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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Bio: Name: Søren Langelund.
A Danish movie critic, -geek, -buff, -lover etc...
My feature reviews in various Danish media: http://www.scope.dk/anmelder/232-

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35 T2 Machete (2010) - Nov 07, 2010
"Oh well, so much for expecting 'Movie of the Year'... The Machete-trailer was Grindhouse's most memorable part by far, but as a feature piece it loses its coolness at the same speed as the Matrix sequels. Hot chicks though - and that Don Johnson kid got talent. "
50 T4 Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - Jun 29, 2011
"Bigger, louder and - yes - way better than "Revenge of the Fallen" - Megatron indeed rhymes with testosteron!... On the downside even Turturro, Malkovich and McDormand can't diminish that the Megan Fox replacement is as annoying as her lips are overly huge, the sidekicks still aren't funny and the script is overlong and unfocused. But hey - who cares, Bay knows how to entertain and tomorrow I've happily forgotten all about this 2,5 hour robotic porn-buster anyway."
95 T10 Oldboy (2003) - Oct 04, 2008
"A brutal, yet poetic epic that contains both the most ingenious action visuals since The Matrix and the most breathtaking thriller-plot since Se7en. Cuts your heart and soul wide open while makes your pulse skip several beats - truly one of the decade's gigants."
100 T10 Bird on a Wire (1974) - Jan 19, 2011
"One of those rare 'how did I ever manage to get by without having experienced this before?'-life changing eye openers. Cinema verite at its finest and a brief yet truthful and magic glimpse at what defines the poetic and musical genius that is Leonard Cohen."
T1 Catwoman (2004) - Jun 05, 2010
"Made me realize that 'Miaw' rhymes with 'kill me now' "
100 T10 Babe (1995) - Oct 04, 2008
"If Hans Christian Andersen came back from the dead and decided to make a movie, if would probably look a lot like this. Pure-hearted joy and old-school fairytale charm has rarely - if ever - been captured more touching on celluloid than here. That'll do for a perfect score, pig. That'll do."
95 T10 The White Ribbon (2009) - Dec 17, 2009
"The most memorable cinema experience for me in 2009. A film packed with so many gems both considering characters, scenes and imagery, that I'm hardly able to fully cope with it. In lack of better words or abilities to describe it, this is a truly haunting movie experience dealing with everything from the origin of terror to the first sparkle of love. "
40 T3 Les Misérables (2012) - Jan 12, 2013
"Deep respect for Hooper's guts and willingness to take risks but, sadly, his version of what in my opinion is the greatest of the great stage musicals feels like a strangely rushed and emotionally forced tv-series. The characters are blown up in your face spilling their hearts out before you even get to know them, and though the method of live singing brings an authentic feeling it also drains the melody from too many of the songs. Oh, and Hathaway? Crybaby of the year."
100 T10 Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - Dec 15, 2010
"It's probably just me, but this is - in my eyes - Kubrick's most intriguing work. Far from 'perfection', but indeed a perfect example that sometimes the flawed gems leave the most distinctive impressions in the long run. I for one keep coming back to the labyrinthine mysteries, the haunting imagery and the raw yet insightful psychological take on dark sexuality. A more than worthy swan song for one of the brightest geniuses ever to shine over the world of cinema."
95 T10 Moulin Rouge! (2001) - Oct 04, 2008
"The movie equivalent of an orgasm; a pure and ecstatic energy outburst over way to soon. Luhrmann's over-the-top exercise in romantic escapism is nothing short of the musical spectacle of the new century."