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71 45% Late Night with the Devil (2023) - Rated 27 Apr 2024
"The late-night talk show setting really works and makes it feel authentic. Some good personalities here that really play it up. While things slowly escalate it still feels lacking a bit in terms of horrors and scares at the end."
51 9% Ricky Stanicky (2024) - Rated 31 Mar 2024
"Pointless and flat. Characters learn nothing from lying and Cena's antics never ascend beyond toilet humor. It's almost never funny and the song parodies are only worth a chuckle, partly due to Cena dressing up. It feels like half of a movie. It's missing the fall. It's missing redemption. It's missing the sentimentality. It's also missing true friendship. If you have the opportunity to see this movie, just lie and say you're seeing your friend Freddy McTeddy instead."
69 32% Greenland (2020) - Rated 29 Mar 2024
"Not that bad, spends a lot of time with a family trying to get to shelter after they win the "lottery" regarding bunker placement. Lots of things go wrong, some of them kinda silly. The ending has a few major flaws but by then the story is an unstoppable object, just like the comet in question."
68 30% The Vault (2021) - Rated 24 Mar 2024
"Heist during the World Cup is a neat concept, but so many plot holes relating to the Vault, like why does it trigger when they open it with the keys? So much hinges on the one concept. But I have seen worse heist movies."
67 28% Road House (2024) - Rated 23 Mar 2024
"Conor McGregor has good screen presence. There are also a few jokes with the nice guy element. But if you've seen the trailer, you've seen the movie. Fairly generic action that occasionally tries to be a bit more. Incidentally some of the fist fights have bad effects / cgi."
75 59% Oppenheimer (2023) - Rated 11 Mar 2024
"Yeah it's decent and well made, with slick dialogue and some cool visuals. But so much of it seems compressed and surface-level, with too many time skips and unnecessary B&W. Also the bomb is incredibly weak and there is way too much stuff after it goes off."
40 4% The Beekeeper (2024) - Rated 11 Feb 2024
"If John Wick was written by a person who's brain was entirely replaced by two soggy cabbage leaves. So many characters are horrendous, but Verona (Emmy Raver-Lampman) is one of the worst. The only good parts are Statham kicking ass, and while sometimes this is good (elevator scene) there is not enough of it."
71 45% The Equalizer 3 (2023) - Rated 04 Nov 2023
"Far better than the second, not as good as the first. The Italian setting is used well, offering a quieter start for McCall as he gets to know the local town and its occupants, building up a reason for him to defend it. While a good action movie, it doesn't bring back the single best feature of the original: kills with unconventional weapons. McCall mostly kills with knives or guns. Even the finale, while a nice mirror of of 1's ending, seems like an anticlimax."
70 38% Saw X (2023) - Rated 01 Nov 2023
"Decent but not without some crappy scenes. Once they get the main victims in the warehouse and the first dies, it loses steam for a good chunk as Amanda / Jigsaw are too busy chatting about crap nobody cares about. Jigsaw is portrayed as the hero and the doctor is almost a comedic villain. Ends fairly well at least. Shawnee Smith does not look like herself."
75 59% Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) - Rated 14 Oct 2023
"Similar to Fallout in quality, so worth a watch. Has a good car chase that is paired with humor. Some of the main crew are a damp squib, like Isla (Rebecca Ferguson) and Benji (Simon Pegg). Fortunately Grace (Hayley Atwell) and Paris (Pom Klementieff) are great. Still needed more spy game stuff. Also, having an AI as the bad guy is lame and the writing is meh. Some of the CGI is a little rough too. Doesn't suffer too much from being a part one. Starts like Uncharted 3, ends like Uncharted 2."