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Location: USA

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73% The Six Thatchers (2017) - Sep 12, 2019
13% Bachelor in Paradise (2014) - Sep 04, 2019
73% His Last Vow (2014) - Aug 18, 2019
"The villain was haunting, something that'd been missing since Moriarty left the scene. "
87% The Sign of Three (2014) - Aug 18, 2019
"Really loved this episode. It was among the more engaging of the series, and full of surprises. "
58% The Empty Hearse (2014) - Aug 18, 2019
"Not the best episode of the season. The resolution of the cliffhanger felt very forced. "
73% The Lion King (2019) - Aug 04, 2019
"It's a delightful movie. I don't understand why it's getting such lukewarm reviews. Watch this one to remember what you loved in the original on the first place, and try to see it through the new lens. Try to avoid comparing them. "
44% The First (2018) - Jul 08, 2019
"I kept watching this show with the hope that it would eventually turn around and that all of the character development they trudged through in the first season would have great payoff in season 2. And there's not going to be a season 2. So I feel a bit like I wasted time watching why amounts to an exploration of what the Mars adventure will be like on a personal level, before the adventure even happens. "
73% A Scandal in Belgravia (2012) - Jul 08, 2019
"This was a fun episode. Adler is a great character and I hope she comes back. "
44% Wheelman (2017) - Jun 25, 2019
"This is like if they took Phonebooth, turned the intensity down a few notches, and purposefully left the background vague without resolution. Disappointing but I appreciate the concept, and hope somebody will do this kind of movie better. "
58% The Blind Banker (2010) - Jun 19, 2019