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Cinema Addict - 1878 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 18, 2014

Location: NORMAN, OK, USA

Bio: Favorite directors: Anthony Mann, Michael Mann, Kurosawa, Chaplin, Argento, Lau Kar-leung, Coen brothers, Lang...
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90 87% Balkan Spy (1984) - Apr 10, 2016
"What a little miracle this movie is! It reeks of the Coen brothers at their best, exploiting a screwball set-up for a mentally destabilizing punchine. When a looney landlord is led to believe his tenant is a spy, he lets it consume him. He becomes the spy himself. But what if that zany character lived in the real world? The movie spends 2/3 accepting his frame of mind. Just as we begin to question the sanity of the lead, Kovacevic does, too. His final descent is a world class performace."