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12% Richie Rich Richie Rich (1994) - Rated 29 Sep 2023
"Feels like half the movie is world building and the plot that follows is pretty ridiculous (I mean I guess getting out of jail usually is that easy for rich people) but most of it’s fairly fun in its campy nature: The British butler’s name is Cadbury, there’s a McDonald’s in the house, the slimeball villain gets his just desserts (“Where’s the money?” “…In banks”). The parents are pretty cool for billionaires (pro-union, able to survive at sea, sentimental cheeseballs-see their song password)."
92% Fallen Leaves Fallen Leaves (2023) - Rated 07 Feb 2024
"Two lives like leaves just barely hanging on in a timeless concrete capitalist world (the niche slice of blue collar life snapshots, beautifully filmed, are endlessly compelling), subject to the winds of chance, yes (see the lost number), but also with the real power of choice (see her kicking him out, him kicking his addiction). Life can hit you like a train but quirky friends, cute dogs, and music that speaks (to) what your soul is feeling (see the emo pop duo at the bar) offer winks of hope."
10 98% Everything Everywhere All at Once Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - Rated 16 May 2022
"Hot dog, I can't plug this enough. Sometimes life is just too fucking much, you know? And you just wanna be a rock in silence, or say fuck it and break something, or enter a black hole cuz nothing matters anyways. And then someone hugs you or sweeps up your mess and damn, that pinky flick of kindness is a punch. It's the power of love in parenting, partnerships, and doing your taxes. It's holding on and letting go; it's action-(fanny)packed and hanging out at a laundromat. It's, well, you know."