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Member Since: Nov 29, 2007

Location: Helsinki, Finland

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11 9% Gemini Man (2019) - Oct 12, 2019
"Gemini Man has nothing interesting. Well, there was a young Will Smith and an adult Will Smith. And they did not get anything interesting even out of that. There were some exploding action. The plot wise it was totally empty. Do not forgot that Multiplicity was done in 1996. You need for the good story more than gimmick effects. I saw this in the IMAX theater."
69 63% Long Shot (2019) - Sep 19, 2019
"I realized during this movie that I really hate two twist scripts. In worst case scenarios. Long Shot was nice movie till the second twist. And that is the problem in majority of this sort scripted films. I didn't like the Lady Chatterley's lover variation per se but main leads worked fine together."
10 8% The House (2017) - Sep 19, 2019
"You've gotta love Will Ferrell to like this movie. Or Amy Pohler. I don't."
36 28% Anna (2019) - Sep 15, 2019
"Anna was a rerun of Nikita. Except Anna was nothing like Nikita. The plot was messy and excluding two fighting scenes the movie was waste of time. Sorry Luc. I did not like it. And Sasha Luss was not good in lead."
56 45% Ryysyrannan Jooseppi (1955) - Aug 29, 2019
"This flick may not necessarily rank hight as the movie experience, as it is an important portrait of picture of the poorest poor Finns in the 30th Century. Like Eight Deadly Shoots (1972) was of the late 70th Century Finns."
54 44% Aladdin (2019) - Aug 25, 2019
"A lot of action and colors. I admire Guy Richie to reach that level but I prefer more adult kind of stories from him."
83 88% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Aug 24, 2019
"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was almost a road movie inside Hollywood during the crucial year 1969 everybody knows what happened. Tarantion took time to build majority of the scenes but there was also an explosive action in the end. Brad Pitt shined above all."
81 85% Midsommar (2019) - Jul 22, 2019
"Solid and logical story, well shoot and interestingly other worldly set up. I am not familiar with Swedish midsummer festival traditions to compare with. The wooden constructions were impressive and I actually liked how camera spend time on Florence Pugh's facial impressions."
49 39% See You Yesterday (2019) - Jul 19, 2019
"Flick was very light teen time machine story. But Stefon Bristol did extra good character directing. Eden Duncan-Smith shined in the lead. I liked the very strong female drive in this story."
95 99% Stranger Things (2016) - Jul 18, 2019
"Good cast, including young actors (!), well executed episodes and enough action per episode. Stranger Things is a special show: all the sequels worked as good as the nicely done first season. There was plenty Eastern eggs for the 80's."