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Cinema Addict - 1015 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 24, 2021


Bio: Lover of weird movies, trying and failing to write funny but insightful reviews :D
My approval starting point is 60

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86 91% Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016) - Aug 11, 2022
"Absolutely fascinating. I want to binge watch all of the features here, I just... with all of this rare, and largely forgotten films, some of them are good, some of them are bad, but that’s not the point, if I don’t watch them, if I don’t remember them…. who will?"
30 9% Ultraviolet (2006) - Aug 10, 2022
"Trashy CGI, unintelligible fights and practically no story made an overall mess of a movie; the worst part being how boring it is"
37 12% The Burning Stable (1896) - Aug 10, 2022
58 32% Hollywood Wonderland (1947) - Aug 10, 2022
"A marvelous showcase of music, dance, fashion and cultural insensitivity (I don’t even wanna know where that scene with the Romani people is from) by the Warner Bros entertainment machine. Too much cowboy stuff though, ugh"
63 47% Finding His Voice (1929) - Aug 10, 2022
"Really informative and silly"
69 61% The Art Director (1949) - Aug 09, 2022
"I love old-timey short documentaries"
67 56% Night Flight (1933) - Aug 09, 2022
"Myrna Loy is underutilized, she has only two scenes! They should have made her Clark Gable’s wife. Overall it is a pretty solid story, even if it doesn’t succeed at creating tension; the cinematography is better than I expected, nice plane shots and I love the “showing different kinds of people that the plane is passing above”"
1% Das boxende Känguruh (1895) - Aug 09, 2022
"Yet more animal abuse from these old shorts"
59 34% Chinese Laundry Scene (1895) - Aug 09, 2022
"Goofy fun"
45 19% Die Serpentintänzerin (1895) - Aug 09, 2022