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60 T7 Sunset Song (2015) - Mar 23, 2017
50 T4 Everly (2015) - Mar 18, 2017
"It is sexy, it is gory, it is over the top and silly and it has decent action/executions - everything a good exploitation film should have. The sadist/masochist duo of villains feel very out-of-place and exactly why they add so much to the film - great. A very entertaining film. Did I mention that Salma Hayek is bloody hot?"
55 T5 Why Stop Now (2012) - Mar 17, 2017
"Very enjoyable. Had some genuinely inspired and original moments and produced quite a few chuckles. "
30 T2 A Walk in the Woods (2015) - Mar 17, 2017
"What was the point of it?"
35 T2 Moonlight (2016) - Mar 14, 2017
"What the fuck was that. /c Wimbledon Odeon"
50 T4 A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014) - Mar 13, 2017
75 T9 Margaret (2011) - Mar 12, 2017
"This was a journey. A spectacular and stellar film filled to the brim with inspired, genuine and enticing performances, writing, atmosphere. A truly remarkable achievement in story telling, where apparent production/post-production problems fail to take away from the heart and emotion that has gone into making the film. Great direction in what is career-high performances from main and supporting actors alike. Version seen: Extended Edition (3 hours)."
75 T9 Senna (2010) - Mar 11, 2017
"I would question how much the film holds up as a documentary, but I would also question whether it's of any importance in this case. The story told by the film is beautiful, electrifying, dramatic and deeply affectionate in what is a superb and heartfelt execution of this ode to Senna's life. Furthermore, since a film can make a person unfamiliar with anything F1-related fall in love with Senna and ache after the film is over, then it must be a great piece of the visual medium called film."
45 T3 The Adjustment Bureau (2011) - Mar 11, 2017
"Awesome idea with an obviously great source material in Philip K. Dick's short story, but the execution is questionable - especially the last 30 minutes of the film and the dreadful closing sequences. Emily Blunt is gorgeous, sexy and authentic. Matt Damon is Matt Damon. Could have been a very special film. Alas, although being a very entertaining watch, it's nothing more."
70 T9 Blind Vaysha (2016) - Mar 07, 2017
"Great animation with a short story translated on screen almost word by word from the source material. Which doesn't seem to hurt it in the least - on the contrary, image and words enrich and complete each other, as should be the goal of any animated endeavour. "