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Celluloid Junkie - 3449 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 29, 2007

Location: Helsinki, Finland

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62 54% Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Jan 07, 2023
"I haven't seen the previous movie, but the first half of this one was pure boredom. The glue of the story wasn't that great either. Too much ado about nothing. Even Norton didn't take the role seriously."
54 43% See How They Run (2022) - Dec 28, 2022
"I went to see Saoirse Ronan's acting. And speaking Irish. I got it. I didn't expect anything else. I did not get."
49 39% Amsterdam (2022) - Dec 28, 2022
"There was a promising cast though the story did not achieve anything. Especially the ending was a big letdown."
73 70% Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) - Dec 23, 2022
"Avatar was still the top notch animation you cannot imagine. The best you can get with that kind of money. There was no compromises. So, you have to see it in 3D in IMAX theatre. But 3D cannot hid the lame storytelling. Revenge and that's it. Zoe Saldana was again in her best above all thought. But this was a total escapism for the best!"
60 50% Pinocchio (2022) - Dec 18, 2022
"Well animated and probably a must to see but sorry, I did not like the beginning. It did not touch me at all. One more rerun I can live without."
79 82% The End of the F***ing World (2017) - Dec 17, 2022
"Started kind of weirdly okay, but the beginning of the second season was even better. But there was not as well written main character as in Bates Motel."
57 46% Teocracia em Vertigem (2020) - Dec 10, 2022
"There was a lot meaningful jokes I liked a lot. But as a proper mocumentary it was not that successful. Film can be found from YouTube."
62 54% Se Beber, Não Ceie (2018) - Dec 10, 2022
"Well executed, okay characters, some good laughs but all in all could be done better. An entertainment if you are familiar with all the details they were using. I liked the fast pacing and short running time. I have not seen The First Temptation of Christ though."
59 48% Pleasure (2021) - Dec 09, 2022
"Business or pleasure right to the top no matter what. Sofia Kappel and Zeld Morrison acted very naturally together."
77 77% 1899 (2022) - Dec 04, 2022
"Not that successful as a whole but enough entertaining characters, multiple nationalities, beautiful sets and volume. The sound track was the best part. Better ending than usually in this kind of stories."