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85 T9 An Unmarried Woman (1978) - Mar 13, 2011
"Clayburgh is splendid. Murphy very good too (in obviously a most thankless role indeed). First half was better than the second, more natural and real-feeling; started to seem a bit Hollywoodish toward the end there. A bit talky and encounter-groupish (and I definitely could've done without that terminally mellow therapist spouting her no-doubt quite pricey inanities). The daughter seemed rather sitcommy at times. Btw what was "Maybe I'm Amazed" doing in there?...I have no idea."
90 T10 Baseball Bugs (1946) - Feb 08, 2009
"Wherein we learn that all debates as to the greatest baseball player ever are futile, since the answer obviously has to be That Screwy Wabbit. I mean, he's his own catcher!--he strikes out the side with one pitch!--and he takes a bus to catch a fly ball (although kudos are in order as well for the ump who stays with him to make the "out" call, high atop the Empire State Building). Also loved the "Was this trip really necessary?" WWII rationing reference."
85 T9 Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) - Sep 25, 2007
"Much better than the first one; the Grim Reaper is just a hoot throughout."
10 T1 Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) - Sep 29, 2007
"Featuring maybe the weirdest character in film history (Torgo) and another guy who's definitely in the running, wearing one of the silliest costumes ever (the two-handed cape). The only good thing I can say about this movie is that at least they did manage to kill a poodle. Let it be a lesson to us all: be careful when you say that you want to watch a horror movie...because that just may be what you get."
85 T9 Thelma & Louise (1991) - Apr 16, 2011
"Wonderful performances by the two leads. Toward the end the whole thing got a bit transparent, but lots of laughs throughout (still can't believe that this was really the first script she ever wrote). Amazed that Scott was the one picked to direct this. And yes, Harlan's face as he got blown away was very funny indeed. Oh, and one more thing: leaving all that money with bank robber Pitt in the room was AMAZINGLY FREAKIN STUPID. Wow, looks like we guys really are all a bunch of jerks."
25 T1 Satan's Children (1975) - Jun 27, 2015
"A masterpiece of crap acting and direction. Every time that dad guy opened his mouth I had to crack up. Anyway, young what'shisname gets the Deliverance treatment and ends up with satanic Moonies, where he makes his escape (after the guys chasing him fall into a toxic waste dump). Then he goes all Charles Bronson on us, comes back to the place to score while offering up his stepsister for crucifixion purposes. Oh yeah, and along the way we discover that Satan looks very much like Bullwinkle."
25 T1 Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (1967) - Nov 13, 2010
""Stupid burnt lizard!"..."But even the impossible can happen!"...lol Supremely awful, with frequently ludicrous special effects and dopey dialogue (and a marvelously hokey dub job to boot). And monsters that are about as scary as a Pez dispenser. Btw not even the title makes any sense (the "prehistoric planet" is Earth, right?)."
10 T1 Hobgoblins (1988) - Jan 01, 2008
"If not the worst movie of all time, at least deserves the trophy for the most irritating. There's the most obnoxiously horny teenage girl in history (cinematic or otherwise)--all the hubbub re garden tools--and of course Club Scum. This one even drove Mike & the 'Bots nuts."
85 T9 Made in Britain (1982) - Jan 17, 2009
""Bollocks!!!" That scene with the blackboard definitely sums up all such situations when you're 16: part of it true and part of it total crap."
85 T9 Blade Runner (1982) - Aug 30, 2008
"Jeepers, what an amazing-looking movie! Art director and cinematographer are both genius bro's. Hard to believe that was Darryl Hannah, by the way (and then of course there was her other brother Darrell). A movie as stylish as 2001, with the grit of A Boy and His Dog."