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89 90% Big Night Big Night (1996) - Rated 27 Dec 2010
"An Italian-American version of Babette's Feast but almost just as great. Funny to see Tucci show his Italian side as Segundo especially when combined with his fictional brother Primo. But what I really love about this movie is the general feel and how it captures the love for food, family, friends and music."
87 88% The Thirteenth Floor The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - Rated 09 Dec 2010
"I really did not expect this to be that good. Surprise surprise. It started off kind of ordinary but then it just got better and better. A cast full of un- or little known actors perform solidly and that even in multiple roles. Oh how I wish I could try to live in the social upper class of 1937, that would be a blast."