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40 26% Bloodsport (1988) - Rated 19 Jun 2024
40 26% Evolution (2001) - Rated 12 Jun 2024
40 26% Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) - Rated 07 Jun 2024
40 26% The Matrix Resurrections (2021) - Rated 04 Jun 2024
60 71% Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - Rated 28 May 2024
"I wasn’t sure about this one at first but things pick up to a consistently fun tone. Carrey is committed and on-form, Marsden is well-cast too and provides a believable friendship with Sonic. Perhaps it could’ve included a few more game references, but certainly can’t be accused of being unfaithful to the series; it won’t win any Oscars but as a kids/family film it’s hard to knock. Some good FX, although Sonic’s interactions with the humans look more Roger Rabbit than Planet of the Apes."
40 26% Barbershop (2002) - Rated 27 May 2024
"The Friday of barbershop movies, it’s like the My-T-Sharp crew from Coming to America got their own film (minus the laughs). Makes serious points about the importance of these places to the local communities and there are a couple of surprisingly deep conversations about race; the characters grow on you and it’s fine enough to sit through but the jokes, action, plot etc. are too light and fluffy, and as the credits roll you wonder what you just spent 100 minutes on."
50 48% Red Dawn (1984) - Rated 23 May 2024
"Full of young-looking but recognisable faces, it’s not a good film but distracting enough. Becomes mostly bland action scenes of the guys attacking the commies, with little character development for most, and is full of unanswered questions (Where do the group get their weaponry and intelligence? Why are the invaders so inept?). Considering it’s a completely fictitious war the film takes itself very seriously, which does create an ominous tone at first but then becomes laughable by the end."
60 71% Dante's Peak (1997) - Rated 14 May 2024
"The build-up of suspense in the first half is actually somewhat serious and realistic, helped immeasurably by the fantastic scenery of the area; the all-action second half could get tiresome but holds your attention, keeping the pace up and the audience interested. Even the daft stuff in this movie (the acid lake, crumbly town, invincible car, the dog, etc.) is amusing rather than annoying, and some of the effects are still impressive today. Surprisingly short on the lava mind."
50 48% Turbo (2013) - Rated 13 May 2024
"Perfectly serviceable but unspectacular family animation, missing the script and story to make it memorable. Had me laugh out loud a couple of times at the beginning, but not really after that. Nice visuals throughout although nothing amazing, and while the sights and sounds suggest it’s been made by people with a love of motor racing, it’s no Cars. The best voice actors – such as Jackson and Snoop – are just minor characters."
60 71% Manhunt: The Railway Killers (2021) - Rated 05 May 2024
"I discovered this case while watching an old episode of Crimewatch, and sought out this documentary series, made years later, as it provides crucial information on the ‘second man’ subsequently arrested a decade on. Missing some details that would have helped flesh out the investigations even more, but managed to hold my attention enough to binge all three 45-minute episodes in a row."