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80 94% Soredemo boku wa yattenai (2006) - Jun 01, 2008
"A look into Japan's court system, and a shocking one at that. Innocent until proven guilty is not necessarily the case as depicted in this movie, and the journey in which this movie takes the viewer is quite extraordinary."
75 88% Gachi Boi (2008) - Jan 21, 2009
"If you were at all a wrestling fan in your younger years, you've got to check this out, especially the last 30 minutes. Ryuta Sato and his goofy self is perfect for the role of an aspiring wrestler who, well, I don't want to spoil anything.."
75 88% Yama no anata - Tokuichi no koi (2008) - Aug 23, 2009
"The perfect mix of comedy with drama. My initial reason for watching this was because of Ryo Kase and Katsuhito Ishii's previous work, but Tsuyoshi Kusanagi becomes the main attraction."
75 88% The Masseurs and a Woman (1938) - Sep 06, 2009
"Having seen the remake first and just a few days after this, it's hard to consider them as separate films. What I enjoyed more from this one is the pace, it was more of short glimpses into the lives of the people at the springs. The uncle and his nephew, however, just didn't seem to fit as well as the remake, and the comedic scenes weren't as funny (Fuku hitting his head on the light, the aftermath of the fight, etc)."
75 88% Buta ga ita ky├┤shitsu (2008) - Nov 08, 2009
"You can really sense the true feelings of the kids in this semi-documentary film whenever the pig's fate was discussed. Though similar in both content and the connectivity to the children's feelings as Please Vote for Me, this comes off, believe it or not, as more sincere."
50 21% Flight of the Red Balloon (2007) - Mar 11, 2009
"You know, with the right cuts and a change of music, this could be quite the scary thriller/suspense film.

"Red Balloon has only one thought on its mind, revenge on the boy that let him go. No matter where he runs, Red Balloon is just a whisper away. Taking a nap, Red Balloon is peering through the window, think the train is a safe bet, Red Balloon is waiting at the next stop. Red Balloon is out for blood, and nothing will stop Red Balloon.""
65 63% Trumbo (2007) - Sep 08, 2009
"Watched this on TV and it was the first I've heard of Dalton Trumbo. Interesting life he had, and made more captivating with the narration of his letters to various people by celebrities. What he could do with written words is awesome."