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75 57% Celda 211 Celda 211 (2009) - 18 Sep 2012
"Okay, plausible this one ain't. Why did they just leave the guy behind like that? And we're really expected to believe that such a rookie would prove to be so heads-up in the clutch? Then too there was the whole business with his wife later on. But very well-directed, and gripping throughout, with excellent performances by the two leads. The moral of this one is clear: never ever show up for work a day early."
60 21% Voodoo Man Voodoo Man (1944) - 28 May 2017
80 74% A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol (2000) - 26 Dec 2008
"A sort of punk version of the classic fable, leavened with bits of droll, wink-to-the-audience humor. Very good performances from the three main players. The changes in the old story all work for the better, and it possibly could've benefited even more from that sort of latitude/updating."
20 2% Deathstalker III: The Warriors from Hell Deathstalker III: The Warriors from Hell (1988) - 05 May 2011
"OK, this one definitely puts the evil in "medieval." Our hero, who more than once resembles a smug Dustin Hoffman with a perm, battles a bunch of guys on horseback led by somebody in a Bullwinkle helmet, all in pursuit of a big glass doorknob. The proceedings were then edited with a lawn mower. Also featuring a wizard who looks like Leo G Carroll as an undercover hippie, and this bald guy with Tourette's who no doubt acquired his acting style via the William Shatner Distance Education Institute."
85 88% Dead Ringer Dead Ringer (1964) - 21 May 2012
"A rather goofy premise, both generally and in this instance (you have to wonder why Edith went ahead with her scheme, since Margaret seemed willing to lend/give her the money she needed). But it worked out very well in practice, with a cool cast, deliberate yet taut direction, and a snappy look. We end up hitting a whole keyboard's worth of moral-ambiguity buttons very nicely indeed. :)"
80 74% 42nd Street 42nd Street (1933) - 24 Dec 2007
""How ya feelin'?" Girl in guy's lap: "Like I'm sittin' on a flagpole." (Plus it has the "you'll come back a star..." line.)"
90 95% Salesman Salesman (1969) - 21 Oct 2007
"The more I see it, the better it gets. I used to think there really wasn't much point to it at all; now it just seems like a little novel up there on screen. And I love that guy playing Beatles muzak at the end into the Florida night--eerie weird effect."
85 88% Woman on the Run Woman on the Run (1950) - 25 Oct 2009
"Wow, a comedy noir that works! Sheridan is especially good, as are the other two leads. Elliott bears more than a slight resemblance to Christopher Guest btw. Recurrent musical motif pinched from Tchaikovsky. The roller-coaster finale has to (or ought to) be some sort of noir icon. Oh yeah, and Rembrandt was cool too."
40 11% Fear and Desire Fear and Desire (1953) - 17 Oct 2008
"About as good as its title. Like a really bad Twilight Zone episode (the one with William Windom in the Salvation Army donation box, say). Filled with unnecessary and hammy closeups, like a silent movie. The lieut speaks like a narrator even when he isn't narrating. The funniest part was the montage where they break into the shack to kill everybody and eat their dinner; and then one of the characters cuts short the lieut's rambling VO! Would've been better had it been given some specific venue."
90 95% The Man in the Moon The Man in the Moon (1991) - 21 Jun 2009
"A perfectly lovely little film. Witherspoon is just amazing: peevish, petulant, sarcastic, childish, flirtatious, cool, and unseasonably mature, all in turns. She's the definitive 13 Going On 14. Was like The Member of the Wedding, and also reminded me of Lucas (without that movie's sappy ending). Beautifully paced throughout. I thought it actually could've ended a bit earlier; the finale makes for a tidy resolution, but the scene in the graveyard says all of that without dialogue."