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84 89% The Zone of Interest (2023) - 10 Feb 2024
"It is an art to making a Holocaust film without showing any Judes on the screen. Don't try to explain to your mother. She can hear through it. If you get used to it, you will ignore it. She didn't get either. The soundtrack was the scariest part of the movie to experience. It haunted you for a long time after the movie was over."
46 37% Argylle (2024) - 03 Feb 2024
"It was trash in many ways but there was Bryce Dallas Howard. Always enjoyable to watch her acting. I am sorry she's got so bad roles in general. That size of badass female leads are not that norm in Hollywood though."
65 58% Secretary (2002) - 28 Jan 2024
"It was very good, but totally boring. Both actors did their best and the plot was good though filled with expected stuff. I would be better. To get the best parts your must suffer. And maybe a bit aged."
87 93% Poor Things (2023) - 14 Jan 2024
"The director again explored the lives of less adult, sane personalities. What if you were born in an adult body, even though your brain is that of an infant? What would you do with your body? The movie was an adventure. The environment was fantasy, but still familiar. Emma Stone shone in the lead."
61 51% The Undoing (2020) - 27 Dec 2023
"Tried to build a good story. I almost liked the ending but it did not give what promised."
76 75% The Outsider (2020) - 27 Dec 2023
"I liked this outside of everything story. Good actors, well build scenes and enough good achieved ending. Did not success all the way though."
82 86% Sharp Objects (2018) - 27 Dec 2023
"Brilliant. Every single chapter turns upside down everything you have seen. The ending tops the story for all. Sick."
67 60% Octobriana & the Finger of Lenin (2003) - 25 Dec 2023
"A Finnish short film in English with Russian voiceover. It cannot be unwatchable. Noora Piili was a perfect Octobriana and Antti Reini was just a small fry. Bad acting, and bad lines with attitude. A must see if you are a fan of Octobriana franchises."
81 85% The Big Short (2015) - 17 Dec 2023
"A breath taking run through for the big financial world. A good acting and movie making but the story was filled with a special vocabulary that it suck all your attention. There was not much place for breath."
38 29% The Marvels (2023) - 25 Nov 2023
"I understood the gimmick of the swap. There was some good fight scenes but overall it was not successful even with short running time. Focuses clearly to the female audience."