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10 2% Dolittle (2020) - Jan 12, 2022
"I can't figure out why this film exists. From what I've read, it was a genuine attempt to make money, but the studio apparently put incompetents in charge of it. They made a film aimed at 8 year olds, but commence the story with a death. Great start, guys! Then Downey Jr. plays the lead in such a way that he's not endearing to kids but instead invokes "creepy guy who lives across the street." Maybe they envisioned it as a new Willie Wonka? We may never know but what resulted didn't work. At all."
60 26% The Private Life of Don Juan (1934) - Jan 12, 2022
"I suppose this was a fun, meta going-away party for Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. He had fun making it and his fans had fun watching it. I'm not sure it has aged all that well though. I mean, it's not *bad* but it certainly seemed tedious at times. Perhaps if we look at it as a period piece and enjoy it for that...with its misogyny and it thinking 51 is "old", it becomes interesting. But only viewed from that arm's length to film historians would I recommend this to someone."
80 50% Moonstruck (1987) - Jan 10, 2022
"This is a well-regarded comedic drama and for good reason: it is funny and well-acted by Cher. It was very enjoyable in the period in which it came out. However, I fear it's not aged well. Upon re-viewing in 2022 one can see how heavily it leans on ethnic stereotypes, some of which are cringe-worthy. It's still cute but modern viewers can't and won't see it as the innocent work 80's audiences did. "
50 20% The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) - Jan 10, 2022
"An early dinosaur film. Obviously they had to come up with some weird story about its origins, but the actors play it straight and do the best they can with the material they're given. You can find many worse monster movies, but even though it's decent in its own genre doesn't mean it's a great film. "
74 41% 8 Mile (2002) - Jan 10, 2022
"I've never been to Detroit, and if I had I'd certainly not have seen the parts of it shown here. The film is certainly enlightening from that perspective, educating the viewer how life is growing up in such an environment. Eminem acts well, though one wonders how much of it is really acting since he experienced the very things his character is going through. Worth seeing even if it's a rather cliche story of underdog making good. "
20 6% King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) - Jan 10, 2022
"I would rate it lower but it needs to be given credit for being what it set out to be; a schlocky, rubber-costumed, contrived, poorly-dubbed mess. You don't go into a film like this expecting Gandhi. But even so, some of the schlock is still poorly done, making it a difficult watch at times. Only watch this film if you're OK yelling "Why??" at the screen numerous times. "
70 37% Day of the Evil Gun (1968) - Jan 10, 2022
"A rather typical western. Guns, shame, reluctant hero, indians, captured women, soldiers, explosions, shootouts, redemption, bad guys, good guys. If you like westerns, watch it. If you don't, avoid it. Glenn Ford does a decent job with a somewhat mundane lead character. "
10 2% Frogs (1972) - Jan 10, 2022
"Surprisingly boring for a supposed horror film. The makers seemed to be under the illusion that repeated closeups of frogs were a substitute for a plot. The only redeeming thing about the film is getting to see young Sam Elliott and Joan Van Ark; they are easy on the eyes and do a respectable job acting as best as the writing will allow. But even Ray Milland falters; not even he could make his character believable."
70 37% Reservation Road (2007) - Jan 05, 2022
"It gets credit for good acting by good actors. But then we have to examine the storyline. This is melodrama, pure & simple. Almost everything that happens is predictable. By all means, it explores the aftermath of when families experience a loss, and is must-viewing for anyone in a similar situation who wants to see how others deal with that. But it still feels rote. None of the characters surprise us. It's a paint-by-numbers movie. And the female characters aren't fleshed out at all. Tsk."
70 37% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - Dec 26, 2021
"Other than being set (mostly) in China and half the dialog being in Chinese, this is a rather run-of-the-mill Marvel outing. Anyone following the MCU should see it, but don't expect the fun of an Iron Man film or the witty banter of an Avengers outing. There are really no surprises at all; you pretty much always know what each character will do and what the next scene will be. That's just not good filmwriting."