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Member Since: Nov 9, 2011

Location: USA

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58 28% Crazed Beast (1976) - Nov 11, 2011
"Fun car chase movie from Japan that is basically Rabid Dogs meets Speed. Features a 40 minute car/bus/motorcycle chase."
33 3% Nowhere Man (1991) - Nov 11, 2011
"This was endearingly tedious, if that is meaningful in any way. As bored as I was watching it, I remember and revisit details and scenes from it much more often than movies I rated higher."
43 9% Plump Fiction (1997) - Nov 11, 2011
"I was prepared for this to suck, and it did not disappoint me. Not as bad as what passes for parody movies in the past 10 years, but the laughs are few."
41 8% Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) - Nov 11, 2011
"A gyp. You think it is going to be cheesy cenobytes in space, but it's a guy on a spacestation telling flashback stories about the history of the box. When they finally have some action onboard the ship, it might as well be a warehouse. Severe timeline issues, like Pinhead (cenobyted circa WWI) being on a first name basis with a demon who has been on Earth since the 1800s. For the most part, the kills are just plain stupid. One good quote though: "I am so exquisitely empty.""
44 10% Hellraiser: Deader (2005) - Nov 11, 2011
"I think the new direction the series took with part five was probably a good idea, but I wish they would decide what Pinhead is, and what his motivation is. I can excuse the "slasher" Pinhead in part 3 because at least they explained it with a plot point, but in every movie Pinhead is different: level-headed Leviathan lackey, slasher, harvester of souls, punisher of sin. What good is a character who can be anything the current story demands of him?"
34 4% Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005) - Nov 11, 2011
"Another deviation from the series, this is the "New Nightmare" of Hellraiser. A group of irritating 20-something Hellraiser fans are invited to a Hellraiser themed party by Lance Henrickson and OMG derrrr guess what? Pinhead actually hacks someone's head off with a cleaver. More boobs than usual at least, and some ok kills even if they were not Hellraiser-like. But it had the dumbest ending I have ever seen in my life. Worse than 4, somehow."
45 11% La svastica nel ventre (1977) - Nov 11, 2011
"Lots of stock footage... even some of the XXX scenes are inserts (XXX only make up 1-5% of the movie). Also, most of the story does not take place at the camp. Still, plenty of nudity, nazi, and rape / forced prostitution to go around."
26 2% Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2009) - Nov 11, 2011
"Everything in this movie is irritating. The acting, the music, the actresses ugly sharp faces, the stupid script. JUST. IRRITATING. I'm fuzzy on genres, but I think this is supposed to be mumblehouse (mumblecore trying to be grindhouse)."
53 18% Hollywood Zap (1986) - Nov 11, 2011
"Quirky little Troma Team comedy about a good southern boy going to California to find his long lost daddy. Lots of 80s - arcades, punk girl hair, diners... and surprisingly good for a Troma film that has not been released on DVD."
33 3% Zombie Cheerleading Camp (2007) - Nov 11, 2011
"The severe incompetence is apparent early on in this one, and it just gets worse. They could only convince one actress to show her breasts, and it was the best part of the movie, besides the intestines. Too many scenes at night with little or no light. The humor, which could have saved it, was too sparse and lame."