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Location: Helsinki, Finland

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79 82% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Jan 10, 2020
"It was a drama comedy about the WWII. Or should I say comedy drama, in that order since it was a growing up story. The balance between comedy and drama did not succeed all the time. The least successful adult actor was Taika himself. Actually the story did not lay much on adult actors. The plot and kids did the thing. Directing was also okay."
45 37% We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018) - Jan 07, 2020
"Good lead acting sisters, good mood and got better towards the very end. I also loved the last chat between sisters. But all the rest was boring and wasting opportunity."
13 11% Veljeni vartija (2018) - Jan 05, 2020
"There was a big junk of the plot the main protagonist was talking while nothing much was happening on screen. The only mentional part was that one actor acted both brothers, twins."
36 28% The Bling Ring (2013) - Jan 03, 2020
"I've seen this film in so many parts and it is difficult to tell the truth. I just cannot sit it through in one."
41 33% The War of the Worlds (2019) - Jan 02, 2020
"Well acted, nicely Victorian set, but Jesus, how slow it was! I slept during the first half! Eleanor Tomlinson was perfect lead."
51 41% Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) - Jan 01, 2020
"I haven't seen the previous Jumanji and it looks like there was a lot of references pointing that direction. Some of meta jokes were hilarious, and I liked the castle fight. Otherwise there was plenty standing still water and bad jokes."
61 52% Frozen II (2019) - Jan 01, 2020
"Very cute and good-looking animation and characters. Visited more on mystic side than the first movie. A couple of easy to point out twists in the end. A must movie with chicks."
21 17% Baked in Brooklyn (2016) - Dec 27, 2019
"Well, I saw this flick some time ago. It was a decent story but nothing special. Passes time."
5% Can You Keep a Secret? (2019) - Dec 27, 2019
"I was lucky it was only an hour and half. It was so terribly written and directed. Only good point was Imagine Dragons, except it was Radioactive, not Demons. Totally wasted talent."
31 23% X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) - Dec 24, 2019
"Man, how much potential they lost while bringing Sophie Turner to the game. It sound like the end of the game. Everybody is tired to be involved. We need a page turner with this series."