fragility; (3) the way such systems can lead human beings into rationalisation in the Weberian/Adornian sense of disenchanted calculative thinking; (4) the way they can serve irrational ends, covered over by rationalisations in the psychological sense. The commitment to pursuing just these four questions is impressive and refreshing. Best character is Reid's scientist."
45 T4 Happy Here and Now (2002) - Oct 06, 2017
"Attempt at exploring the disintegration of identity resulting from digital teletechnologies, in contrast to the living relationships to be found in a vibrant and musical non-French quarter New Orleans. Despite the interest of the theme, it is hampered by some weak performances and a narrative that tends to fall apart, leading to a conclusion that perhaps seems a little trite. The DVD transfer was appalling, which did not help."
45 T4 Hollow Man (2000) - Oct 05, 2017
"A tale of hubris and the drives unbound: L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies somehow transforms into Seth Brundle, before assuming his final form as the creature from PREDATOR (but on the set of ALIEN). Watching this for the first time 17 years after it was panned by critics then rejected by the director, its gusto in challenging the audience with an escalating set of sexual misdemeanours and crimes makes it more amusing than this viewer was expecting. More complex than its reputation and a little better too."
65 T7 Casa de Lava (1994) - Oct 04, 2017
"Didn't see this until after seeing BLOOD, IN VANDA'S ROOM, COLOSSAL YOUTH and HORSE MONEY, but it cements the idea that Costa is in the process of creating a "cinema of zombieness". In this case, the constant questions asked but not answered can at times be a little wearing, but great use is made of the setting (TIRESIA will have a similarly volcanic opening), with a sense of imminent eruption, but where the rumblings of discontent may just continue unabated into an uncertain, desolate future."