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50 14% Shock Waves (1977) - Sep 13, 2017
"Any movie crawlin' with begoggled Nazi zombie death-slaves oughta be more fun than this. Anyway, it's got Carradine and Cushing...and some pissed-off Radar guy who gripes about everything. When the Nazis finally do show up, they look kinda like Sting and kinda like Lou Reed (from the Sally Can't Dance album cover). Jay Ferguson is also on hand, his mustache huge and bristling (though he doesn't sing "Thunder Island" in this one). And in the end only Karen Allen is left alive to tell thee... "
80 73% The Old Dark House (1932) - Sep 29, 2007
"Karloff is great. And I always love the woman doing shadow puppets about halfway into it."
80 73% The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (1980) - Oct 11, 2011
"Quite amusing, with a number of laughs throughout. Tended to go off the track toward the end, but...the footage of the band playing was of course great, and I liked the animation a lot too. The whole thing was very inventive and wacky and nicely tongue-in-cheek, and made for a truly madcap spoof. Also there was Steve Jones wearing his Gumby hat in concert and Sid's cover of two great Eddie Cochran songs."
85 87% Tommy Boy (1995) - Jan 21, 2012
"Definitely better than I thought it was gonna be. Lots of laughs (the car radio singalongs, for example), wacky moments (the stag coming to life), and also quite a bit of heart as well. Okay, some of the goings-on left plausibility far behind, but it never really took itself too seriously so I didn't mind. And I was even able to put up with that nattering little smirkball David Spade for the duration (glad to see that he went bald at the end btw)."
85 87% Life of Brian (1979) - Sep 23, 2007
""I just really think it would be good if you would all learn to think for yourselves." "Yes, this is brilliant! Tell us more." "No, you don't seem to understand--I'm saying you should be your own beacons." "Truly this man is blessed! We will follow him anywhere.""
80 73% American Movie (1999) - Sep 27, 2007
"At times funny, scary, desperate and sad (especially when he has a late-night soul-searching confrontation with the camera). And his grandfather (or -uncle) was an ongoing hoot. A lot more than about making a movie--it's about trying to break out from your life (when everything seems like one more tentacle around you)."
60 20% The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) - Mar 26, 2011
"A zany montage of the 1970s. Frequently beautiful cinematog, as we've come to expect from BJ movies. The vision-quest thing was unintentionally hilarious, featuring absurdly deadpan VO from Laughlin to Grandfather, not to mention Blue Boy (I guess I haven't even made it to the first level, since I really wanted to punch out his spirit guide). All this is more than made up for though by Laughlin's wonderfully campy (and increasingly wordy) intros to the fight scenes, relaxed banter and all."
90 94% D.O.A. (1950) - Sep 30, 2007
"Wonderfully charged up and hyperactive--with O'Brien slamming doors all over the place. The last time I saw it I even actually managed to follow the plot. Has the great line: "I'm afraid you don't understand--you've been murdered." And a bit later the second-opinion doctor saying grimly: "Yep--you've got it alright.""
90 94% 7 Men from Now (1956) - Nov 03, 2012
"A terrible title song (at least in its rendition) and somewhat tacked-on opening scene, but once Scott meets the wagon this one had me in its grip. Marvin is wonderfully insolent throughout, and Gail Russell has a great presence as well. Its real strength lies in its gritty depiction of everyday life, and the revelation along the way proved genuinely shocking. Also nice was the scene where Scott and Russell talk to each other through the wagon floor, filmed so that they seem in the same room."
80 73% Night of Dark Shadows (1971) - Jul 03, 2011
"Nicely atmospheric and moody, and the piano-based soundtrack was an interesting change of pace from the series. I think it's probably best to think of it as one of those parallel-time stories from DS rather than a mainstream continuation; at any rate, it plays like a really excellent TV movie. Unfortunately, most of the last 2 reels were filmed in broad midnight...and I guess you could say that not a lot happened throughout. But I found the proceedings quite engaging anyway."