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Celluloid Junkie - 3657 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 15, 2012

Location: Belmont, CA, USA

Bio: Video game programmer 35 years experience.
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50 48% Horizon Line (2020) - Jan 15, 2021
"A movie reminder about how quickly your life can spin out of control. This movie has a few high energy scenes. Allison Williams was absolutely gorgeous. Alexander Dreymon was a great matchup as the co-star. In general, the story felt realistic with a few predictable bits. The happy ending seemed to come up rather quickly. Entertaining and worthwhile."
65 61% The Rookie (2018) - Jan 14, 2021
"Lots of extra points for a new series starring Nathan Fillion. The action and drama are excellent but heavy-handed and exaggerated. Lots of hard-cases. The only real complaint is the bogus laws they add for extra drama, such as arresting someone for not having a "registered" handgun inside their home. Ignoring that, I liked it very much considering it's basically another cop drama. Well made, entertaining, and worthwhile."
50 48% The Haunting of Hill House (2018) - Jan 14, 2021
"There was a mountain of supernatural nonsense, heaping helpings of somber music, and a few jump-scares. But for me, what stands out are the precious few scenes of brilliant writing and exceptional acting. Amid the entire season, there were but 2 or 3 exceptional scenes, and much of the rest was boring, dull, and sometimes quite stupid. I liked how the writers played with time in the final episodes. Overall, it was worthwhile, but far from great and too absurd to be scary."
35 25% Nymphomaniac: Volume 2 (2014) - Jan 11, 2021
"I really detested the huge load of Sado-masochistic torture and punishment that seemed to never end. It was depressing and sick. Nearly all of the enthusiasm I had after watching Volume 1 was almost completely extinguished by that sad load of sick garbage. Thankfully that changed at about halfway in, got slightly better. But then we got a piss poor finish with a disappointing and stupid scene followed by another prolonged black screen. Barely worthwhile and WTF!"
80 82% Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 (2014) - Jan 11, 2021
"Tons of extra points for attention to detail and sexy visuals. Stacy Martin is out-of-this-world sexy and seductive. The torrid story also holds your interest and compels you to watch attentively. High marks for the stunning sexuality of it all. I was mind blown by the awesome wife and kids scene with Uma Thurman. Highly worth watching, but keep this one away from those young-uns, it's XXX at times. Anyone not loving this hasn't got a long-john between their legs."
44 40% Fatale (2020) - Jan 10, 2021
"This movie has a few great moments. The plot is a bit crazy and convoluted and unwraps in such an unlikely way. I must admit, a little part of me wanted to see her get her little girl back from her dick ex-husband. I like Hillary Swank and she was sexy hot for a few minutes, but this was not her best role. Worth watching but forgettable."
65 61% Triple Frontier (2019) - Jan 10, 2021
"A band of ex-military takeout a drug lord and try to get his millions out of the country. They get the hard part done but go bust trying to get their booty out of the country. It was well made, has good acting, good SFX, and good music. It was pretty exciting at times. Well worth watching. "
65 61% First Time (2017) - Jan 09, 2021
"This is an incredible true story about early space flight pioneers. Their harrowing experience was truly frightful and remarkable. It is amazing that anyone got to space and returned safely with such insane political deadlines using the antiquated technology of the 1960s. This movie shows how easy it could have all gone wrong, and how close it nearly did. Some of it was a bit cheesy but it has scenes that are edge-of-your-seat exciting. I am so glad it was dubbed in English. Worthwhile"
60 58% Bill Burr: Paper Tiger (2019) - Jan 09, 2021
"I liked it but don't think I laughed more than once. He is the master of suppressed rage and railing against the politically correct nonsense. I just hope he never bursts a blood vessel while losing his temper."
30 19% Max Cloud (2020) - Jan 09, 2021
"If you are under 6 years old you will probably like this. Otherwise you will likely be as bored and as sick of it as I was after 30 minutes. I couldn't take another minute of this cheesy ridiculous nonsense."