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10 2% Creature (1985) - Oct 14, 2022
"The dialogue alone is enough to stop anyone watching after 15 minutes. It's painful. Far more painful than any alien creature could be. I have watched many bad B-movies, but found this one unwatchable. Avoid this film. Seriously."
70 38% The Gray Man (2022) - Oct 09, 2022
90 71% Mississippi Burning (1988) - Sep 24, 2022
89 69% The Piano (1993) - Sep 24, 2022
70 38% Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) - Sep 24, 2022
"Cumberbatch is almost always worth watching. But he doesn't have a great movie to work with here. The plot stretches itself to turn Wanda into a villain, so all the events are all questionable."
45 19% Morbius (2022) - Sep 24, 2022
"If you must shoehorn vampire lore into the MCU, this is as plausible a way as possible, I suppose. Leto and Smith have a lot of fun with it. That said, the film just randomly gives Morbius the power to fly on a purple wave, and makes both Morbius and Milo indestructible with no explanation. So a film that starts out reasonably just becomes silly by the end. Not recommended unless you feel a need to see every film in the Spider Man multiverse."
82 55% Belfast (2021) - Sep 24, 2022
"It is a tricky thing to write a comedy that is set during The Troubles, but here it is. It is indeed a good coming of age film that touches on the surface of the facts of life during this period. But it also whitewashes many things, such as by having the family be financially secure so they can rise above the financial issues that were fundamental to The Troubles. Worth seeing but is not as gritty as it could or should have been."
92 77% Top Gun: Maverick (2022) - Sep 24, 2022
"I liked this more than I should have. Just like the first one, it emotionally manipulates the hell out of the viewer. And yet it works. It is a master course in blending "Murica F yeah!" and 80's nostalgia. McGillis didn't return, but they vastly upgraded with Connelly, whose nostalgia is even stronger. Overall this movie perfectly achieves what it set out to do. The only misstep was how much they hurried the end of the film; one wonders if the extended version will be better timed."
10 2% Moonfall (2022) - Sep 24, 2022
"I avoided reading reviews before seeing this; turns out I should have read them to be warned off of this bizarre film. By halfway thru the best I could figure was it was an intentional send-up of sci-fi, as was purposely getting every scientific fact wrong. Not a few, not some, not most, but ALL. You have to be doing it on purpose to achieve that, right? But now I see an interview with Emmerich in which he decries science deniers. So somehow he really thought this film was accurate? Holy F."