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80 T10 Rope (1948) - 11 Nov 2023
60 T5 The Mystic (1925) - 05 Nov 2023
"Not top shelf Browning, but the 'supernatural' scenes are very well done, heightened immensely by a new score by longtime Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley, which blends atmospheric and faux 'realistic' sounds in creative and evocative ways."
30 T1 The Exorcist: Believer (2023) - 28 Oct 2023
"A loser franchise that hasn't been successful for 50 years, yet the boomer geniuses in Hollywood keep reviving it. Green is a terrible horror director, and this film, like his Halloween films, is just a feeble attempt to wipe the slate clean when it's actually inferior to all of the sequels. He also seems hell-bent on destroying the respective legacies of his female veterans. Burstyn is painful to watch, just as Curtis was in Kills and Ends, and it's frequently laughable."
45 T2 The Nun II (2023) - 23 Oct 2023
"The Nun has no fun, and neither will you."
45 T2 The Pope's Exorcist (2023) - 06 Oct 2023
"Crowe is good. The film is not."
48 T2 Master Gardener (2022) - 03 Oct 2023
"Autopilot Schrader that revisits familiar themes in a slightly different context with middling results. The scenes with Weaver are the best and most intense, but like Blue Collar, the genre elements introduced in the final act to resolve problems/conflicts don't work. The romance is also unconvincing and the performances are so-so. This viewer envisions a better film with a Bickle like gardener with murderous impulses that views weeding as killing and acts accordingly."
73 T8 Rebel Without a Cause (1955) - 03 Oct 2023
"Rebel, rebel in the hall, who is the baddest of them all?"
48 T2 My Science Project (1985) - 30 Sep 2023
"For 80's 'high concept' junk, the idea isn't half bad, but Betuel takes far too long to unleash interdimensional mayhem, spending an inordinate amount of time kind-of-sort-of developing 'characters' that we don't have much investment in because they are quite poorly written. The first act is a directionless drag, and by the time it kicks into gear, momentum is inevitably lost. Positives include the practical effects and the main cast, who do the best they can under Betuel's lazy eye."
63 T6 The Public Enemy (1931) - 28 Sep 2023
"Cagney is good, but it doesn't have the layers of Scarface or the cinematic value of Hawks' landmark effort."
58 T5 From Hell (2001) - 23 Sep 2023
"Plays better now than it did in 2001 when removed from the weight of expectation. The Hughes Brothers skillfully shift between heightened realism and abstraction to convey various states and moods, and tension is sustained until a few silly plot moves threaten to spoil the effect. Depp and Holm do fine work, and while the violence could have hit harder and the romance is contrived, the squalid setting of 19th century London firmly distinguishes it from dimestore slashers of the period."