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Celluloid Junkie - 3424 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 15, 2012

Location: Belmont, CA, USA

Bio: Video game programmer 35 years experience.
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75 75% A Good Woman is Hard to Find (2019) - May 31, 2020
"This movie starts out a little slow, but it continues to build to an unexpected crescendo that will be hard to forget. The ending was supremely satisfying. I am suddenly a big fan of Sara Bolger. All of the acting performances were well done. It was also technically well made. The music track could have been better. Almost everything felt realistic and authentic, except the gang leader who was overly exaggerated."
22 14% Justice, My Foot! (1992) - May 31, 2020
"I am quite sure that even Chinese people will find this movie is hapless and inane. The plot was stupid and ridiculous and the fighting was unrewarding. There were a few beautiful sets and costumes, otherwise, it was quite pitiful."
40 33% Debt Collectors (2020) - May 30, 2020
"This movie was interesting and worth watching up to the final act with 15 people having an extended gun battle inside a 40-foot room with automatic weapons and grenade launcher. This shabby ridiculousness ruined everything good that came before it and was absolutely shameful and pathetic. Louis Mandylor was surprisingly good. Scott Adkins gave his typical arrogant cocky performance. The uncredited Marina Sirtis as Mal Reese was a huge surprise. Her voice is unmistakable."
25 14% Think Like A Dog (2020) - May 30, 2020
"Despite a stellar cast this movie is written and directed by idiots. I frankly could not suffer through more than 20 minutes of the dog talking. Whoever wrote that crap should be banned from every being involved in making another movie. The dialog from the dog renders this a total piece of garbage. Shameful waste of time, effort and money. BOOOO!"
40 33% Weather Girl (2009) - May 29, 2020
"Tricia O'Kelley and Patrick J. Adams are paired as lovers but given no opportunity to steam things up. The situations had good tension, but with characters that lacked depth. As a comedy, I should have gotten more than one laugh. Overall, it was sweet, predictable, and entirely forgettable."
39 26% I See You (2019) - May 29, 2020
"I disliked the found footage aspects of the story, and the shaky camera didn't help either. It feels like a college production with amateur actors and writers. I did not find it particularly entertaining and entirely disliked how the characters were written. Performances were good efforts, but failed to convince. Just about every scene felt forced and unnatural. It is not all bad, but I certainly would never sit through a second viewing."
42 39% My Spy (2020) - May 29, 2020
"A saccharine spy movie full of cutesy moments but it did provide a few laughs. Good only if you are in the mood for a light-hearted family comedy with an implausible spy story wrapper. Chloe Coleman and Parisa Fitz-Henley were adorable. Dave Bautista seemed miscast. I liked Kristen Schaal. Ken Jeong stunk it up. Most of the action was unrealistic and obligatory, but not awful. Worth watching for a few laughs, but entirely forgettable."
92 93% Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life (2009) - May 29, 2020
"A wonderful documentary with one of the best narrators. It is a good high-level examination of the natural world and our place in it. It touches all of the high points and is tactful about presenting the history of its understanding."
40 33% Captivity (2007) - May 29, 2020
"Lots of extra points for trying to make a good shocking story. At least Elisha Cuthbert was pretty cute. The production quality is very high. The horror story was full of holes and fantasies but still moderately worth watching. It would have been lots better if they had shown the fate of the other 6 girls. Not great, but also not horrible. Watchable."
45 40% Inside (2007) - May 28, 2020
"You never want to mess with Momma Bear's cub. At least this horror story is horrible and graphic. The story is basic but effective. The lady in black was surprisingly capable. I'll complain about some brown blood, but the rest was good. Not bad if you are in the mood for some serious blood and gore."