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55 25% Dark Shadows Dark Shadows (2012) - Rated 02 Jul 2013
"A hard movie to review since most criticisms (cheesy, soapy, bad acting) also apply to the original Dark Shadows serial that this was specifically made as a followup to. That is, it's true to what it was meant to be: campy. Eva Green & Gulliver McGrath were truly horrid; Depp did his usual great job but he couldn't quite ressurect (ha!) the film. I wish the relationship between Barnabus & Victoria would have been explored further. The film had a few good laughs but not enough to recommend it."
61 30% Heaven\ Heaven's Gate (1980) - Rated 13 May 2010
"Though unnecessarily long, this film has merits: wonderful scenery and cinematography, above-average acting (though Kristofferson can get a bit wooden), and an interesting storyline. But it's justifiably panned because Cimino got lost in and enraptured with his own screenplay, leaving him unable to make the crucial edits that would have let the movie flow instead of getting bogged down time after time. I'd welcome an aptly-edited 2-hour version instead of this failed attempt at an epic."
77 48% Skyfall Skyfall (2012) - Rated 15 Nov 2012
"Well directed by Mendes, and certainly well acted. But the plot didn't feel like a Bond film much of the time. He's an international agent but only visits Macau briefly, staying home the rest of the time. (Minor spoilers) the last 1/3 of the film goes off track; the writers forgot Bond is a spy/assassin, not a commando. The brief nostalgic nods to previous films are appreciated, but the producers should also look to emulate the earlier films (eg. Goldfinger, For Your Eyes Only, Goldeneye) more."