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82 T10 The Good Shepherd (2006) - Mar 03, 2010
"Critics complained that it wasn't enough like a spy thriller, that Matt Damon is too opaque, and that the film has too many ideas. They're wrong all counts. It isn't meant to be a spy thriller, but a recontruction of how the modern spy game came to be, and why its genesis sowed the seeds of its own demise. Superficial thrills are replaced by a complex web of motives; this is a psychological history of an organization, seen through the eyes of a man who came to represent its essential qualities."
63 T4 The Mouse of Tomorrow (1942) - Mar 13, 2010
"Mighty Mouse. Making the world safe for vermin since 1942,"
83 T10 War and Peace (2001) - Mar 04, 2010
"Excellent three-hour documentary about the nuclear sabre-rattling that has been going on between India and Pakistan. Comprised mostly of interviews with average folks on the street, the movie superbly demonstrates the gulf between the people's will and the greed of those in power."