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40 11% Castle of Evil (1966) - Sep 14, 2018
"If there was a UN for B Movies, this film would constitute a quorum. :) Seriously, you've seen all these people a LOT at one time or another. Yet this flick is nothing like any other "reading of the will in a haunted mansion" picture you've ever seen...mainly because it features a laser gun! Plus you get to see (and hear) Virginia Mayo utter two of the immortal lines in Poverty Row history: "Well, that blows the spook bit" and "I attract bums like a park bench." :D"
10 0% Hobgoblins (1988) - Jan 01, 2008
"If not the worst movie of all time, at least deserves the trophy for the most irritating. There's the most obnoxiously horny teenage girl in history (cinematic or otherwise)--all the hubbub re garden tools--and of course Club Scum. This one even drove Mike & the 'Bots nuts."
85 87% Doug Stanhope: No Refunds (2007) - Sep 27, 2011
"A real breath of (smoky) fresh air! We definitely need more guys like him now, in this Age of the Pussy."
30 7% Horrors of Spider Island (1960) - Dec 23, 2007
"So what do you do with a bunch of strippers on a deserted island? Well...this."
60 21% They Made Me a Killer (1946) - Mar 15, 2014
"The mixup at the hospital definitely gave a wacky feel to the proceedings (like an intrusion from the Three Stooges into the mix). Everything else is definitely from Poverty Row, but it's still pretty good gritted-teeth, hooch-swilling fun (and Britton provides a winning presence)."
35 9% El barón del terror (1962) - Jun 18, 2016
"A guy who looks like Sheldon Leonard goes around staring at people, then he turns into this weird brainsucking demon with a long pointy nose and lobster claws."
85 87% 12 Angry Men (1957) - Sep 24, 2007
"Actually does work as a movie, rather than a filmed play. Plus you get to see all these great character actors together under one roof. Wallach and Klugman and Begley Sr and--well, all of 'em. And the end is great too--where the two guys walk off down the steps of the justice building, never to see each other again."
85 87% Woman on the Run (1950) - Oct 25, 2009
"Wow, a comedy noir that works! Sheridan is especially good, as are the other two leads. Elliott bears more than a slight resemblance to Christopher Guest btw. Recurrent musical motif pinched from Tchaikovsky. The roller-coaster finale has to (or ought to) be some sort of noir icon. Oh yeah, and Rembrandt was cool too."
85 87% Thelma & Louise (1991) - Apr 16, 2011
"Wonderful performances by the two leads. Toward the end the whole thing got a bit transparent, but lots of laughs throughout (still can't believe that this was really the first script she ever wrote). Amazed that Scott was the one picked to direct this. And yes, Harlan's face as he got blown away was very funny indeed. Oh, and one more thing: leaving all that money with bank robber Pitt in the room was AMAZINGLY FREAKIN STUPID. Wow, looks like we guys really are all a bunch of jerks."
85 87% Dark Shadows Bloopers (1993) - Sep 13, 2010
"Truly hilarious in all its variety (sometimes you feel as flummoxed as the actors must've been, not knowing what was going to go wrong next). You've gotta love the camera showing up next to Barnabas, Frid walking off in street clothes during the roll-credits, and that sash falling from the window (to somebody's laugh). A lot of the reason we fans are true fans can be found in the innocent charm of these takes; besides which, all that energy and tension charged the show and helped make it great."