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85 87% 11:14 (2003) - Sep 28, 2007
"Guys will definitely be crossing their legs through most of this..."
50 14% Asylum of Satan (1972) - Jul 23, 2017
"Goofily entertaining mishmash. Borelli's wide-eyed indignance gets to be pretty fun, as does the hotheaded fiance guy (who looks like the drummer from Middle of the Road) and the public-hating police detective. In addition, the head nurse resembles Michael Palin in drag. The final incantation mentioned something about a "shiny trapezoid" (I hadn't realized that Satanism would require algebra). And Old Nick gets pretty pissed off in the end (probably because they made him wear that costume)."
85 87% City Lights (1931) - Sep 23, 2007
"It's all worth it just for that moment when she has regained her sight and her pal tells her (as The Tramp approaches): "Looks like you have a little friend." The definition of pathos."
50 14% The Way of the Dragon (1972) - Jul 17, 2008
"Kinda like if Enter the Dragon had been a sitcom (and a hideously bad one at that). Wasn't helped by a horrendous dub job--but I could see that the hamminess was in the original as well. Score interlaced "On a Clear Day..." with spaghetti westerns. Only the fighting (especially the finale at the Colosseum) was at all interesting. Hard to believe that Bruce had been making movies all his life, what with his merciless 3 Stooges-style mugging throughout (a plethora of "wah wah WAHHH" moments)."
40 11% The Brute Man (1946) - May 11, 2011
"Featuring perhaps the grumpiest grocery store owner you'll ever see (indeed, there's a lotta grumps in this one). But Dorothy, the kid boogie-woogie player, was cute ("I'm gonna be in the groove" Neal is remarkably free from remorse (or even awareness) regarding his culpability in the Creeper's, fate. Oh yeah, and one more thing: if only it was as easy to cure blindness in real life as it is in the movies..."
90 94% The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976) - May 25, 2012
"This offbeat film is one of the few I've ever seen that succeeded with that particular message, maybe because it's so low-key and doesn't take itself too seriously, nor does it draw any ironclad conclusions (consider it a quality version of Friends). Foster is tremendous in the lead role, and the chemistry between her and Jacoby is marvelous throughout. The only drawback is Sheen, who is a bit of a waxed-mustache villain, especially toward the end (he also nearly ruined The Dead Zone that way)."
65 28% The Nanny (1965) - Jan 03, 2010
"Awfully contrived and manipulative (and everyone seems to be rather complacent about attempted matricide). The star was allegedly sloshed through most of it (thus no doubt accounting for the shine in those Bette Davis Eyes). It was fun anyway seeing Pamela Franklin as a little tart (years before Satan's School For Girls). And btw the boy's mom looked exactly like Christopher Guest in drag."
80 73% Dark City (1950) - Apr 21, 2012
""Don't you wanna know what's going on in the world?" "What's going on in the world stinks!"...truly fun cast (including Chuck in his debut), though Lizabeth Scott seems a bit out of place as the poor dumb sap waitin' for her man (as well as contributing a decidedly unfunky version of "That Ol Black Magic"). Lots of snapping-cool noir dialogue, and Waxman blows out all the stops in places. The climax is a real whizbang...only to betray us by an abrupt Hollywoodish about-face at the very end."
80 73% The Old Dark House (1932) - Sep 29, 2007
"Karloff is great. And I always love the woman doing shadow puppets about halfway into it."
80 73% The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938) - Oct 12, 2007
"Contains one of the funniest moments I've ever seen in movies: when da boys have gathered together to plot their heist, and Bogie tells one of 'em to "put on da noise" to mask their machinations. So the guy goes over to the Victrola, flips it on...and instead of some wild jazz or something blaring out, it's Mozart. And they're all talking about nabbin' da ice with this minuet music playing in the background (I'm just glad I wasn't stoned or I'd still be laughing to this day)."