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80 86% The French Atlantic Affair (1979) - Rated 01 Oct 2014
"Could you have told this story in 1/3rd of the time? Sure. But then you lose some great moments, the best being Savalas holding a dead woman's body and declaring himself god. Ridiculously anti-climactic, but getting there is an interesting, fun ride."
80 86% Swing Shift Maisie (1943) - Rated 29 Sep 2014
"I love war movies about how awful people on the war front can be. While never conventionally good, it's hard to argue that Maisie movies ain't interesting."
60 51% The 5-Man Army (1969) - Rated 28 Sep 2014
"Dull Mission wannabe. I do like how many movies were made in the 60s/70s about going in and fucking over the Mexican government due to a perceived complete lack of ability for us to do it to our own government."
80 86% The Liquidator (1965) - Rated 26 Sep 2014
"Spot on parody of James Bond, transforming the character into a sanctimonious womanizer who pays someone else to do his dirty work. Rod Taylor is great."
40 23% The Experts (1989) - Rated 24 Sep 2014
"Utterly baffling; I'm not sure anyone involved knew why this movie was made. Goes to show that Travolta's career didn't hit bottom with Battlefield Earth, it just returned closer to the mean."
20 3% Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008) - Rated 24 Sep 2014
"Couldn't finish it. Utter garbage."
40 23% The Girl from Petrovka (1974) - Rated 24 Sep 2014
"Not sure why this exists. Goldie Hawn at one point thinks a bidet is a foot washer."
40 23% Assassination (1987) - Rated 24 Sep 2014
"Completely hilarious. Like a twelve year old wrote an action movie, but well shot with Bronson clearly just having fun with a bad script."
40 23% Fire! (1977) - Rated 11 Sep 2014
50 36% Hold Your Man (1933) - Rated 11 Sep 2014