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Bio: Video game programmer 35 years experience.
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70 69% Copshop (2021) - Oct 15, 2021
"Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo make excellent bad guys, and the unexpectedly good Alexis Louder is the smart police woman who finds herself in the middle of a no holds barred murder contract. It's a pretty wild ride that intensifies up to the satisfying conclusion. Good quality move with excellent sound track and convincing special effects. Worthwhile, exciting and unpredictable."
65 61% The Outside Story (2020) - Oct 13, 2021
"This is a very slow burning movie that is unexpectedly engaging. The characters were interesting and some of scenes were touching. Brian Tyree Henry really grew on me as this movie unfolded. All of the actors felt authentic in their roles. Worth watching and absolutely nothing you might expect."
50 49% Concrete Cowboy (2021) - Oct 08, 2021
"I really liked the tough love the father gave his kid. The acting was reasonably good, as was the production quality. Sets were mostly just shots from the bad parts of town. They did a poor job explaining how the thug life got the friend killed. Overall, the portrayal of these Philadelphia cowboys provided a lot more questions than answers. Worthwhile but not great."
30 19% No One Gets Out Alive (2021) - Oct 05, 2021
"The plot of this movie can easily be summed up by conjuring the words asinine, stupid, ridiculous, nonsensical, moronic, and pathetic. There is no real story here, just murder, bondage, demonic worship, and insanity. It is quite sad that this type of garbage gets made and that people waste their time watching it. Aside from a few moments of decent acting, personal demons, bloddy gore, and psycho CGI this movie is utterly worthless. Don't waste your time, it is entirely forgettable. BOO!"
65 61% Queenpins (2021) - Oct 01, 2021
"This was a fun comedy with an unlikely conclusion. Very good production value. The high points of the movie were watching the girls do their little dance after getting the money. Even though it is not the slightest bit realistic it was a fun ride. I can even say I have a new appreciation of Kristen Bell. Kirby Howell-Baptiste was fun too. Vince Vaughn was also entertaining. Worth watching, and it has a few great laugh out loud moments. Cute ending. If only..."
30 19% Final Frequency (2021) - Oct 01, 2021
"I got sick and tired of the farcical account of the science and crappy writing. This is a low budget amateur production. It has a few moments of good acting, but it was impossible to enjoy. Music was not good. Plot holes disguised as plot points were annoying. At one point was a deaf guy is listening to a video? I was only able to suffer through about half of it, mostly because of Kirby Bliss Blanton and just to see what other ridiculous thing they would come up with. But I ran out of patience."
35 25% The Starling (2021) - Oct 01, 2021
"The best part of this was with Kevin Kline, which isn't saying much since he was not the most prominent character. The story is weak, the pacing was quite sluggish at times, and it lacks excitement. There wasn't much special, it's entirely forgettable, poor CGI, and at times barely tolerable. Overall, not very worthwhile aside for a few good minutes."
30 19% Fist of Fury: Soul (2021) - Sep 22, 2021
"A high production cost pile of garbage. Instead of relying on tried-and-true martial art talent, they resorted to metaphysical nonsense and stupid supernatural abilities. This is the Chinese equivalent of too much Hollywood. I tried to enjoy this movie but the BS never stops. They manage to ruin every fight sequence and the story is even worse. It is a monumental FAIL with expensive video editing, but with a good soundtrack. Barely worthwhile and difficult to impossible to enjoy."
70 69% True Detective (2014) - Sep 22, 2021
"A gritty detective series with tons of intrigue. It was quite entertaining with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as the lead detectives and the beautiful Michelle Monaghan as Woody's wife. While the story was almost entirely engaging, there were several moments of insane rambling from a nearly incoherent McConaughey. The story and dialogs remained interesting and the plot unpredictable. Female nudity was also pretty great. Exciting and a bit addicting. Worthwhile "
40 33% Cry Macho (2021) - Sep 20, 2021
"The story meandered a bit and was sometimes contradictory but was mostly interesting and moved quickly. I was sorry to see just how frail and unsteady Clint Eastwood is at 91 years old. The unlikely situations worked out better than expected. A combination of dumb luck and perseverance, and the happy ending seemed a bit of a stretch. Barely worthwhile. I guess I better head off to Mexico and find me a bride half my age. :) "