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Location: Finland

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66 21% Looper (2012) - Jan 14, 2020
80 58% Knives Out (2019) - Jan 14, 2020
"A joy to watch. Still, the eccentrities of the all star cast were left a bit underdeveloped, I expected more... oumph and dark secrets. Also, as the film clearly has a lot of brain work invested in it, why has Johnson left in twists that break the films internal logic. "
77 41% Good Time (2017) - Jan 14, 2020
"Felt like some kind of cringe comedy that doesn't wan't to be all that amusing. I was quickly hooked to the frantic chaos of Good Time's New York; too bad, however, that I didn't really feel much empathy or find other kind of interest in the characters. Pattinson is crafting one prestigious career for himself. "
88 84% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Jan 12, 2020
"The best superhero film I have seen. In midst of all the stunning visuals, fresh humor, and breathtaking pace Into the Spider-verse still breaths life and heart into it's main characters. "
38 1% Kiss the Girls (1997) - Jan 08, 2020
"Promising at first - Mr. Freeman is assuring from the beginning and the film sets out to build a political racial and gender framework for the story - but quickly revealing itself as a really badly scripted and sloppily constructed thriller with an utterly uncharismatic killer. "
47 6% Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Jan 06, 2020
"The world design is as brilliant as ever, but other than that: how daft and unimaginative can an ending for a beloved saga get? Also I wonder where is the feeling of vastness of space? It is a _space_ opera after all, but everything seems to be compressed into a really small spatial and temporal space: every site feels really close to each other and the essential time frame is about minutes. This hectic and dense feel is away from the epic nature of the story itself."
85 78% Sicario (2015) - Jan 06, 2020
83 68% Our Little Sister (2015) - Jan 06, 2020
"I love it how subtle and restrained Kore-eda makes the drama in this film about family: loss, regret and love. Being subtle and restrained doesn't, however, mean that 'Our little sister' was somehow dry, on the contrary it is filled with humor, warmth, and life. The subtlety lies in the dramatic devices utilized. "
75 36% A Most Wanted Man (2014) - Jan 02, 2020
"Even if Le Carre's story seems to be a bit too nuanced and subtle to work completely well as a film, it is still easy to appreciate the melancholic and meditative tone of the film. "
80 58% A History of Violence (2005) - Jan 01, 2020
"Very good noir film with some graphic violence. Only thing I find off putting is the family drama between Tom and his teenage son. It is said that Cronenberg makes movies that may appear simple at first - to me A History of Violence is quite simple and economical even after multiple views."