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silent disco

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Location: Water Valley, Mississippi, USA

Age: 161

Bio: What are movies.
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85 85% Where Is the Friend's Home? (1987) - Jan 25, 2022
90 92% Rope (1948) - Dec 18, 2021
"This was the one where I finally felt what I suspect most feel. Like oh, Hitchcockian. Yeah I get it now."
90 92% All That Jazz (1979) - Dec 18, 2021
80 76% Beau Travail (1999) - Dec 18, 2021
"Rhythm of the Night by Corona is blaring, in all its strobelit effervescence, yet Lavant strolls in with little to show. Cigarette to lips, each footstep dragging well behind the tempo. He prowls the floor as if he's plotting each move. Fitting. Bobbing and weaving but keeping a composure, almost snake-like as if his iron sight hasn't rested. But by the time the bridge hits, he finally lets go, fully. Unchoreographed, for once in his life. One pure exhale after a life of puffing one's chest."
75 63% Vampyr (1932) - Dec 18, 2021
"Its all about the coffin scene. The uncanny vantage point of an encased body, crawling along an upside down sky so rapturously vast that it feels it may open up any minute. Its perspective is of only one distinct possibility, a vessel of the past-tense, faded glimmer of eyes no longer shining. Buildings feel taller than ever before, surely closing in like the megalithic tombstone teeth of a hungry Earth. We aren't meant to see that. God only knows how it tangled the nerves of 1930s audiences."
75 63% Bubble (2005) - Dec 18, 2021
"More than anything I think about Martha's job. Working at a doll factory, assembling plastic facsimiles of people, staring at unblinking eyes so similar to yours but so cold, day in and day out. The faces she knows the most, hollow molds. A system such as this should only drive you crazy, and you may not have the luck to have a buffer between you and that void. It inherently malforms our ability to connect, swallows our time and manufactures our companions. What chance does this poor woman have?"
2% Terrifier (2016) - Oct 29, 2021
90 92% Hellraiser (1987) - Oct 28, 2021
"Barker has the poetic stroke of the classics but also possesses a morbidly wild imagination. His hellish realm less afterlife than hyperlife, terrifying in its limits not meant to be breached, in those who dare, intriguing in how it plumbs the cerebral depths of how some imagine such a place to be nirvana. In all its spectacle it achieves what horror as a joyride should be, but by its own intelligent craft has been allowed to exist in all its viscera without compromising its sense of philosophy."
75 63% To Die For (1995) - Oct 23, 2021
55 30% A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) - Oct 17, 2021
"Not even gay enough."