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Member Since: May 11, 2006

Bio: All classics, ALL THE TIME! Serious passion for sword and sandal epics and warming-up to melodrama
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95% Somewhere in Time (1980) - Feb 22, 2007
"Successful combination of Sci-Fi with Romance! As the producers and the cast have said over and over, this movie was about bringing the past to life in a meaningful way. Although some of the characters seemed to lack depth, the heart of the movie is the plot/concept of time travel. Two warnings: Yes, this is a chick flick; the film takes some license with the novel. Excellent film anyway!"
95% The Man Who Would Be King (1975) - Feb 22, 2007
"Perfect adaptation of an exciting short story! Who wouldn't want to escape the chains of civilization with the chance to become king, a wealthy one at that! Sean Connery plays one of the strongest characters of his career as Daniel Dravitt. Daniel's near insanity coupled with Peachy's down to earth focus succeed in bringing this epic story to the screen. I believe Rudyard Kipling would be proud of this film"
95% Zulu (1964) - Aug 14, 2007
"Strong characterizations dominate this movie! Although the historical subject may be unknown to many, stellar performances from nearly all cast members propel this movie to the top. Michael Cain portrays the officer you love to hate, creating the perfect foil for Stanley Baker's character. My personal favorite....Nigel Green as 'Colour Sergeant Bourne'"
95% Cleopatra (1963) - Aug 14, 2007
"Another classic example of outstanding characterizations. Rex Harrison dominates the first half of the film with his gripping portrayal of Julius Caesar. Richard Burton takes over after the intermission to take the audience to the none-too-happy conclusion. As the title suggests, Taylor is the glue that binds these two epic characters together. Highly recommended for strong characters and dialog! Historical buffs--leave your history books at home."
95% The Great Rupert (1950) - Dec 01, 2008
"Tired of the same 7 Christmas classics every year? This oft-overlooked film has enough laughs and morality to fill the void. Historical note - This is one of the ealiest examples of 'Stop-Motion' cinematography to bring Rupert the Squirrel to life. Look for it under its modern title 'A Christmas Wish'."
95% Planet of the Apes (1968) - Oct 18, 2008
"A culturial icon that makes you wonder 'What if..?'. We have the common anti-war message bundled with statements about science vs religion and pseudo-racism. This is the most prevalent example of the post-apocalytic twist that echos many earlier works including "By the Waters of Babylon" and "The Time Machine". The story holds its own in spite of the basic messages. A Heston classic - Recommended for action fans and thinkers alike"
95% Roman Holiday (1953) - Feb 11, 2007
"Audrey Hepburn's crowning role! The perfect blend of comedy and drama without going over-the-top. Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert make the right moves in the backfield allowing Hepburn to light up the screen. I've heard people claim that Hepburn was a limited actress because of her one-dimensional acting ability...irrelevent; Audrey is Princess Anne! My personal favorite Audrey movie of them all!"