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83 T7 The Holdovers (2023) - 13 Nov 2023
"An inspired performance by Giamatti, Randolph, and Sessa. Hopefully the Academy can recognize at least 2 of these performances. The film really focuses on the truths we keep to ourselves and the lies we tell others, and the various emotions we feel as life comes barreling at us. A simple premise with complex characters and emotions. We only get one of these movies a year and I'm really glad I caught this one."
74 T4 Night at the Museum (2006) - 12 Nov 2023
"An immensely fun film that hits all the notes for a rewatchable film. I wish the script had more time in the oven, or that Stiller wasn't cast in the film. But still, its a good romp that is fun to watch from time to time"
71 T3 Priscilla (2023) - 12 Nov 2023
"This movie is great in many technical aspects, but lacks the most important part of any film... emotional impact. The priscilla character far too passive in her own life, that her own eventual emancipation felt dull and flat. This film will do well during the awards shows, but will be mostly forgotten in 5 years."
71 T3 Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) - 12 Nov 2023
"Dull characters that exhibit no reflection on the actions they commit make for absolutely dreadful cinema, often leaving you feeling ambiguous and uninterested in the end. KotFM falls into this trap. I understand the premise that evil usually comes from outside sources, and the victims are not just those directly affected by their actions... But how does a murder not think about the acts he's doing? This movie could have been cut by 45 minutes"
68 T2 Dumb Money (2023) - 11 Nov 2023
"A fine enough movie that seems to draw inspiration from The Big Short, but falls way short of nailing the same emotional feeling."
74 T4 The Marvels (2023) - 11 Nov 2023
"A perfectly fine film to watch on a weekday night. Its fun and entertaining and does many of the Marvel things right. However, it is not groundbreaking or particularly special in any way. The twist on the powers was fun, but not utilized as well as I think it could have been. It led to some really fun scenes, but proved almost meaningless in the end"
77 T5 Anatomy of a Fall (2023) - 11 Nov 2023
"A very realistic depiction of what it is like to go through the court system, along with all the emotional complexities that go along with it. Though it is well executed, this does not mean its a great film."
63 T2 She's All That (1999) - 11 Nov 2023
"Typical high school garbage film, yet still engaging and enjoyable"
22 T1 Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) - 30 Oct 2023
"There's nothing more I love about Jason movies than a bunch of off-screen kills, a fake Jason, and a return to the barn.... NOT! Absolute trash"