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90 96% Three Colors: Blue Three Colors: Blue (1993) - Rated 27 Dec 2013
"Kieslowski truly is a great artist. Creating scenes with great emotional tension by using deceptively simple imagery. Everything adds up in perfect harmony: the music, the characters, the symbolism,... The slow pacing is reminiscent of a smart card player. Bluffing, fooling around, holding back. But the last scene shows the true Kieslowski: an artist at the top of his craft, showing us the inner workings of mankind and society."
90 96% Scenes from a Marriage Scenes from a Marriage (1973) - Rated 09 Feb 2014
"'In some fundamental way they have touched, really touched, and the memory of that touching will be something to hold to all of their days.' Roger Ebert nailed it with that one. I always thought of marriage as some weird, illogical social convention that suppresses the true fundamentals of human nature. The film agrees, but also shows that marriage is a framework for bonding. It's all so human and so close to our feelings that I'll have to reassess my point of view on the subject. A great film."
85 87% Her Her (2013) - Rated 08 Feb 2014
"There are two reasons why I love this film: 1) It's undeniably funny. Employing an absurd, but well-written plot to take us on a journey with idiosyncratic characters that you just have to admire (got to love Joaquin's moustache). 2) It's a valuable exploration of the state of modern-day human relationships. The film is set in a near distant future, but feels close, in a very scary way. I hope it wins best script-oscar."
90 96% The Trial The Trial (1962) - Rated 17 Feb 2014
"I'm a great admirer of Kafka's book and an even greater admirer of Welles' cinematic genius. The Trial stays true to it's haunting source material and is so far my favorite work from the master director, thanks to the great expressionist style. For many years to come, this will be the ultimate story of man's struggle against the absurd that slowly consumes him. About the system that grinds mankind into meat. The Titorelli-scene is one of the most masterfully constructed scenes I've ever seen."