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42 15% Wrangler (1989) - Rated 28 Jun 2024
"Dull, by the numbers piece, that the horses are the most interestong players says it all."
66 48% Rikuoh (2017) - Rated 20 Jun 2024
"As there are a lot of tropes this is more one for those new to serials, it is well shot and mostly well played tho. Medium length series (10 eps, 45 mins each roughly). A generic small company V a giant plot. Totally SFW."
66 48% Kite (1998) - Rated 18 Jun 2024
"Good in spots, generic in others. Animatiom very much of it's time but does flow well. You could do worse but... The atudio had stromg links to porn studios and it shows. Unusually violent with graphic sex scenes."
92 95% Bokemasukara, yoroshiku onegaishimasu (2022) - Rated 15 Jun 2024
"Superb and not maudlin despite synopsis, but you will be left thinking "time is a bitch". Can't better this Youtube comment - "incredible documentary and yes it is sad but they also have a great sense of humour, go see it."'"
22 3% The Living Dead Girl (1982) - Rated 31 May 2024
"Not one of Rollin's best -no dreamy atmosphere, but boring and conventional. All daylight and harsh realism in a vampiric way. No."
36 10% Glissements progressifs du plaisir (1974) - Rated 30 May 2024
"I'm finding arty, narratively obscure films are not for me so ignore the score perhaps... Not at all straightforward with multiple hidden meanings to the, on the surface, rambling disjointed story, an acquired taste needed perhaps. Hell of a lot of nudity but (to me) in no way titallating/erotic as all is so impenetrable, cold & distant. If you are not an arthouse fan, avoid. Plot above avoids referring to puzzle of whether the entire thing is an abberation in the mind of the twisted heroine."
52 25% Zero Woman 2005 (2004) - Rated 29 May 2024
"Generic super cops V villains drama but better than average tho what seems to be a low budget really shows. Part of a series which is pushed as erotic but aside from opening there is no nudity."
76 71% Koto (1963) - Rated 25 May 2024
"An old school film (no negatives implied) with some quality though unusual (high colour saturation) cinematography. Very focused on societal class position IMO. Well told and acted. Recomended. Ignore reference to "both women are involved in love affairs" as romance is both not central but alternatively it is very relevant to the "class" thing IMO."
32 7% Koe de Oshigoto The Animation (2010) - Rated 15 May 2024
"Mildly offensive gentrification of the VA porn industry. not that good a tale with basic but OK animation. No actual nudity but strongly implied fellatio scenes. 2 ep OVA."
52 25% Secret Investigation Record (2010) - Rated 14 May 2024
"Not my style as it turned out, better (and worse) rated elsewhere. Not seen X-Files but elsewhere comparison is said to be a bit of a stretch. 12 eps with high Kdrama production values, uneven, eps 1&2 are poor ripoffs of Close Encounters (unseen) IMO, Eps 5,6,7,8 are good but drifts into a supernatural mystery near the end which is only soso with the actual ending enigmatic."