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60 50% Alvorada (2021) - Sep 26, 2021
"Dilma at the palace during the very last days, when Senate is about to vote her out and the outcome seems predictable. More engaging and satisfying than the other docs on her impeachment, mostly because it manages to be not exactly intimate, but composed of small talks, tense encounters and just daily things happening there -- her staff struggling with what they know will happen, kitchen crew preparing meals, Dilma sometimes inclined to talk to filmmakers, sometimes just asking them to leave."
80 85% I Married a Witch (1942) - Sep 24, 2021
"Sweet, both romantic and provocative screwball revenge comedy about marriage and politics, full of amusing practical effects - broom scenes, yes, but also flying taxi, spirits hanging around as smoke - and just inspired moments of grace - even newborn babies and a parrot support Wooley for governor after the entire state's been bewitched, the politics' weird inner mechanisms that still resonate today. There is no better vengeance than happiness - specially with you have one last spell to spare."
80 85% Brother (2000) - Sep 23, 2021
"Concept basically says it all: Kitano goes to LA and brings not only his main enforcer -- basketball scene is just peak physical comedy -- and his side smiling, but yakuza's brutal, extreme code of respect and sacrifice. One thing he learns in America is the value of friendship -- with Epps' character. Either way, he shoots his way up to give his young half-bro a better life --went to US to study, ended up a small-time crook --, on war against mexicans and italians. Beautiful finale."
50 34% Retfærdighedens ryttere (2020) - Sep 22, 2021
"It tries maybe too hard to distort what we expect from funny, deadpan revenge thrillers -- although landing exactly where we know it will land --, but the fact is that the first half works greatly and second falls short in big fashion."
65 62% Pendular (2017) - Sep 21, 2021
40 14% The Human Voice (2020) - Sep 20, 2021
"Expected Almodóvar going crazy with Swintona and an axe, got a Nespresso ad and bipolar Swinton talking to her ex. I guess this could've been more suited to Polanski than Pedro. It looks pretty successful as design showcase, though. "
60 50% The Suicide Squad (2021) - Sep 19, 2021
"Always nice to see a bloated comic book franchise entry so dedicated to gross humor, chaotic characters, splatter and the laziest, nastiest plot possible. That said, it feels 20min longer than it should -- climax is just not that cool -- and most of it silly but not actually subversive -- the main thing is these outcasts not following orders and not letting a Latin American they interfered in the first place behind. "
90 95% Rio Babilônia (1982) - Sep 19, 2021
"We are all drunk on this country's contraditions. Journalist on the verge of reporting gold trafficker's shady activities right on his return to Brazil after 20 yrs (and he seems stunned by how much the country 'has grown'). And then we just follow this PR guy in (two) menages, parties with exotic animals and naked rich people, trying to buy some coke for an American star. Scene where she's partying hard and then hooking up with a samba artist is just pure bliss. Also: best movie theme ever."
65 62% Demonic (2021) - Sep 17, 2021
"Understated a lot, it takes a while to take off, but overall is pretty rewarding. What a weird ride. Some K. Dick's sci-fi spiritual vibe, VR, action horror bits and even conspiracy thriller aura as we follow a woman who is just trauma -- her mom is a cold-blooded maniac. But then, well, it ends up we discover she's participating in a partially state-funded project who assings priest-soldiers to recreate people's minds and try to expell their demons. Gotta love the 45min bloated climax."
60 50% Man Push Cart (2005) - Sep 16, 2021
"Not really special, mostly because Bahrani's style is far too conventional to really convey something more than we are already watching (collection of daily tragedies, from having your push cart stolen to not having chance to start a new relationship, from rescuing a cat and then burying him days later, from not being able to do what you love (write, sing songs) to barely do what you have to survive. Still touching, though, as late capitalist story of people being crushed by big city around them"