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46 T4 The Teachers' Lounge (2023) - 25 Nov 2023
"Tightly wound, humorless German film school filmmaking as usual. The hectic style and situational hysteria suggest a neurotic's nightmare, so much so that scenes tread close to satire, like an SNL Please Don't Destroy skit. Of course, it doesn't go there, nor anywhere. There is no resolution to the central conflict i.e. the theft, and the teacher's character is none the wiser, because she was ill-defined to begin with. All of this was an exercise."
79 T9 Dumb Money (2023) - 13 Nov 2023
86 T10 Oppenheimer (2023) - 12 Nov 2023
"Maybe the whole material is received by the time we start the movie, but information is not always the point of fiction. I just think it’s magnificent how Nolan condenses not only history, but the history of Hollywood language into handsomely shot soundbites of phenomenal intensity, edited for constant ad-like significance and entertainment. If this seems like a put-down, the more I think about it, it’s not. It‘s a style, and bless you if you can resist it."
34 T2 The Killer (2023) - 10 Nov 2023
"Engaging to the degree that it is because Fassbender is always doing something meticulously – packing, traveling, looking, thinking. And the filmmakers know editing and mood. But this nihilistic sociopath keeps talking to me like he is a poet of the street. And then defiles The Smiths just by listening to them. I guess credit is somewhat due for making the film as distasteful as Portrait of a Serial Killer, but ironically."
66 T7 Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) - 01 Nov 2023
"Recently Scorsese’s protagonists are too stupid to know the difference between right and wrong – which makes for diluted tragedy, and rather describes a general depressed, removed feeling the director has grown into. He filters a story of colonialism through the mechanisms of the mafia, and while he’s at it, takes this greedy world to the grave. Here is a staid replica of hell for people who are still alive."
58 T5 A Haunting in Venice (2023) - 01 Nov 2023
"Branagh's direction is as blatant as if he were hosting a child's Halloween party. If it weren't for the soothingly dark atmosphere, there'd be too many points at which to abandon this little mystery. It picks up toward the end, as convoluted riddles are wont to do, and the credits are a Venice lover's "wet" dream."
71 T8 The Royal Hotel (2023) - 26 Oct 2023
"Kitty Green is now the go-to director when it comes to male chauvinism and dominance. She doesn’t treat these themes politically, but situationally, and outlines her characters quickly and precisely. The unease is felt throughout, because you expect all this testosterone with nowhere to go to go to dangerous and dark places instead. The welcome surprise is that it’s more realistic than our movie expectations. People just crash into each other, get hurt, and go their way. The end is unfortunate."
59 T6 Passages (2023) - 24 Oct 2023
75 T9 Anatomy of a Fall (2023) - 22 Oct 2023