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70 T4 The Imitation Game (2014) - Sep 15, 2017
"Story is fairly true but there is a lot of artistic license. Characters, emotional scenes and even Turing's personality have been changed to fit an agenda. Doesn't make it bad, just disappointing. Movie was decent enough."
72 T5 It Comes at Night (2017) - Sep 04, 2017
"The atmosphere is palpable and the slow pace is alluring. But the reliance on dream sequences unfortunately drags it downwards. It also commits a mortal sin to the viewer by not showing them a key piece of information that the characters would seek themselves. It is interesting if you switch the perspectives, though."
70 T4 Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Sep 03, 2017
"Better than the new godzilla but surprisingly bland given the subject matter. So much of the movie is cinematic shots of Kong and/or Armed forces. Too many side character that do nothing of import. Hiddleston is less useful than initial impressions have us believe. Jing and Hawkins somehow end up with the crashed chopper even though they were on the ground doing surveys. CGI was decent enough."
69 T3 Wrong Turn (2003) - Aug 12, 2017
"A product of the time, but not without merit. About as good as you expect for mutant rednecks hunting young people in the backwoods of america. Harrington and Dushku hold it together well. "
72 T5 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - Aug 11, 2017
"Not as good 1 because the story is coincidental and loosely structured. Baby Groot is cute but that aspect is overdone and underused by the narrative. Guardians shrug off brute force trauma but they strive to save each other from such trauma (e.g. Drax hitting trees). Ravagers dying in a montage was uncomfortable viewing, the value of life seems like a running joke. Drax laughs too much and jokes miss. Music is not as smoothly integrated. Still decent action and nice effects. Holds back for #3."
67 T3 The Discovery (2017) - Aug 05, 2017
"Doesn't really make sense to me, The direction it takes is contrary to the message I thought it would try to convey based on the early parts. Chemistry wasn't really there either."
55 T2 Alien: Covenant (2017) - Aug 04, 2017
"Fassbender talks to Fassbender. Fassbender plays music with Fassbender. Fassbender kisses Fassbender. Fassbender fights Fassbender. For an Alien film, this movie sure has a lot of Fassbender. Terrible dialogue regularly. Still has a bunch of idiots doing dumb things. No subtlety and barely any tension. Alien life-cycle can be measured in seconds. Faith and creation angle is dumb. Both this and Prometheus are awful prequels to a good franchise, so working out which is better is a moot point."
80 T8 Blade Runner (1982) - Aug 04, 2017
"Watched it when I was young, had no idea what it was about. Watched it again decades later and can hardly explain it any better. Blade Runner is a movie that may transcend time. Thanks to P K Dick, the story has plenty to say about nature, nurture, emotion and more. It has a visual style that is cramped with shadows and shapes that obfuscate. Blue neon, retro tech, and a dark rainy backdrop give it an absorbing style."
74 T5 Una (2016) - Aug 02, 2017
"Interesting and well presented. It is confrontational but uses some simple camera techniques and filming locations to make you think. Final segments are awkward but it ends in a way that fits the story."
78 T7 To the Bone (2017) - Jul 16, 2017
"Well crafted movie that could easily apply to a lot of other conditions we humans suffer through. Lily Collins is excellent and some of the other cast are also perfect. Dialogue needed to be good and it is frequently. Love how it ends. "