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59 50% Vampire's Kiss (1989) - Rated 12 Jun 2024
"One of Nic Cage’s more interesting accents, guessing it’s some upper class New England thing, his performance is classic over the top. Rest of the movie is dumb, it feels almost like a parody of American Psycho. Pretty funny tho. He’s not a total gigachad like Patrick Bateman, though twice he ghosted his girl to screw a vampiress instead. Then he twice does a nice guy bait and abuse move on his waitress, with the nail gun."
60 54% Civil War (2024) - Rated 12 Jun 2024
"I absolutely don’t have the patience for this slow of a war movie, especially one that barely takes itself seriously. There is no plot, there is no story, no political or ethical stance, this film is about nothing. The child actor was cringe and annoying, boring up until Jesse Plemmons shows up in red shades."
63 58% Inside Man (2006) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
"By no means the perfect bank heist hostage negotiator type film, drags in the middle act, but strong performances elevate it to pretty great."
46 25% The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2024) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
"Guy Ritchie at his most washed out."
59 50% The Fall Guy (2024) - Rated 10 Jun 2024
"It's the early 20's, self-referential meta bullshit is totally necessary to make a load of money. Some nice stunts, undermined by trashy editing that didn't show the hit. Botox can't fix whatever it is the roids did to Gosling's face, but he's looking absolutely massive."
1% Rob Schneider: Asian Momma, Mexican Kids (2020) - Rated 09 Jun 2024
"Rob Schneider is not funny."
69 68% Not Another Teen Movie (2001) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
"Ryan Gosling spent hours watching Chris Evans in this to perfect his character from the Barbie movie, Ken."
17 2% You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
"I never realised Mossad was once in style, some unexpected nuance in this Israeli propaganda. Further evidence in the case for prosecution of Rob Schneider for crimes against humanity. The writers must pay for what they've done."
28 5% Scary Movie 5 (2013) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
"It's truly terrible. Somehow, these get less and less funny. Barely even a parody film"
55 43% Under Paris (2024) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
"Eco-disaster movie for contemporary times proves that even the Fr*nch can make middle of the road b-tier thrillers. The underwater filming looked better than avatar 2"