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>10 bad, but not torture.
>20 did something right amongst the wrong.
>30 at least one good scene.
>40 worth watching through maybe once.
>50 worth watching a few scenes a second time.
>60 worth watching the whole thing multiple times.
>70 worth getting the dvd.
>80 worth multiple theater viewing or recommending to people who normally hate the given genre.
>90 worth seeing any additional films by the director, reading the book it was based on.

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35 20% 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Rated 23 Jan 2009
"In what was surely a practical joke by the director, the movie sprawls out over nearly 2.5 hours with nearly zero dialogue, characters or action. All too frequently I thought I was watching a photograph, so little was happening onscreen. Recommended only for ambiance, this is better considered as an art installment than a film. Though the segment involving HAL is good (though still poorly paced), comprising a bloated hour of hour of film wedged in the middle of 1.5 hours of watching paint dry."
20 5% Howard the Duck Howard the Duck (1986) - Rated 17 Jul 2010
"With nihilistic wit and introspection, Howard the Duck is at times an uncompromising vision, a flawed bestial romance and biting criticism of mankind's hubris. The film spans two worlds; a world of anthropomorphic ducks and one of anthropomorphized apes, with either world eerily familiar to our own. The world of evolved apes is portrayed as a bastion of misery punctuated only by occasional outbreaks of glam rock and police chases. The question: can the duck in any of us survive such a world?"
90 99% Drive Drive (2011) - Rated 03 Feb 2012
"We are introduced to Gosling, as our nameless protagonist, in the slick night of urban California where the pavement glows under neon lights and the spotlights of police helicopters. The hero is soft spoken, wearing a shiny vintage jacket without a hint of irony and boiling beneath the surface with the capability of unflinching psychotic violence. A film about the warmth found within such a person in a city where even litter is painted gold by the beauty of the setting sun."