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60 T2 A Quiet Place (2018) - May 26, 2018
"Never have kids. Starts well but forgets logic in the back third. So this family, living for over a year in relative silence, don't have a meet up point despite 3 potential threats? When they get separated, the kids don't understand that a flashlight would act as a lighthouse--if only they were somewhere high to use it! Near the end, the threat was over and they made it much worse. Finale is a gimmick. Did love the pivotal scene with Emily though, so it may be worth watching for that."
66 T3 Suicide Squad (2016) - Mar 24, 2018
"Whole movie left me feeling quite ambivalent. Delevingne is just weird as the baddie. Leto's joker is meh. All characters are introduced in a really lazy way. There are a couple of laughs at least."
58 T2 Wonder Woman (2017) - Mar 23, 2018
"Was on board in the first half, which was cliche but okay; fish out of water is fine and Davis is funny. Second half devolves because of the pure CGI fights that have no weight or sense. Too much slow mo. WW has a big fight in a nazi watchtower and no guards seem to care. It spends more time being visually flashy than mentally interesting. Thought the romance was bleh (Pine is okay) but fortunately they skipped over that. Gadot is strong but why is she jumping at the end?"
78 T7 Annihilation (2018) - Mar 17, 2018
"A movie that is happy not to tell you the answers. Leaves you thinking after the events. Nice visuals. Cool end sequence. Bear scene was awesome.. Jennifer Jason Leigh's character is horrible and I think the movie needed a bit more structure overall."
65 T3 The Outsider (2018) - Mar 17, 2018
"Inspired by The Godfather, this film never quite hits its mark. Leto is an anti-hero with a tattoo fetish and he ends up losing digits just to belong to a group. There is not much else we learn about him. A good deal of the movie is framing Leto with his bug-eyes and sunken eye sockets. Unlike its inspiration, there isn't enough tension, nor is there enough action or humor. Sets itself up for a sequel."
75 T6 Only the Brave (2017) - Mar 11, 2018
"This movie hurts my heart."
90 T10 Chuck (2007) - Mar 09, 2018
"Although the final two seasons are a bit of a wash, the first three are exceptional."
63 T2 The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) - Feb 09, 2018
"Not as good as the other Cloverfield movies, but not completely horrible. The technology is widely inconsistent. The disembodied hand makes no sense.The tone is not quite right either, chris o'dowd plays his usual funnyman self but nobody else does, so it's like he walked onto the wrong set. I think the scene that represents the movie best is when the Doctor refuses to do an autopsy. That's your damn job, dude. The writer had cool ideas but the movie lacks consistency and strong execution."
71 T5 The Shape of Water (2017) - Jan 28, 2018
"For a movie almost entirely about boiled eggs and fish sex, it wasn't all that bad. "
70 T4 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Jan 26, 2018
"Colorful and energetic. Starts off well and nails those early jokes. The mid section is extremely flat and prolonged. Blanchett is good but too much of her dialogue was replaced (voice over). Action becomes rote towards the end and it's basically a smash 'em up. It even has Willy Wonka music, which tells you how bizarre the tone is throughout."