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T10 La La Land (2016) - Jan 18, 2017
"Charming, romantic and nostalgic yet somehow contemporary.Enjoyed both lead performances but no other characters stood out or connected, so it lacked that certain something which appeals in classic musicals."
T10 Taxi Driver (1976) - Jan 17, 2017
"Atmospheric and oozing sleaze, but so well crafted this film is 1970's cinema."
T1 His Private Secretary (1933) - Jan 16, 2017
"Quite clunky, with a predictable storyline, old fashioned and inoffensive. Mainly of interest for the non cowboy john Wayne."
T8 Tangerines (2013) - Jan 13, 2017
"A slow moving, simple but timeless tale of the futility of war. Beautifully shot and compelling."
T10 Head-On (2004) - Jan 05, 2017
"A powerful piece of film making, a moving story and an interesting cultural context."
T8 A Monster Calls (2016) - Jan 05, 2017
"Quite hard hitting for a family film, but highly imaginative with traditional storytelling interlaced with modern family relationships. Highly emotional."
T6 American Hustle (2013) - Jan 01, 2017
"Stylish but empty - however Adams and Lawrence were captivating."
T8 Shoot the Piano Player (1960) - Jan 01, 2017
"Interesting from lots of different perspectives and very stylish."
T3 Passengers (2016) - Dec 28, 2016
"Fairly entertaining, it is really a love story set in space and nothing much more. "
T6 The Salvation (2014) - Dec 19, 2016
"Fairly predictable revenge western with a large body count but still enjoyable - and interesting the way female roles are developed in modern westerns.although Eva Green definitely under used."