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96 88% Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) - Sep 20, 2018
"Although it's a little dated now, the film is charming, thanks to Newman and Redford, who, it's likely, set the standard for buddy comedies. The script is brilliant, with some surprises in the shape of some really rather dark moments to ballance the film. "
94 76% Logan (2017) - Sep 04, 2018
"Unusually for a comic book movie, Logan is a thoughtful and heartfelt character study of two men, two battle-hardened, world-weary comrades, physically and, especially in Charles’s case, mentally burnt out. So powerful and earnest are the story and performances, that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some of the film’s audiences end up a little moist-eyed, and to be able to say that seriously of a comic book movie is a very rare thing indeed. "
94 76% The Greatest Showman (2017) - Sep 04, 2018
"It’s a good, old-fashioned musical, and it does just what good, old-fashioned musicals should do; it gets you dancing, if only in your own head, and it gets you smiling from ear to ear. It’s joyous, unapologetically so, and far too few movies nowadays can genuinely claim that. "
60 3% The Tourist (2010) - Aug 24, 2018
"The story is silly, but that, to me, doesn't necessarily mean a movie is bad. What does make it bad is when the story is nonsense, the script is half-baked and the characters are so paper-thin that it's almost laughable. The Tourist is one such film, and that is disappointing, because, on paper, it sounded as if it would be good fun. As it turned out, it was about as much fun as toothache. "
98 95% The Phantom Carriage (1921) - Aug 24, 2018
97 92% Vampyr (1932) - Aug 24, 2018
93 69% Get Carter (1971) - Aug 22, 2018
"As mean as the proverbial junkyard dog and as moody, uncompromising and cool as Michael Caine's vengeance-driven character. Hodges directs this vicious British crime drama with an assurance that still holds up today, and with Caine on top form too, it was guaranteed that Get Carter would go down as one of the best examples of its genre. "
89 29% The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) - Aug 19, 2018
"The undeniably talented cast is short-changed by a formulaic, paint-by-numbers script, which is overly cynical and ultimately pointless. "
44 2% Suicide Squad (2016) - Jul 28, 2018
"A horribly uneven, badly written, abominably edited total and utter mess. The disservice this turkey of a film does to the undeniably talented cast verges on the criminal. The good ideas here, of which there are lamentably few, never come close to being fully explored, which is a crying shame, seeing that the ideas which do see the light of day are half-baked and nonsense. "
89 29% The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) - Jul 28, 2018