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83 Moneyball (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"Really good plot, goes to show how a movie with no action can still be very entertaining. Brad Pitt did an excellent job, but I was most impressed with the great job Jonah Hill did in a serious role."
87 Attack the Block (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"The starting was kind of slow, but after the first 20 minutes it really picked up nicely. Moses was a well-developed character, and even though they were a bunch of punks, you really want to root for their survival. The Alien design was fantastic."
85 The Grey (2012) - Jan 29, 2012
"Great film. Has an artsy feel to it but is still packed with thrilling action and drama. The plane crash scene was terrific, and the ending (with the after-credits extra) was very satisfying. Liam Neeson drove the film."
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