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Film Freak - 910 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 12, 2010

Location: Indonesia

Bio: I love the necessity of sleep, many days I will choose the content of my dreams over my other realities. Hello, welcome to my list of recommendations. Vanity, to make a show of how large my past-time is- means I'll put any old movie I've watched on this list. For my part, I like most of the movies I see. There is a powerful filter around me, if I can even hear about it to pick it up, that's more than halfway towards a promising setup. I rate films on a simple four stop metric. Anything 50 and up is a recommendation, you wouldn't be wasting your time seeing it. Inside of 100 and 50 might be the best mediocre campy 80s comedy but here's hoping you like it! 75 is the three star zone and any of these films I consider great watches. There are no genre requirements here, I like all kinds, and I probably judge my favourite genres more harshly than others. These "Great" movies compare against your list, I've been a movie fan for over two decades and I hope I've seen something you haven't. Now 50 and below are for problem films, and occasionally a one I like sits there. 25 is "One Star", these films have intact narratives or something particularly worthy, but altogether I dislike. Lastly, please excuse the 100s. They are supposed to be outstanding examples of film, but I know they are merely the ones that pander best to my admittedly eccentric taste.

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