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Location: Belmont, CA, USA

Bio: Video game programmer 35 years experience.
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40 33% Tommaso (2019) - Sep 21, 2020
"Willem Defoe was a great choice because he looks like the recovering drug addict he is portraying. His wife looks too much like a super model. For me it was uninteresting and tiresome. I really disliked so much spoken Italian and all of the rehab group scenes. This movie is like following someone around with a camera. The ending really sucked. I really can't recommend it. Perhaps it might be more enjoyable if you speak Italian, are a recovering addict."
70 68% Alone (2020) - Sep 20, 2020
"This movie put me at the edge of my seat, anxious, excited. I wanted to yell at the screen. It has several good intense sequences. Jules Willcox gave an excellent performance. It was cheesy to break the movie into titled chapters. I couldn't help but root for this girl even though the characters were a bit underdeveloped. Watch it if you are in the mood for a little scary excitement. Not without flaws, but worthwhile."
35 26% Indigo Valley (2020) - Sep 17, 2020
"Pretty actors trying to do something with an incomprehensible plot, nonsensical editing and effects, and very poor dialog. The story drags badly and is quite dull up to the ending which makes no sense whatsoever. Haunting music and filmed almost entirely in the desert. Don't be fooled by the IMDB movie insider review making it sound good. It's a pitiful, stupid, amateur production that fails to deliver any satisfaction."
40 33% Mulan (2020) - Sep 14, 2020
"An impossible story with a fair amount of pageantry and beauty. The costumes and sets were beautiful. The fighting was so over the top that it was impossible to enjoy. The saccharine-sweet story is classic Disney schmaltz. The plot is as overblown as the fighting, making it a movie that only a child and young girls could truly love. Insufferable at times. High production quality. Good music and sound. Worth watching, but far less than great."
45 40% Legacy of Lies (2020) - Sep 05, 2020
"Lots of action along with decent plotline and dialog. It has several idiotic gun battles, but also a few good fight sequences. Good soundtrack and music. You do have to be willing to overlook a bunch of stupid Hollywood crap that wasn't really needed. The WTF moments nearly ruins it. Better than many other Scott Adkins movies. The ending was rather pathetic. Overall, some of it was absurd but some of it was exciting. Worthwhile."
40 33% Parallel Minds (2020) - Sep 04, 2020
"Low budget Sci-Fi overflowing with mumbo jumbo and scientific hooey. The plot and dialog often made little to no sense. Special effects and CGI were underwhelming. The plot is scattered and rambling. Performances were not impressive. Hard to recommend. Very little engagement but moderately entertainment at times. The lame monster could have been called Zipper Nose. Overall, it was not particularly satisfying or worthwhile but passes the time."
28 14% Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968) - Sep 01, 2020
"Possibly the most poorly written and directed Dracula movie ever made. Asinine special effects.. Most of the acting performances were boring, lifeless, or unconvincing. Dracula was vacant, hokey, and lacked any sort of charisma. Truly a pathetic production."
70 68% 2046 (2004) - Sep 01, 2020
"What the lead has in charisma is wasted due to his arrogance, conceit, and stupidity. The principal themes are loss and regret. It is a good production with haunting music and beautiful female love interests. Faye Wong owned this movie and gave a memorable playful performance. Chow walking away from her was perplexing and his biggest regret. The editing was choppy at times and the story jumps around. Poor English subtitles. Some good atmosphere. Overall, it was engaging and worthwhile."
35 26% Infestation (2020) - Aug 31, 2020
"A low budget production with lots of weaknesses. Steffie Neubauer gave a good performance. The writing was weak. Most of the lead up was interesting but it eventually devolved into a second rate production. Near the end, it felt pretty awful, except for Steffie who did her level best to hold it up. However, the combination of low budget and bad writing undermined pretty much everything that was good about it. Also, the pathetic ending was quite annoying."
60 58% Ava (2020) - Aug 30, 2020
"Jessica Chastain is a beautiful bad-ass in this sometimes sketchy plot. The fight scenes were exciting and dramatic but lacked logistical setup and were a bit choppy. Awesome good music, sound and camerawork. Fun to watch, but you have to turn your brain off just a little. Extra points for Jessica being hot as.... well you know. Worthwhile."