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40 13% The Zone of Interest (2023) - 21 Feb 2024
"Oh, come on. So is this the ultimate film about the banality of evil? Such a waste of talent of everyone involved -- specially the cast -- and Glazer's approach seems so mechanically self-conscious -- it's really A24 doing its very best of creating an European art film (with Cold War's DP, of course lol), which is just the most boring project ever made and bound to lure reverence from a very specific kind of cinephilia -- I didn't care for anything going on from the very first shot."
55 43% Monster (2023) - 20 Feb 2024
"Koreeda is a good director and the last section delivers big time, but this is mostly guided by its Rashmon-esque structure -- "oh, let's see this scene from another perspective" -- and seems a bit schematic, which maybe gets in the way of what he doest best -- telling stories about kids, the special way the see the world and directing them like no other director on earth."
30 5% Next Goal Wins (2023) - 19 Feb 2024
"Real sucker for anything related to football, but this is shit. First, evidently focused on the coach, not the team, which is a real bummer. But if the filmmakers wanna tell this story, that's ok. Problem is everything feels so lazy and whatever. Not big fan of the overrated Ted Lasso, but there we get more passion for the game than here -- I'm sure Waititi seems more interested in doing some gags than telling an interesting sports story. Just create a comedy show for that, dude! What a waste."
80 85% Beloved (1998) - 18 Feb 2024
"Not an easy watch, for sure, but what a poignant depiction of pain and suffering in 1800s America haunted by slavery. Acting is not short of superb, and while it may seem evidently convoluted, its beautiful, often scary and emotionally resonant moments just mean the world -- the final dialogue between Sethe and Paul D, Beloved arriving at the house, Denver finding jobs and meeting Paul again on the streets, Sethe's story of how Denver was born."
70 72% Anyone But You (2023) - 16 Feb 2024
"So glad it's making tons of money, because this is the definition of crowd-pleasing Hollywood cinema: a well-written predictable formulaic sex comedy with great leads and a shameless sense of cuteness, raunchiness and silliness. So delicious we can actually forget the abundance of lazy drone shots. Let-me-touch-your-ass-and-you-touch-mine is the best comic bit of the decade. Harbor section is bliss. We are still in february and it might end 2024 as this years's most underrated/overlooked film."
55 43% The Equalizer 3 (2023) - 15 Feb 2024
"Build-up is shit and it takes too long to actually start -- I mean, Denzel slaughtering Camorra dudes in a little coast village in Sicily because he's finally found peace in life --, but it's at least better than the utter boring second entry. Fanning's arc is a bit of a stretch and way too undercooked to do anything for the plot. Denzel always delivers, though, and Richardson makes everything look tasty. Whatever finale, but as a football fan, loved the nod to Napoli's Serie A title in 2023."
50 33% Maestro (2023) - 14 Feb 2024
"Yes, better than most biopics, but that doesn't mean this is actually good. It's the classic case of a boringly competent work -- good acting from everyone involved, specially the leads, some scenes for Academy Awards clips and not much more than that. Interesting how the film gets better as Lenny and Felicia get older -- second hour is highly superior than the muddled first."
65 61% BlackBerry (2023) - 12 Feb 2024
"Films of its kinds tend to be pretty boring, but this plays nicely as both a rise and downfall story and a sharp comedy on tech corporations, their weird and cute beginnings and usually depressing endings. Everyone is just great here."
75 80% The Boy and the Heron (2023) - 11 Feb 2024
"A bit convoluted and it gets too much time to get where it really matters -- the big beautifully bloated crazy world-building in the second half, with giant birds, the mom who's never actually died, the new mom he's trying to save, the heron who has a man with a big nose inside --, but when it does, oh, boy."
95 98% A Woman Under the Influence (1974) - 08 Feb 2024
"Definitive performance of the 70s in a such a disturbingly beautiful picture about being a woman -- mostly trying to survive, not actually live at all -- in a men's world -- and one of things that striked me the most is that the husband is just as crazy as the wife. Barely a plot to follow here and what we get is a huge collection of scenes in pure mise-en-scène nirvana -- spaghetti with husband's work friends, doctor arriving to take the wife, kids taking mom upstairs for her to tuck them in."