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silent disco

Movie Buff - 493 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 26, 2015

Location: Water Valley, Mississippi, USA

Age: 159

Gender: Male

Bio: What are movies.
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85 86% Days of Heaven (1978) - Mar 24, 2020
65 47% We Own the Night (2007) - Mar 24, 2020
80 78% Upstream Color (2013) - Mar 19, 2020
75 67% Bicycle Thieves (1948) - Mar 18, 2020
80 78% Make Happy (2016) - Mar 17, 2020
"Depressing, rude, disengaged, trotted out, wearing a mask, oppressively performed, obnoxious, and spiteful of the audience and even more spiteful of himself, stuck in a cycle that's become a spiral where the only pain reliever is validation from a source he's tired of pleasing with the voice he's tired of hearing. He's sick of needing it, and he's pretty sure it isn't being happy, it's just being whatever perverted version of "right" a validation gang grants your sorry soul on an empty stage."
30 16% Aziz Ansari: Right Now (2019) - Mar 17, 2020
"Back when this came out, it was the first standup special I watched in ages. It reminded me why I stopped. This profession should be expunged, Bo Burnham got it right by leaving, otherwise you may become someone like Aziz, manipulating language of unity to sidestep being held accountable for his failures as a human bring. Even when he admits to doing wrong he seeks validation or redemption via becoming a sage through his STRUGGLE. Pfft. Dan Harmon got this arc right, nobody else so far."
75 67% The Unbelievable Truth (1989) - Mar 12, 2020
"Hartley is about as subtle as a book to your prized vase but his particular flavor of world-wise irreverence/possible cynicism continues to delight me as it did with my first viewed Hartley (Trust). Spits in the face of what small town success stories purport themselves to be within capitalism as designed "for" women by men, although yes it does still end with an guy/gal, icky age-gappy pairing, but relative to 1989 pretty bold. Poor or rich, nobody is free, but at least you could stay real."
55 32% Miller's Crossing (1990) - Mar 12, 2020
"The Coens can uproot one-liners in a dead field but Lord there's too much dialogue here, I cannot for the life of me find it in me to Like this movie, it is 1:1 in pastiche but feels so rote and dehydrated. Credit where it's due, it was already obvious the Coens are masters of film language and they key in on the value of shadow figures traced in light, well-choreographed gunfire, immense, harrowing landscapes to offset the claustrophobic shot-reverse shot talkathons. Too bad about the latter."
60 39% No Fear, No Die (1990) - Mar 10, 2020
"Denis' authentic naturalism in painting things as they are makes for some gorgeous exterior shots, some usefully matter-of-fact detailing of a unique world and the jobs entailed, and a completely glamor-stripped expression of the cruel bloodsport within, but while details and visceral consequences stand out, it feels more like a fictional doc than a proper story, and in this regard its drama often fails to take flight, even when its ending is clearly trying. I see why this one's a bit forgotten."
80 78% Somewhere (2010) - Mar 06, 2020
"Sofia bangs the same drum she's been banging but with such a perfectly scooped dollop of both timeless and momentary nostalgia that it encompasses all the beauty of the moments most of her fortune-stricken protagonists can't even see let alone grasp. Yet they're quite plain, and so is fame, and that's the point. Much like LiT, we think we are supposed to feel the existential magic in the sea of lights, but we find it in each other, lights or no lights, so snuff out the lights to make it clear."