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Member Since: Dec 15, 2018

Location: Finland

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78 47% Youth (2015) - Sep 25, 2019
"Nice to see Caine and Keitel taking the central stage. Very entertaining, cinematic and appealing for the eye - but at times even too self-consciously stylized. "
88 83% The Master (2012) - Sep 25, 2019
"Rather intuitive and emotional than structured and plot-driven telling of the relationship between a WWII veteran drifting on the outskirts of post-war American society and a charismatic leader leader of a rising cult called "The Cause". "
80 57% Blue Collar (1978) - Sep 16, 2019
78 47% Tenebre (1982) - Sep 15, 2019
"Great style combined with campy goofiness. "
77 41% Torso (1973) - Sep 11, 2019
"A very prototypical giallo film with a black-gloved killer with a knife and plenty of clumsily set up and contradictory clues for the viewer to guess who is the killer. Martino is also utilizing to the fullest the bodies of his group of young heroines: when it is not "proper" to film them with their breasts showing then they are at least wearing see through clothes and short skirts. Moving from Perugia to the countryside Martino exhibits some of the goofy humour he seems to like. "
50 9% Loma (1976) - Sep 05, 2019
"Some nice ideas but very poor execution; jarring and lacking any rythm. Depends on the benevolence of it's viewers to bridge the gap between what it wants to do and what it actually succeeds in doing. "
90 89% Hiroshima mon amour (1959) - Sep 02, 2019
70 29% The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) - Sep 01, 2019
"Lanthimos wants to make me feel at unease; for that I need more than just alienated acts and speech combined with horror aesthetics; I need humanistic emotion or purpose to contrast the cynisism. "
70 29% The Marquise of O (1976) - Sep 01, 2019
"In a historic period and a moral code quite exotic for our perspective Rohmer is still all about exploring the real (and strong) emotions of the protagonists - without succumbing into melodrama. "
64 19% The Suspicious Death of a Minor (1975) - Aug 31, 2019
"A child prostitution themed poliziotteschi(/giallo) with goofy Italian comic relief to render the film difficult to define tonally. Still another nice blue collar thriller where the biggest evil lies among the wealthy and powerful. Martino was making a cop film (although it has some giallo-qualities): he wanted to name it "Violent Milan" but the production company fabricated a thriller title they thought would be more appealing."