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T7 Horace and Pete (2016) - Feb 04, 2016
"the amount of talent involved in this thing is insane and it shows"
T5 Nick Offerman: American Ham (2014) - Jan 31, 2016
T5 Good Cop, Baby Cop (2007) - Jan 31, 2016
T9 Lucha Underground (2014) - Jan 31, 2016
"best show on TV. also, latinas paradise"
T7 Bridge of Spies (2015) - Jan 24, 2016
"Tom Hanks just might be doing good movies again. Jesse Plemons is the man. I've never been happier to see the same guy in every fucking thing I watch. Russian women in american movies are always ugly short old or fat with a foulard on their heads, when in reality it usually takes about 15-20 American models to make one average looking Russian woman "
T5 Trumbo (2015) - Jan 23, 2016
"the only good communists in american movies are those blacklisted in hollywood in the '50s. there are no others"
T9 Antonio Gramsci: i giorni del carcere (1977) - Jan 22, 2016
"not what you'd expect. a biopic where the main character isn't santacalusified. also a movie about a political figure where his politics are actually discussed. "
T7 Legend (2015) - Jan 21, 2016
"Tom Hardy only does cool shit man"
T7 The Big Short (2015) - Jan 19, 2016
"it's like a foreign movie with no subtitles. you get what's happening but you can't understand a word"
10 T10 The Revenant (2015) - Jan 17, 2016
"spectacular. wonderful. insane. leave everything and watch this"