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99 99% True Stories True Stories (1986) - Rated 25 Oct 2015
"The aspergic outback vaporwave bonanza that we never wanted, but needed. An early MMO"
0% Capharnaüm Capharnaüm (2018) - Rated 14 Feb 2020
"Nadine Labaki made this film because it's bad form to wear a hat that says "I'm A Poverty Tourist". Luckily for her the film got enough praise for her to never need to wear one in her lifetime, unfortunately whatever philanthropic aid she intended this film to create has barely happened, like at all. Legitimately one of the worst movies (that I can call a movie) I've ever seen, and I don't think anything can top it, for now. FREDDY GOT FINGERED AND GNFOS ARE BETTER THAN THIS."