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Member Since: Dec 29, 2008

Location: Brasília, Brazil

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90 95% Southern Comfort (1981) - Feb 28, 2021
"Swamps have never been so beautifully shot as in here, as this group of arrogant, unprepared soldiers just get hunted down -- by forest and Cajuns from who they've stolen canoes and provoked in the first place, invading their land and shooting blanks -- by nearly invisible, existential predators. Simply no allies or rivals. Just pure subtle horror and mayhem all over -- sound design is also stunning --, as the US military is found with yet another huge blow -- now in its own country."
65 62% One Night in Miami (2020) - Feb 27, 2021
"Guess it works better as a microscope portrait of the 60s through four wondrous historical figures than an actual thought-provoking, kind of philosophical, theater-goes-to-cinema chamber piece. Still, what a cast this is and King directs their interactions with affection and sharpness. Better than 95% of Oscar-bait biopics out there."
50 34% Alice Junior (2019) - Feb 27, 2021
"Gotta fall for the inclusive pop teen comedy and the nice remarks about Brazil's deep regional clashes -- this is mostly about a northern trans that suffers big time when moves to a small southern conservative white heteronormative town -- but unfortunately loses some of it spontaneous shine when gives in too easily to 'well-written', predictable speeches on diversity."
70 72% The Beach Bum (2019) - Feb 25, 2021
"Basically Spring Breakers going full rogue and poetic and chemical, with absolutely no sense of plot to the point this is almost a low-fantasy satire of itself: self-destructive, hilarious, rampage. The cast is just pure heavenly mayhem. Now I need to rewatch this drunk or stoned, whatever."
65 62% A Febre (2019) - Feb 24, 2021
"More a sum of Myrupu's amazing efforts through a brilliant self-containted performance than a cohesive Trabalhar Cansa about the founding fathers of Brazil. Still such a powerful film about the violent limits between city and nature in a country that is just a meat grinder of dreams, memories and journeys. I just wish that eerie, mysterious vibe had more screening time."
75 80% Monster Hunter (2020) - Feb 22, 2021
"Milla and Tony fighting giant monsters in an alternative world -- and sometimes themselves -- while eating chocolate and trying to figure out how to get the hell outta there. Pretty much what PWSA followers -- and I'm one -- have said over and over again: Pacific Rim/Resident Evil/Fury Road crossover we didn't know we needed. His action has never been this kinectic, yet still so organized in its placement of characters and places, in its simple but unique geometry of what's in and out of frame."
45 24% The Monster (2016) - Feb 22, 2021
"I tend to really like Bertino's approach to contemporary horror, but this one feels like a huge misfire to me. Despite the nice two leads -- specially Ballentine --, the Ripley/Newt-esque mom and daughter dynamics never land as expected -- even with that amount of informative flashbacks -- and this monster design is kinda boring -- Venom, to be fair. "
40 14% Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) - Feb 20, 2021
"If you manage to dodge its cartoonish, 'likable' portait of Reaganomics -- something like 'don't wish for nothing or any change, just accept shitty world as it is and all will be fine!' -- and its awful lack of cheesiness and its unbelievably convoluted plot and the incredibly bland acting and the ugly-looking CGI, well, you've got Pascal having the time of his life and some hints of what could've been such a welcoming throwback to Lester's naive, silly, but pleasant as hell Superman flicks."
60 50% A Glitch in the Matrix (2021) - Feb 17, 2021
"Fascinatingly silly mixed bag about the fragile reality we live in. I would rather watch a film just about K. Dick, but this is is just fine -- like a Reddit thread you know it's not going anywhere, but is kind of impossible to not be totally swallowed by it."
60 50% Le daim (2019) - Feb 16, 2021
"Actually pretty funny and interestingly bizarre enough to keep you trying to figure out where the fuck this is really going. Second half way better than the first -- mostly because of the eerie, hilarious slasher material -- and Dujardin and Haenel really having fun in an amazing shot-to-shot basis. Wearing a jacket is not just a matter of style, but of existence -- even if you have to kill everyone wearing one just to feel unique, becoming a mockumentary filmmaker in the process."