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fra paolo

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Member Since: Aug 19, 2012

Location: Boca Raton, FL, USA

Bio: 'Stars' rating system based on Michelin guides:

100-91 Four Stars: Must See
90-66 Three Stars: Worth a detour.
65-24 Two Stars: A good film in its category.
23-01 One Star or No Stars: Proceed at your own risk.
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64 72% Cool Hand Luke (1967) - Nov 29, 2021
"Much too heavy-handed to be a truly great film, it is also weakened by avoiding exploration of the problem of Luke too closely. But it's entertaining while it lasts. "
95 97% Claire's Knee (1970) - Nov 28, 2021
"Supposedly 'the perfect film', my score suggests it might be pretty close (although subjective criteria meant I liked a couple of his other films better). "
55 61% Life of Brian (1979) - Nov 26, 2021
"More rooted in its time and place than one might think, its sophomoric philosophising probably makes more sense to the Masses than any amount of sophisticated nuance. "
63 71% Teorema (1968) - Nov 02, 2021
"It seems an intensely personal film that defeats comprehension unless one is Pasolini or Pasolini-adjacent. In that sense it acts out our own relation to it."
50 53% The Graduate (1967) - Oct 24, 2021
"This film lacks depth because it relies heavily on generating an emotional response to the goings-on, as opposed to addressing the roots of Benjamin Braddock's alienation. Bit of a plot flub, to be honest."
54 60% The Young Savages (1961) - Sep 07, 2021
"Probably not cynical enough for the 21st century, it does a good job at capturing the mood of American big cities in the 1950s, which guided responses to the 'race riots' of the 1960s."
52 56% Harold and Maude (1971) - Sep 06, 2021
"Put an iris shot at the end of it and you've got a talkie version of a Chaplin film. "
39 36% Ford v Ferrari (2019) - Sep 05, 2021
"For a film about cars, decidedly pedestrian."
33 27% Black Angel (1946) - Aug 23, 2021
"Absolutely disgraceful adaptation of Woolrich's book, but the short running time and rapid plot development keep one interested. A part of the postwar ideological campaign to send women back home after some time spent doing war work."
27 19% Seconds (1966) - Aug 22, 2021
"I find it switching between enthralling and off-putting, with the first half being more enthralling and the second half being more off-putting. Key elements of Wilson's motivation were too opaque, while the strengths of the camerawork and the score were basically things not to my taste. (The best analogy -- I appreciate many arias, but I hate opera.)"