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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Bio: Name: Søren Langelund.
A Danish movie critic, -geek, -buff, -lover etc...
My feature reviews in various Danish media: http://www.scope.dk/anmelder/232-

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95 T10 Moulin Rouge! (2001) - Oct 04, 2008
"The movie equivalent of an orgasm; a pure and ecstatic energy outburst over way to soon. Luhrmann's over-the-top exercise in romantic escapism is nothing short of the musical spectacle of the new century."
95 T10 Atonement (2007) - Oct 04, 2008
"Epic yet intimate, 'Atonement' is a both timeless and haunting dissection of the hardship of passion, the many faces of truth and the quest for redemption. Though technically flawless - in particular the stunning cinematography, score and costumes could all be viewed as separate pieces of first class art - the shiniest gem is the truly spectacular Saoirse Ronan providing the breakthrough of the decade."
50 T4 Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - Jun 29, 2011
"Bigger, louder and - yes - way better than "Revenge of the Fallen" - Megatron indeed rhymes with testosteron!... On the downside even Turturro, Malkovich and McDormand can't diminish that the Megan Fox replacement is as annoying as her lips are overly huge, the sidekicks still aren't funny and the script is overlong and unfocused. But hey - who cares, Bay knows how to entertain and tomorrow I've happily forgotten all about this 2,5 hour robotic porn-buster anyway."
35 T3 A Beautiful Mind (2001) - Oct 04, 2008
"How did this EVER win the Best Picture Oscar?! I mean, come on! It was up against the spectacular Moulin Rouge, the best part of the LOTR trilogy, the unforgettable drama of In The Bedroom and yet another great Altman ensemble piece, Gosford Park. Four splendid films - two of them masterful. But no, let's award the plain, sobby biopic by the dude from Happy Days and penned by the writer of Batman & Robin. This will forever be beyond me, AMPAS. "
85 T9 How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Dec 04, 2010
"I. Loved. It. Old-fashioned, sweeping movie magic served with dashing 3D and a truly great score that would make Alan Menken proud. DreamWorks Animation's most successful flick (aside from the Shrek franchise) is also their finest to date and if I had to choose which to watch a second time, I'd pick this witty yet tender adventure ride over Toy Story 3 or Avatar any day. "Everything we know about you guys is wrong" might be a naive metaphor for our fear of strangers, but striking nonetheless."
55 T5 Melancholia (2011) - May 18, 2011
"Neither the absolutely breathtaking opening montage or a tender and humorous moment here and there in the first half can - sadly - save 'Melancholia' from leaving a somewhat indifferent and disappointing overall impression. Make no mistake, I'm a huge admirer of von Trier, but for the first time he doesn't really scratch through the surface or challenge the viewer. Instead you're left with surprisingly few impressions, thoughts and wonderments to linger on - in one word: 'Meh'."
40 T3 Les Misérables (2012) - Jan 12, 2013
"Deep respect for Hooper's guts and willingness to take risks but, sadly, his version of what in my opinion is the greatest of the great stage musicals feels like a strangely rushed and emotionally forced tv-series. The characters are blown up in your face spilling their hearts out before you even get to know them, and though the method of live singing brings an authentic feeling it also drains the melody from too many of the songs. Oh, and Hathaway? Crybaby of the year."
100 T10 Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - Dec 15, 2010
"It's probably just me, but this is - in my eyes - Kubrick's most intriguing work. Far from 'perfection', but indeed a perfect example that sometimes the flawed gems leave the most distinctive impressions in the long run. I for one keep coming back to the labyrinthine mysteries, the haunting imagery and the raw yet insightful psychological take on dark sexuality. A more than worthy swan song for one of the brightest geniuses ever to shine over the world of cinema."
100 T10 Dancer in the Dark (2000) - Oct 04, 2008
"Never before or since has I been so deeply affected emotionally by a motion picture. I literally cried like a baby - on and off - for months, and my 15-year-old self was taught a lesson about how powerful movies can be. Dancer in the Dark made the seed for my neverending love for and interest in film as an artform blossom like no other. Hell, it changed my life. "
15 T1 Hitch (2005) - Dec 12, 2010
"What a formulaic load of crap even for Hollywood standards: The sleek love guru is of course deep down a good guy and is really just looking for true love bla bla bla. And as if that isn't enough it all ends with a big, happy dance number (!). I'd be much more interested in the alternative version featuring a brutally selfish pickup artist deliberately seducing hundreds of random women while enjoying his independence and freedom. Perhaps ending with a nice, over-the-top orgie. Just a suggestion."