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Member Since: Dec 29, 2008

Location: Brasília, Brazil

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70 72% Pink Flamingos (1972) - Jun 16, 2021
"It manages to be politically outrageous -- basically the murder of everything that resembles status quo, from police brutality (they get killed and eaten) to vain notions of filthiness (Divine eats dog shit, has incestuous relationship with her son and treats mom like a baby, but what about the Marbles couple's kidnapping and raping of young women, baby selling and heroin pushing at schools?) -- as well as aesthetically self-destructive. There is nothing left but to be dirty and transgressive. "
50 34% Slaxx (2020) - Jun 13, 2021
"Fun concept for a low-budget, social justice horror about corporate greed -- and these companies that say they promote diversity, but are actually supporting a slave chain of child labor in some Asian country -- and its many quirky, bizarre possibilities, but not that well executed -- although you can't complain about its tight running time. Indian references are pretty cool -- as well as the mannequin scenes -- but I expected more playful gore and a less grim outcome. Prefer this than In Fabric"
80 85% Ladrões de Cinema (1977) - Jun 11, 2021
"Malandros steal American crew who was filming Carnaval for "propaganda" reasons, and decide to shoot story of Tiradentes (in Pavãozinho, I guess) with improvised urban cenography, friends, black people posing as portuguese monarchists, feverish guerrilla style that starts raw and gets more sophisticated, cachaça, revolução and gritaria -- begin research with samba-enredo about the myth, end up arrested, taken to the premiere of their own film edited by Americans (Sweet Thieves)."
60 50% Banquete Coutinho (2019) - Jun 10, 2021
"Doesn't add much but it at least conveys a lot of good remarks by such both great and simple filmmaker. I just wished there were less movie clips -- mostly repetitive -- and more casual talking. It also creates some interesting connection as Coutinho as a fiction, imagery creator instead of 'just' a great documentarian -- his thoughts on editing and how reality and everyday life actually suck (what stands out is just a fragment of it, what you get on that particular day, what you get on camera)."
80 85% À l'abordage (2020) - Jun 08, 2021
"Delicious watch - specially living in hopeless 2021 Brazil. Very well-acted romantic summer film that finds most of its strenghts in the relaxed, laid-back -- spontaneity achieved with subtle, naturalistic, gesture-driven approach to mise-en-scene -- vibe of just living life as it is -- boredom, surprise, a mix of both. Strong dude that thinks he's gonna deliver big surprise. His friend who thinks he's a loser. App driver who tags along and finds some surpose and a bunch of new experiences."
20 1% Hostel: Part III (2011) - Jun 07, 2021
"Absolutely pale and lifeless in comparison to Roth's provocative double gore fest. This one is all about the splatter material and some twisty scrip mechanisms -- like the ending, of course. But it feels more like a dumb sexist vehicle to show pretty women's bodies and develop the silliest story you could think of -- a friend takes his friend about to get married to Vegas, only to slay him before the Elite Hunting Club so he can "steal" his fiancée. "
65 62% The Phenomenon (2020) - Jun 06, 2021
"A bit disjointed and over-informative -- like three films crammed into one; Zimbabwe story certainly deserves a feature of its own --, but still engrossing in the way it tries to be sober and convey a scientific yet speculative approach regarding UFO sightings over history. The vastness of the footage is really impressive. "
35 9% Radioactive (2019) - Jun 06, 2021
"I just can't stand these lame biopics on brilliant people anymore. This one at least makes the case for an unconventional cinematography -- everything looks foggy green and out of a glossy artificial memory --, but it rapidly gives in to prize-bait worst vices -- expository dialogue, life-covering script that doesn't properly develop anything. Bizarre, offensive flash-forwards involving WWII and Chernobyl (as Jake Cole has pointed out, they put Curie on trial) turns the film into a didactic mess"
65 62% From Paris with Love (2010) - Jun 05, 2021
"Morel can't shoot a proper spycraft scene even if he it means his own fucking life in on the line, but he makes sure we have all the wacky, cheesy, over-the-top, flashy, just comic-book fun shootout material from start to finish. Characters are trying to uncover some terrorist threat in Paris, but they don't actually investigate anything, they just keep running around with a Chinese porcelain with 5kg of coke in it, driving, shooting bad dudes and exploding stuff. A 1995 actioner made in 2010."
45 24% Todos os Mortos (2020) - Jun 04, 2021
"Subtle colonialist period ghost story following two distinct group of women dealing with a country in a constant battle with trauma -- and always moving on without giving any sort of closure to its conflicts. Some passages are terrible, some are brilliant -- final shots, the contemporary urban bits 'invading' the past, class tensions still so present in the current state of things in Brazil (rotten elites still trying to crush working-class and diversity's sweaty, delayed-as-hell victories)."