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38 12% Chili Corn Corny (1965) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"I was not expecting that betrayal lol. Nothing remarkable either way"
35 12% Chili Weather (1963) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"The more Speedy shorts I watch, the more I want him to shut the fuck up. Tom and Jerry is better"
44 18% Mexican Cat Dance (1963) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"The bugs bunny one is better"
50 26% Gonzales' Tamales (1957) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"Speedy’s friends getting cucked by him lmao"
39 13% Land of Orizaba (1943) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"Tourist add for a hotel in Mexico with some Napoleon simping from James, as usual"
40 15% On the Road to Monterrey (1943) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"Nothing too distinct from other Mexico Traveltalks: Cielito Lindo plays once again, James praises Napoleon for some reason and we see beautiful baroque churches. That factory footage was cool though"
50 26% Motoring in Mexico (1943) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"Aaaaaand again they play Cielito Lindo. Of course Fitz couldn’t pass up a chance to mention Napoleon, after all, he loves him. Wow, I had no idea Acapulco was so beautiful."
1% Mexican Police on Parade (1943) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"A boring parade of cops while Fitz gives us statistics, followed by some really impressive stunts (the dude with the check in his ears, completely deadpanned!). Incredibly, the do not play Cielito Lindo! Regardless: fuck copaganda, ACAB"
60 48% Over the Andes (1943) - Rated 20 Jun 2024
"Fun Fact: they are using an outdated map, from before the Chaco War between Boliva and Paraguay, their new borders were settled in 1938 (and remains the same to this day). Stunning plane footage of the Andes. Also, as an Argentinian, I am legally required to say Yay Mendoza! Yay Buenos Aires! (“soy porteña de una pieza”, como dice Tita Merello jaja). This is like the third Traveltalk were he visit Rio, and honestly he doesn’t add anything new to what was previously said."
60 48% Mighty Niagara (1943) - Rated 20 Jun 2024
"A Traveltalk greatly centered on nature instead of culture: the parks look pretty, the water looks great, and then some ww2 propaganda praising the their buddies, the british. More important though, we got James lore! There is something kinda charming whenever he gets more personal or appears on camera hahaha. And he is right, those raincoats are extremely silly"