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48 T5 Bedazzled (1967) - Apr 26, 2018
"Wanted to like this film, but I couldn't quite get there. The writing was good, but some of the humor just wasn't funny. Loved Lillian Lust."
51 T6 5 Against the House (1955) - Apr 15, 2018
"This is not really a crime drama, however it doesn't commit to anything. It seems like the film wants to be about damaged men returning from war, but it just uses this aspect as an excuse so we can still like the Brain Keith charterer. This is a well made movie, that lacked the commitment to be great. "
60 T7 The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) - Apr 14, 2018
"Ensemble of cliche movie characters under enormous pressure to survive each other and the desert sun. Great acting carries you through 140 minutes of personal interactions."
45 T4 Two Rode Together (1961) - Mar 28, 2018
"The film has moments of realism, then it boarders on the ridiculous. Really love how it handles racism and prejudice in a 1960's western."
55 T7 Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) - Mar 26, 2018
"American history as seen by John Ford.The film is really dated and many parts of the movie made me cringe. "
85 T10 Blade Runner (1982) - Mar 26, 2018
"What really makes this film great is it's use of light. In some scenes the lighting brings more drama to the screen than the script. "
20 T1 Luv (1967) - Mar 26, 2018
"So much talent, such a bad movie. Nothing about this movie is funny or thought provoking. "
15 T1 Drums of Africa (1963) - Mar 19, 2018
"There are so many things about this movie that don't work it's hard to know where to start. The shots of the wild life are poorly cut and sometimes just stupid. The actors seem embarrassed to be in the film, except Frankie Avalon. They even give him a love song to sing about a river another fail. This movie is a pass, it's not campy, it's just bad."
50 T5 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Mar 13, 2018
"As a fan of the Journey Into Mystery story lines, this movie just doesn't work for me. It has all the characters but none of the magic of the old stories. "
50 T5 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Mar 13, 2018
"This movie could have been called the Breakfast Club goes on safari, it was simple and very predicable. However it was also funny with juvenile humor that did make me laugh."