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100 T10 Nathan for You (2013) - Jun 22, 2017
65 T2 Torture Garden (1967) - Jun 22, 2017
78 T6 Wild Style (1983) - Jun 15, 2017
75 T4 Eaten Alive (1980) - Jun 15, 2017
55 T1 Nostalghia (1983) - Jun 14, 2017
95 T10 Metalocalypse (2006) - Jun 08, 2017
" This show really starts to run out of steam by season 3, and am not crazy about the Dethklok albums and tours speaking as a death metal fan. But the first 2 seasons are awesome, among the best cartoons Williams Street ever produced and is Brendon Small's best work. In my top 5 [adult swim] shows of all time."
100 T10 Moral Orel (2005) - Jun 08, 2017
"Dino Stamatopoulos' masterpiece. A bucket of truth. Best [adult swim] series ever."
90 T9 Party Down (2009) - Jun 08, 2017
100 T10 The Drinky Crow Show (2007) - Jun 08, 2017
"The best show [adult swim] never picked up for a second season or released on dvd. The darkest, most well-written (rivaled only by Morel Orel) and downright goriest series Williams Street ever produced. Also one of my favorite examples of 3D computer animation, is regrettable cel-shading never became more popular among makers of animated series. You can still stream all existing episodes for free on the [as] website and download on itunes."
98 T10 Superjail! (2007) - Jun 08, 2017
"Mindblowing animation and savage social commentary exploding in a candy-colored orgy of violence with nearly every 11 minute episode. Sort of like an adults-only version of Adventure Time, though this came first by a few years. Season 4 and the series ends abruptly with sort of a weak and rather baffling episode, ending things with a disappointing fizzle, but still easily in my top five [adult swim] shows of all time. Has my favorite [as] theme song as well. "