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Cinema Addict - 2179 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 14, 2008

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Age: 35

Bio: Big fan of watching fake stuff happen.

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75 64% Frownland (2007) - Feb 02, 2023
"This is more ammo for the argument that a movie should not try to diagnose anyone. All these characters have an expansive life of the mind they want to express but none of them are willing to hear it from each other. The extra speckly 16mm is an anachronistic indulgence I could do without."
40 10% Double Down (2005) - Feb 01, 2023
80 77% How To with John Wilson (2020) - Jan 23, 2023
"Season 1. Good-natured, lightly misanthropic observational humor that no doubt captures some real moments while also gently prodding the viewer to question the honesty of what they are being shown."
90 94% Strangers on a Train (1951) - Jan 22, 2023
"Excellent right off the bat and then gets even better. Creepy, lots of momentum, and really, really funny. Most movies are improved by a weird little old man, this has, what, 4?"
35 7% The Whale (2022) - Jan 21, 2023
"Guy in a fat suit giving you the business about authenticity. Eighth graders are not reading Moby Dick. Et cetera. For every morsel of depth or compassion afforded to those who suffer this way, there is a mouthful of contrived writerly gristle to spit out."
80 77% Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2: Time (2014) - Jan 15, 2023
""What if a kids show was fucked up" was pretty stale even 10 years ago but I'm open to the idea that there's something wrong with the way children are educated and socialized which is what the trope seems to drive at here. This installment is probably my favorite. "It's out of my hands, I'm only a clock" is a great line."
70 51% Barbarian (2022) - Jan 09, 2023
"Well put together with some real laughs and chills. Verges on condescending at times."
75 64% Laura (1944) - Jan 09, 2023
"Lots going on for a sub-90 minutes and so few characters."
80 77% Skinamarink (2023) - Jan 01, 2023
"What would you do if the people you knew were the plastic that melted, and the chromium, too?"
65 40% Nathan Barley (2005) - Dec 25, 2022
"Up and coming hyperactive influencer types clash with the jaded old guard of an alternative culture. The fake art & media they whipped up are as vulgar and baffling as the real thing. Fun personalities in tedious and unkind scenarios. They should have let the women be funny in these and many other shows instead of just having them stand on the sidelines with their hands on their hips."