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70 T9 The Informer (1935) - Jun 12, 2017
55 T5 G Men (1935) - Jun 09, 2017
""There's no rule that a G-man can't kiss an old friend goodbye, is there?" - Ann Dvorak is gorgeous and her eye movement and the way she is expressing herself through her eyes is divine. Some good and some bad humour in the film. James Cagney's comedic timing and energy on the screen is amazing, but some of the comedic scenes could've used a little more subtlety. The final sequence had a great potential and could've used a longer setup in order to build up palpable tension. Propaganda intro."
65 T8 Stella Dallas (1937) - Jun 06, 2017
"I have to admit I shed a tear on that one. The final scene and the subtlety in Barbara Stanwyck's performance in this character study of a dysfunctional but wanting woman stuck in a society and self that she is incapable of dealing with, was gut-wrenching. Shows the human nature in all its fragility. Great and memorable cast. Some questionable humour and scenes that felt a little disjointed from the whole, however saved simply by the actors' presence on screen. But Barbara Stanwyck is terrific."
45 T4 I'm No Angel (1933) - Jun 05, 2017
"Slightly more enjoyable than the ensuing post-Code West film 'Belle..." although whether the reason is code regulation or not is undetermined. Both films have plenty of quotable material, have Mae West playing the same character and have more or less a similar plot - the strong independent woman with a proneness to sarcasm pursuing her egotistical and mercantile desires and playing with men. Add a little bit of unbelievable plot progressions/choices and zero chemistry with Grant and voila."
40 T3 Belle of the Nineties (1934) - May 28, 2017
""All my life I've been looking for a man that is big and handsome and's got plenty of money." - "What you've been looking for is three men." Apart from the great quotes and one-lines in the film - delivered flawlessly by Mae West who obviously wrote them for herself to execute - the film doesn't offer terribly much. Probably hit hard by the Code, the film seldom offers enough substance to maintain a steady level of entertainment. "Better to be looked over than overlooked," but feel free to pass."
70 T9 Scarface (1932) - May 26, 2017
"Scarface is a great piece of early American cinema, showing what a well-rounded, well-paced, well produced, cast and acted film looks like. The script is strong possessing witty and inspired dialogue, although the altered ending feels ever so slightly that it belongs to a different film. Memorable shots, Paul Muni who is extraordinary and very entertaining, the supporting cast - the two female leads, George Raft and the goofy sidekick, Boris Karloff (!) - all great. Highly recommended."
60 T7 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013) - May 25, 2017
"Possibly the goriest DCU animated film with explicit depictions of characters being murdered on screen - including children! Some of the themes and motifs that the film deals with - such as Superman's sub-plot and superhero deaths - are deftly handled in the short run-time of the film, although some parts feel rushed. The content is mature, Aquaman and WW are mean and menacing and the overarching plot of the film is as enjoyable as it can be. Great fun and among DCU's best animated films. "
60 T7 King Kong (1933) - May 21, 2017
"Pre-Code Hollywood is amazing as it allowed Fay Wray to be both gorgeous and sexy in her scantily-dressed damsel in distress depiction in King Kong. Also the film. Is. Gory. Men falling down to their death, T-Rex chewing a person, Kong ripping the jaws of T-Rex. Brilliant. The build-up of tension and mystery is sublime, even more so than The Lost World's. As with the latter, the second half of the film has lost much in time, although the visual effects are a notable step up. Entertaining."
45 T4 The Jazz Singer (1927) - May 20, 2017
"May McAvoy is pretty in this historically important but overly prolonged film. The songs were not particularly entertaining, but they they held some value in Al Johnson's peculiar body language and maneuvering. Except for the two "Mammy" songs where the first one was kind of acceptable, but the latter was strikingly awkward. Gotta love early Hollywood racism too - "He sounds like Jakie, but he looks like his shadow!" Blackface is the clear highlight of the film. Feels o out of place."
35 T2 American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story (2017) - May 19, 2017
"A narcissistic and uncomfortably romantisised account of a story that would have been more suited in a film form, rather than an overly-long TV series. The show had an unpleasant mixture of expository, interactive and performative documentary - the last being there only for the purpose of showing HD boobs (which is good in a way), the mediocre quality was ruined by the last episode which was laughably self-indulgent. Kudos to Mario Grigorov and the great intro song. And Polanski what the fuck??"