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77 T5 Oldboy (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"I wish they had left the ending the same, it just doesn't pack the same emotional punch. But Josh Brolin does bring a certain griminess to the role and the whole thing feels icky, so it's still effective."
75 T4 Planes (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"I don't understand all the backlash. I haven't seen cars, but I can't imagine it was that much better... like, it's not the worst thing I've ever seen. By far."
92 T9 Philomena (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"So sad and beautiful and just lovely in a way that was very different from everything else I've seen this year."
50 T1 Getaway (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"I actually got so bored during this movie I laid down across three seats in the theater so I could only see a third of the screen and I don't feel like I missed much."
75 T4 The Fifth Estate (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"Just fine."
97 T10 Saving Mr. Banks (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"I know it's not based on fact very much, but I still loved every second of it. Mary Poppins is a very meaningful character for me and this was a lovely tribute."
100 T10 Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said and nothing I can articulate in 500 characters that will make anyone understand why I've been waiting for this movie my entire life."
95 T10 American Hustle (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"It's just a wild ride. Just pure adrenaline and funk."
81 T7 Last Vegas (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"I'm surprised at how much I didn't hate this."
78 T5 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - 31 Dec 2013
"I have to admire the flawless execution and recognize Leo for his previously untapped physical comedy skills, but overall, it's a very long, very extravagant feature, and without much character or nuance to latch onto, I won't be putting very much more thought into it. However, I do wonder, based on the party scenes, what would have happened if Scorsese had directed THE GREAT GATSBY as suggested in ENTOURAGE. I imagine I would have preferred it."