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70 T4 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension! (1984) - 16 May 2016
"As much as Robocop stands at one end of SciFi's view of the near future, Buckaroo stands at the other. This is not an easy movie to follow, with convoluted dialogue and amateurish editing, but the actors actually looked like they had fun making this film. John Lithgow and Chris Lloyd chew up the scenery every time they are on screen. This is a snapshot of 1984 and it doesn't hold up in 2016, but ultimately it is fun all the way to the end credits."
73 T5 Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011) - 14 May 2016
"Corman's World is merely adequate. Those are the 5 most depressing words I've ever written in a review. This was the boring report that earned a C. Yes, it hits all the marks. It goes from his early years with American International, through the exploitation films, to today. It explores integration (The Intruder) and touches on Bergman & Kurosawa. It even shows his current projects with the SyFy channel. Yet there is no soul or flair or imagination. It was cold, which Corman's films never are"
56 T2 Tank Girl (1995) - 29 Apr 2016
"In 1995 the first wave of Comic Book based movies is mercifully coming to an end. Into this mix we have the adaptation of Tank Girl. Brutally honest? Lori Petty is terribly miscast in this Grrrl power meets Mad Max meets 1984. Ice-T's growling can't save this and Malcolm McDowell mails in his laughingly bad villain. What is good is the overall aesthetic of the film and the comic book feel to the film that director Rachel Talalay achieved."
81 T7 There Will Be Blood (2007) - 29 Aug 2015
"The movie is all about people conning people. Daniel Day Lewis's nuanced and layered performance is a master class on method acting. He takes every part of this manipulative oil man and peels it back to reveal more. Cinematography doesn't waste a shot. I have a problem with the heavy handed transcendental tropes throughout the film (names, weather, etc). Outside of DDL, poor casting brings down the quality of this film. Dano is flat and O'Connor is miscast. Still, I recommend."
88 T9 Nebraska (2013) - 19 Aug 2015
"Slow paced, melodramatic, black and white film; not for the Michael Bay crowd. The cast and the acting is spot on. This is not Bruce Dern's finest work but he does a very good job. Will Forte is very understated in his best performance to date. Stacy Keach is brilliant. The cinematography is almost a character in itself. I see this as a tribute to Ansel Adams work. This story is strong but formulaic, no huge surprises here. Well deserving of it's Oscar nomination."
24 T1 Fantastic Four (2015) - 14 Aug 2015
"Choppy 1st act builds up nicely. Ben and Reed's relationship is explored briefly then pretty much abandoned. Dan Castelena chews up his small role throughout the movie. Fast forward to the accident. It has serious shades of Cronenberg's "The Fly" and is the last good part. Acts 2 & 3 are terrible with a completely different feel. Chunks of this movie are missing. And then Doom. WTF! Going around popping people's heads like "Scanners". Overpowered UNTIL the climax battle of course. Just DON'T."
88 T9 Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008) - 03 Apr 2010
""The Status is not Quo" Ah, the ever-expanding Whedon-verse. Who knew there'd be singing? and NPH? and Cake? (OK - there is no cake, I lied). Very Cleverly written. Well directed and acted. Better than half of the superhero films that have come out in the past 10 years."
79 T6 The Man from Earth (2007) - 03 Apr 2010
"Saw this movie cold. A cerebral Sci-Fi, all dialouge. Liked it, with reservations. 1) Casting: The concept would have been better served with a different cast. Not necessarily a-listers, but better actors. 2) The ending is contrived. If you remove the last 10 minutes to leave the audiance guessing, I'll add 10 points. 3) Quit lumping religious people together as ignorant. The one religious character is unsympathetically played by Crawford. (evilchaser is SPOT-ON! would make a better play!)"
95 T10 Up (2009) - 01 Apr 2010
"This is one of the best Pixar films to date, it's also the most emotional. Well written, beautiful graphics, and the interplay between Russell and Carl is touching."
88 T9 Star Trek (2009) - 01 Apr 2010
"REBOOT! KIRK! SPOCK! VULCANS! ROMULANS! LENS FLARE! THAT GUY FROM HEROES! THAT GUY FROM HAROLD AND KUMAR! Good movie, fell apart with coincidences and some contrived plot points. Plus they had to throw in the cutsy-poo side kick for Scotty. Seriously though - it was fun!"