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Celluloid Junkie - 4814 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 29, 2008

Location: Brasília, Brazil

Bio: https://letterboxd.com/moraesfelipecst/

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45 24% Amigo Secreto (2022) - Sep 24, 2022
75 80% Muito Prazer (1979) - Sep 21, 2022
"I crack every time Otávio Augusto appears doing drunk shit. Just brilliant. Also, what a curious way to depict social differences in Brazil. Batshit weird, but also engrossing in its own original way."
65 62% Day Shift (2022) - Sep 20, 2022
"Gotta love how shameless it plays both in terms of over the top, cartoonish action and LA sunny buddy (and bloody) comedy. You can see Stahelski's touches everywhere, from the union stuff to the well-imagined action scenes. Main cast of hunters delivers all the good, villains not so much."
50 33% Moonage Daydream (2022) - Sep 18, 2022
65 62% Charlotte and Her Jules (1960) - Sep 16, 2022
"Straight men's self-steem is really unbearable. And look how can they talk for hours about themselves! Charlotte will go to heaven."
65 62% Ars (1959) - Sep 15, 2022
"Such a painful story about a priest who spent most of life in abnegation, 12 hours a day in a confessionary."
20 1% Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) - Sep 15, 2022
"I don't know if this is really the worst blockbuster of all time, but it's certainly the laziest. Jesus."
50 33% A Concepção (2005) - Sep 14, 2022
"Relentless, sometimes pleasantly obnoxious portrait of wasted youth in Brazil's capital, from where you can only escape, as one of the character says, through airport, public service or cemetery. But of course, Belmonte is good at framing people's burning minds and behaviors, but he's not Korine or Clark, and the film slowly becomes uninteresting as more and more voiceovers mount to that weird, mezzo courtroom thriller, mezzo family drama finale. Milhem Cortaz is just awesome."
25 3% They/Them (2022) - Sep 13, 2022
"Just messy and embarrassing."
50 33% The Gray Man (2022) - Sep 11, 2022
"Derivative as hell and way too clean for such a muscular actioner, but Chris Evans is good as this psycho villain and I really liked Moura's weird character. Hey, you can pull off as many drone shots as you can, but you'll never be John Wick."