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Recent Rankings
60 T7 Page Eight (2011) - Jul 22, 2016
"Enjoyable little spy tale with better than average dialogue."
20 T1 Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Jul 21, 2016
"No hint of any "beyond" in this dull, witless sequel. Having worked hard in the first movie to establish a new Trek world, and in the second to pursue the characters further, here every virtue of the prior two movies is discarded. Characterisation is reduced to interactions of the most weakly humorous kind, the narrative is nothing but meaningless computerised action sequences, and the visual design consists of an inordinate number of scenes taking place in murky darkness. No redeeming features."
65 T7 The Music Room (1958) - Jul 20, 2016
"Subtle evocation of the decline of the aristocracy at the hands of history and a rising bourgeoisie, while through it all the servant class muddles through and performing artists carry on working their magic and playing their tricks for whoever is willing and able to pay. Not Ray's best, but his quiet drama, punctuated with slow zooms, is still more thoughtful and engaging than the more customary cinematic approach that turns the representation of social change into a histrionics of history. "
55 T6 Gomorra (2008) - Jul 19, 2016
"Some carefully crafted scenes in this suffocating and no doubt "accurate", "systemic" portrait of a society suffused with crime to the point of collapse. OK, so it is anti-romantic compared to THE GODFATHER, but that was 36 years prior, and anti-glamorous compared to SCARFACE, but that was 25 years prior. And these negative virtues themselves suggest the problem: what's really new? The anthropology if not the sociology was better in GOODFELLAS; here the presentation remains too journalistic."
50 T5 Amy (2015) - Jul 18, 2016
"Doesn't really contain a lot of insights and doesn't really succeed in making the singer seem like a terribly interesting person."
55 T6 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Jul 17, 2016
"Pretty good at sustaining tension."
55 T6 Out 1, noli me tangere (1971) - Jul 15, 2016
"Both the peaks and the deep troughs of improvisation are on display at length here. The indirect exploration of the collapse of the ideals and strategies of May '68 is not without interest, but for this viewer the proceedings only really come to life in the more focused, cooler, less hysterical scenes between the conspirators played by Jean Bouise, Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and especially Françoise Fabian. While it may have been a noble experiment, the overall conclusion is that it didn't work."
55 T6 The Witch (2016) - Jul 12, 2016
"Good idea, generally well done, but it seemed to this viewer that the conventionally "natural" acting style, while probably meant as a concession to audiences, detracted somewhat from the ability to conjure a nightmare world: something a little more alien, or perhaps almost trancelike, was called for, if the filmmakers were hoping to transport audiences to a radically other, horrifically frightening, dark world of yore."
30 T2 Needed Me (2016) - Jul 03, 2016
"The star of BATTLESHIP decides to try her hand at singing and further decides that, even though the studio's got fifty writers who can give her that Harmony Korine feeling, she needs the real thing, because what she truly wants to give the world is some top grade nihilism, so the people have something they can really believe in. The use of James Bond-type-assassin-type guns makes it all seem a bit too silly. Lyrics were pretty much indecipherable."
55 T6 Story of My Death (2013) - Jun 30, 2016
"Painterly exploration of the difference between the jovial seducer and the trance-inducing bloodsucker, but perhaps evidence that the filmmaker is one of those who try to make a virtue of their weakness, for instance by turning an inability to write dialogue or narrative into a style consisting in filming and filming and figuring it all out later. Seemed to this viewer to be a partially successful experiment at best, though one can never discount the possibility of hidden mysteries and suchlike."