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43 64% Strictly Sexual (2008) - Rated 21 Mar 2013
"I was amazed at the film I thought it was going to be a cheap flick, but it was a beautiful and meaningful story full of wonderful yet unsung actors."
26 30% Zeta One (1969) - Rated 05 Mar 2013
"It's a very naked knock of of a James Bond vs Aliens film; so if it's the middle of the night and that sounds good...go ahead. They did have good taste in the casting department."
34 47% Ghost Rock (2004) - Rated 18 Feb 2013
"I don't know why everyone hate this it's a good movie. It's not a John Wayne, but I really think if someone made a modern John Way it would get criticized about this much."
38 54% Stake Land (2011) - Rated 02 Jan 2013
"A good film, and I really like the lead actor Connor Paolo. He dose a great job. The film is full of small continuity errors but it's still good."
43 64% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Rated 27 Dec 2012
"There were so many things in it that were so predictable, it made me forget most of my predictions by the time they came around. The plot of the movie did have more than the trailer, but exactly the same ending as you would expect: in every way."
22 23% Cavegirl (1985) - Rated 24 Dec 2012
"If you're looking for a fun comedy with some hot chicks and no real story this'll do it in a pinch."
30 38% Tomcats (2001) - Rated 24 Dec 2012
"Fun Movie. somewhat ridiculous in places, but it's a decent comedy."
28 33% Cougar Club (2007) - Rated 23 Dec 2012
"Impressively good for the genera! I quite enjoyed it there were ridiculous caricatures in a few roles, but overall if you want some laughs and some hot chicks this is a good movie to pick!"
69 90% Space Cowboys (2000) - Rated 15 Dec 2012
"This is one of the all time greats! If you haven't seen this, move it to the top of your list!"
39 57% The Eagle (2011) - Rated 15 Dec 2012
"Very slow, but not bad. It really seemed like they tried to remake Gladiator, throw in some Arthur, and make it all cheaper: thus the slowness."