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45 T2 The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958) - Feb 24, 2008
"Actually, everyone gives pretty good performances (especially Jessica--and the other two women). But it has the same problem severed-head movies always have: you're basically staring at a hairy bowling ball for an hour."
60 T3 Voodoo Man (1944) - May 28, 2017
"Carradine is nicely craven and retarded in this one (with a real hair fetish). And McKay is quite perky and sexy. You gotta love that head witchdoctor guy, decked out in a bespangled kimono and wearing a headdress that resembles an exploded chicken."
90 T10 Carrie (1976) - Sep 24, 2007
""Dirty pillows." Wow. And that final hand-from-the-grave scene still gives me shudders. About the only thing I ever liked from DePalma (despite seasickness from the spin-cycle dance). Throughout the part where she's being elected queen you almost feel like maybe it will all turn around for her (regardless of the behind-stage hijinks)...which makes the final Dumping of the Bucket all the more heartbreaking. And in hardly any time at all pretty damn scary. What high school meant to me."
60 T3 They Made Me a Killer (1946) - Mar 15, 2014
"The mixup at the hospital definitely gave a wacky feel to the proceedings (like an intrusion from the Three Stooges into the mix). Everything else is definitely from Poverty Row, but it's still pretty good gritted-teeth, hooch-swilling fun (and Britton provides a winning presence)."
25 T1 The Blade Master (1984) - Apr 12, 2011
"A guy with bandoliers but no tunic joins forces with a girl wearing a headband and a hubcap to pretty much do nothing in this no-action actioner, interrupted by frequent batches of insufferably pompous dialogue/narration and featuring costume design by H R Pufnstuf. Still, you will doubtless savor the Miracle of the Hang Glider."
50 T2 The Way of the Dragon (1972) - Jul 17, 2008
"Kinda like if Enter the Dragon had been a sitcom (and a hideously bad one at that). Wasn't helped by a horrendous dub job--but I could see that the hamminess was in the original as well. Score interlaced "On a Clear Day..." with spaghetti westerns. Only the fighting (especially the finale at the Colosseum) was at all interesting. Hard to believe that Bruce had been making movies all his life, what with his merciless 3 Stooges-style mugging throughout (a plethora of "wah wah WAHHH" moments)."
40 T2 The Brute Man (1946) - May 11, 2011
"Featuring perhaps the grumpiest grocery store owner you'll ever see (indeed, there's a lotta grumps in this one). But Dorothy, the kid boogie-woogie player, was cute ("I'm gonna be in the groove"...lol). Neal is remarkably free from remorse (or even awareness) regarding his culpability in the Creeper's face...er, fate. Oh yeah, and one more thing: if only it was as easy to cure blindness in real life as it is in the movies..."
60 T3 Seven in Darkness (1969) - Aug 07, 2016
"Wow, what a cheesefest! Quintessential TV movie fare, with its goofily fun cast, histrionics galore, and lots of tap-tap-tapping..."
60 T3 The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) - Mar 26, 2011
"A zany montage of the 1970s. Frequently beautiful cinematog, as we've come to expect from BJ movies. The vision-quest thing was unintentionally hilarious, featuring absurdly deadpan VO from Laughlin to Grandfather, not to mention Blue Boy (I guess I haven't even made it to the first level, since I really wanted to punch out his spirit guide). All this is more than made up for though by Laughlin's wonderfully campy (and increasingly wordy) intros to the fight scenes, relaxed banter and all."
65 T3 Betrayed Women (1955) - Dec 03, 2016
"The story itself is actually kinda lame--and Bev unaccountably goes sort of haywire toward the end there. But the performances and situations (and frequent confrontations) are still a lot of fun. Plus there's the usual assortment of prison movie one-liners ("What's this?--a cootie inspection?" or "He'd whack me one, and I'd belt him back...he was the only guy I ever loved"). :D"