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60 T6 Freelance (2023) - 05 Dec 2023
"I quite enjoyed the movie despite the overall silliness of much of it. I especially hated the gun battles ,since they were so incredibly pathetic, and convincing only to a 10 year old. The humor was enough to keep it interesting, and I have a fondness for both of the lead actors. It's worth watching, but many purists will hate it."
50 T5 Last Stop Larrimah (2023) - 19 Nov 2023
"Documentary about a small town with lots of people feuding, and nobody would ever know anything about any of them if one of the trouble makers hadn't been murdered and never found."
50 T5 Vacation Friends (2021) - 18 Nov 2023
"Ultimately tolerable comedy with silly absurdities around every corner. Best as a bear drinking movie. I quite enjoyed seeing the incredibly beautiful Meredith Hagner, and her character was so cute and almost ditzy."
40 T4 Vacation Friends 2 (2023) - 18 Nov 2023
"They kept the same fairly good cast of characters, but really cranked up the stupid."
60 T6 Joy Ride (2023) - 18 Nov 2023
"I enjoyed this movie, even though it is not the genre I usually enjoy. Worth a watch as there is some fun to be had."
50 T5 Quiz Lady (2023) - 18 Nov 2023
"There were a few good moments in this comedy with Awkwafina."
50 T5 The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (2023) - 18 Nov 2023
"I am not a big fan of movies with constant narration. If you can tolerate such things, this is not entirely awful."
70 T8 Emily the Criminal (2022) - 18 Nov 2023
"This is a fairly well developed movie. I quite enjoyed Aubrey Plaza in this. The movie is well balanced and presented. I could watch this again, and that's saying a lot!"
40 T4 Spin Me Round (2022) - 18 Nov 2023
"There were too many awkward boring stretches in this movie. I did however enjoy the beautiful main actress Alison Brie. The plot was meandering, and the cooking school sham was tedious at best. It's a one trick pony on the story. I particularly disliked the ridiculousness at the very end."
45 T5 The Kill Room (2023) - 18 Nov 2023
"Another asinine adventure in high art crime that made little to no sense. They played the stupid art game way past the point of believably into the realm of absolutely asinine. The plastic bag art was a bridge too far!"