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Movie Buff - 105 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 22, 2021

Location: Sweden

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10 3% The Resident (2011) - Jul 29, 2021
"I don't know why this has horror in it. Unfortunately it did so I watched it and that was a big mistake. Already been done and this movie just doesn't have anything positive going for it."
10 3% 100 Feet (2008) - Jul 29, 2021
"Extremely bad premise, badly executed, terrible acting all around, looks very cheap. This movie had absolutely nothing going for it except 1 scare."
60 40% Grave Encounters 2 (2012) - Jul 29, 2021
"It's extremely hard to make a successful sequel and Grave Encounters 2 isn't one of them. If you liked the first one a lot you are probably gonna like this one just a bit less. It's still an alright watch."
75 73% Grave Encounters (2010) - Jul 29, 2021
"A good mockumentary/recovered footage horror movie. I definitely recommend watching this one."
60 40% The Little Stranger (2018) - Jul 28, 2021
"I liked the setting and it's decent enough to watch. Wouldn't really call it horror though. It's worth to actually follow through with the entire movie."
50 20% Summer of '84 (2018) - Jul 28, 2021
"Completely bland and generic. If you got nothing else to watch it's watchable but I'll leave it at that."
45 13% Overlord (2018) - Jul 28, 2021
"Felt way to propganda for me. However it had lots of interesting tidbits. If you can ignore the propaganda and take it at face value it's decent at best."
75 73% The Hole in the Ground (2019) - Jul 28, 2021
"I enjoyed this one. Had a nice creeping and eerie feeling to it with the all mysterious enormous hole."
60 40% The Final Wish (2018) - Jul 28, 2021
"Someone else brought up Wishmaster I can see and yep, now I can see it. That is one franchise that desperately needs rebooting. Unfortunately without the actual Wishmaster this one is pretty good for it's own take on the concept."
40 10% Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) - Jul 28, 2021
"I do realize the comedy and satire but no. Just didn't cut it."