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Celluloid Junkie - 4025 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 15, 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece.
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40 26% Wojna swiatów - nastepne stulecie (1981) - Jun 20, 2018
"An attack not just on television but on its use as a means for conjuring imaginary demons and hence for justifying authoritarianism, this has a kind of hysterical Kafkaesque tone, but could probably have done with less symbolism and more analysis. Nevertheless, the final scene is rather effective."
75 83% Ga, Ga - Chwala bohaterom (1986) - Jun 19, 2018
"An absurdist comedy that is also an anthropological critique that foreshadows the extended regressions represented by those phenomena that are reality TV and the telecratic anti-politics of the scapegoat. Other films exist on these themes, but, despite the low budget, this is generally more imaginative, more penetrative, more interesting and funnier than most other efforts."
55 51% O-bi, O-ba - Koniec cywilizacji (1985) - Jun 18, 2018
"Tale of a kind of post-apocalyptic King Rat, but one who is also a purveyor of the people's opium, ultimately getting high on his own supply. Somewhat interesting characters and themes, with effort expended on a low budget to produce some striking tableaux and whirling camera work, but some of the musical choices were incredibly poor (for example, in the bar scene). In summary, views of the film as avant-garde art experiment or schlocky B-grade genre movie are probably equally justified."
80 89% Wormwood (2017) - Jun 18, 2018
"Another fine Morris documentary about the tragic consequences of obsession, as well as about tragedy in general, along with the CIA, journalism and numerous other themes. Perhaps the re-enactments could have been pared back just a little, and it seemed on this viewer's screen as if the blues may have been dialled up a tad too high, but this builds and builds and the final episode succeeds in being the most interesting of the six."
60 60% Elena (2011) - Jun 15, 2018
"Fairly good exploration of inequality and carelessness. Filmed in a kind of classy version of orange-and-teal. Not sure that Philip Glass really works outside Reggio and Morris."
60 60% November 13: Attack on Paris (2018) - Jun 15, 2018
"The whole focus here is on the experience of those who found themselves caught up in the attacks. If that's what you're interested in, this is the documentary for you. The interviewees are articulate and reflective, and listening to their harrowing accounts is indeed distressing. If you want analysis, look elsewhere."
30 13% Sanatorium pod klepsydra (1973) - Jun 12, 2018
"Could not finish. Visually impressive but this viewer was unconvinced that the general air of incomprehensibility was worth the effort of attempting to unravel."
60 60% Mindhunter (2017) - Jun 10, 2018
"Australian audiences may find themselves distracted by having a protagonist named Holden Ford, but, that aside, this does better than most at complicating perspectives. It's far from immune to Hollywood's silly mystification of serial killers, but it at least avoids the unwatchable self-seriousness of most US cop dramas. The characters often use the word "inappropriate" in its current vague, euphemistic sense, suggesting the writers may be too young to know this is an anachronism in the 1970s."
70 76% Molly's Game (2017) - Jun 07, 2018
"The filmmaker really goes into bat for the entrepreneuse here, which raises the possibility that he himself may have allowed his reason to succumb to her charms, but I'm not aware of any way in which the narrative deviates significantly from the facts (which doesn't prove much of anything, especially since there's probably no way to know the true nature of the most important of those facts). The film itself successfully entertains: even the three-minute therapy session was fun and interesting."
75 83% Klassenverhältnisse (1984) - Jun 06, 2018
"Here, the sometimes robotic acting and the unconventional framing and editing somehow intensify the unsettling and disconcerting character of Kafka's cosmos of blocked paths, locked doors, rigid rules, brutal lawlessness, looming violence and hopeless dreams. Kafka's projection of a fantastical American nightmare is in this case also more directly inflected through considerations of political economy."