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T3 The Wedding Plan (2016) - Jun 28, 2017
"A predictable cliched plot and the central character wasn't very appealing - the interest lay in the cultural setting."
T1 Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009) - Jun 25, 2017
"Very poor acting, predictable and pointless."
T8 En man som heter Ove (2015) - Jun 25, 2017
"Poignant and moving, a bittersweet story told with warmth and humour. Builds up to a predictable conclusion but still very enjoyable."
T6 Wonder Woman (2017) - Jun 21, 2017
"Entertaining superhero, with all the expected tropes and effects but the female element gives lends interest and originality."
T1 Churchill (2017) - Jun 20, 2017
"Strong performances and it shows a vulnerable and flawed side to Churchill that is not usually promoted - but for me it didn't add anything of interest and was actually quite repetitive and dull."
T8 My Cousin Rachel (2017) - Jun 12, 2017
"Gripping, cinematic period drama/mystery, with strong performances."
T3 War Machine (2017) - Jun 07, 2017
"Has a valid point to make but it is inconsistent in tone, ranging from Brad Pitts over the top General played for comic effect to the tragedy of the young marine questioning who the enemy is. The mix didn't quite work for me."
T3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) - Jun 07, 2017
"More of the same (over the top characters, CGI action scenes,predictable plot development) but not the worse of the franchise and entertaining in places. "
T3 Flightplan (2005) - May 24, 2017
"Entertaining nonsense."
T6 Green Room (2016) - May 24, 2017
"A slow build up to an intense and chaotic resolution. "