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50 T2 The Passenger (1975) - Mar 31, 2008
""Which me?" "What do you see now?" (to which I wanted to respond: "Nothing again nothing"). And the parable about the blind guy had me laughing out loud. What a bunch of college-boy seminar hokum. Then there's the 10-minute looking-out-into-the-parking-lot finale. Vincent Canby called this "probably Antonioni's most entertaining film"--which is a little like naming Pink Floyd's most cheerful song. All in all, the reason I don't like cinema--I like movies."
30 T1 Teenage Zombies (1959) - Nov 18, 2012
""Look, what kind of creep joint is this?" Has a goofy charm all its own, with this weird Nazi Vampira lady and her goons (and huge fridge), as well as a bunch of overly earnest kids, and of course Ivan the Terrible, who really is pretty scary, I had to admit. The final duke-out is in its intensity a bit reminiscent of the imbroglio that caps Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (though there aren't any suds in this one, only some weird gas). And just how the heck do you hide a whole island anyway?"
60 T3 Seven in Darkness (1969) - Aug 07, 2016
"Wow, what a cheesefest! Quintessential TV movie fare, with its goofily fun cast, histrionics galore, and lots of tap-tap-tapping..."
15 T1 The Castle of Fu Manchu (1969) - Jun 01, 2011
"About like watching glaciers race. Hard to believe that anything with Lee in it could be so insufferable. The best part is the first few minutes of him talking, but after that things take a plunge down an elevator shaft (except no, wait, that at least would've been EXCITING). Really the only thing remarkable about this one was the ongoing color-grading problems. And it just took about 5 minutes for this review to upload onto the site, and even THAT was more interesting than watching this film."
25 T1 Satan's Children (1975) - Jun 27, 2015
"A masterpiece of crap acting and direction. Every time that dad guy opened his mouth I had to crack up. Anyway, young what'shisname gets the Deliverance treatment and ends up with satanic Moonies, where he makes his escape (after the guys chasing him fall into a toxic waste dump). Then he goes all Charles Bronson on us, comes back to the place to score while offering up his stepsister for crucifixion purposes. Oh yeah, and along the way we discover that Satan looks very much like Bullwinkle."
40 T2 The Brute Man (1946) - May 11, 2011
"Featuring perhaps the grumpiest grocery store owner you'll ever see (indeed, there's a lotta grumps in this one). But Dorothy, the kid boogie-woogie player, was cute ("I'm gonna be in the groove"...lol). Neal is remarkably free from remorse (or even awareness) regarding his culpability in the Creeper's face...er, fate. Oh yeah, and one more thing: if only it was as easy to cure blindness in real life as it is in the movies..."
35 T1 Encounter with the Unknown (1973) - Jan 29, 2017
"A thoroughly pungent hunk of 1970s cheese. Rod intones imponderables while we meet up with hippies, flappers and a few Waltons, interspersed with frequent VO flashbacks and other assorted padding. The finger-pointing witch lady was particularly amusing."
50 T2 Shock Waves (1977) - Sep 13, 2017
"Any movie crawlin' with begoggled Nazi zombie death-slaves oughta be more fun than this. Anyway, it's got Carradine and Cushing...and some pissed-off Radar guy who gripes about everything. When the Nazis finally do show up, they look kinda like Sting and kinda like Lou Reed (from the Sally Can't Dance album cover). Jay Ferguson is also on hand, his mustache huge and bristling (though he doesn't sing "Thunder Island" in this one). And in the end only Karen Allen is left alive to tell thee... "
10 T1 Project Moon Base (1953) - May 21, 2011
"Heinlein?! lol I'd never realized that he'd had a lobotomy. This thing is (maybe) a half-step above a serial. Martell is pretty cute (and certainly built), but not even the presence of Dr Bellows can salvage this mess. At least there is a bit of amusement to be found in the tai chi high-G fight sequence and Rorke's less-than-glib exposition on...well, whatever the hell he was talking about. Oh yeah, and you could do better special effects with an Etch-a-Sketch."
50 T2 Easy Rider (1969) - Sep 23, 2007
"Let's see, it has Jack Nicholson, beautiful cinematography, great songs (like the Byrds' "Wasn't Born To Follow" et al)--and Toni Basil in her pre-pre-Mickey days. And Phil Spector...and lots of smoke. Clouds and clouds of smoke. And inhaling--snorting--hippie communes--and rednecks. Killer rednecks. And dialogue? "They'll make it, Billy." "They're not gonna make it, man." "They'll make it." And of course one slambang ending."