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73 T7 Toni Erdmann (2016) - Sep 03, 2017
"love the incremental escalation of absurdity into this novelistic accumulation of small disturbances, and the trust ade puts in my willingness to accept its intrusion. dislike the blunt social commentary and broad corporate caricature, ill-suited to a film that otherwise seems to hold a clichĂ©-resistant ComplexLikeLife inconclusiveness as its raison d'ĂȘtre. there are two films here; anhonestmess' "a below average episode of Peep Show" quip is harsh on one but might be fair to the other."
82 T9 Love and Peace (2015) - Aug 28, 2017
"tokyo 2020 is a hollow dream, a shortcut to glory veiling the nation's economic hardship and destined, like most olympics, to leave a legacy of suffering behind it. christmas deals in hollow dreams too; a corporate holiday that shits out novelties and platitudes, its mascot a sewer-dwelling alcoholic, its heartwarming, americanized hit songs sweeping under the rug memories of hiroshima. how better to express this than a majestically silly xmas musical built atop sadness, rage, mental illness?"
80 T8 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) - Aug 20, 2017
"when JK rowling stayed true to her story, this was the wisest, darkest, most emotionally fraught 'franchise' in blockbuster history. unfortunately, the series ends with by far the most offensive of her crowdpleasing bottle jobs, draining most of the beautiful and horrifying moments scattered around this film (and previous films) of their meaning by outright betraying what they stand for. i still can't bring myself to rate it any lower than this, but it could've been so much higher."
93 T10 Cemetery of Splendor (2015) - Aug 18, 2017
"no filmmaker is less beholden to the structures we impose on and assume of existence, broadening and liberating perceptions through effortless audiovisual suggestion. here, he cribs his own body of work as an extension of the cultural worldview; the line between 'past' and 'present' is dissolved along with the boundaries between his films; dinosaurs and skeletons watch from the margins; death is in the air. a gentle, compassionate sadness permeates, but equally the experience is therapeutic."
32 T2 Staying Vertical (2016) - Aug 14, 2017
"STRANGER BY THE LAKE is a film i try not to think about too much, lest its beguiling spell be broken. going by this more painstakingly allegorical 'comedy', that was the correct decision."
58 T5 Frankenhooker (1990) - Aug 08, 2017
83 T9 Sink or Swim (1990) - Aug 05, 2017
80 T8 Darkman (1990) - Aug 05, 2017
"1990 sure was great for unhinged comic book movies nobody liked, huh?"
86 T9 Dick Tracy (1990) - Jul 31, 2017
"forget plot, forget acting, forget depth, just eyefuck me with brazen technicolor artifice and vintage compositions, give me action montages set to sondheim numbers sang by madonna, drop me a grotesque, unhinged, self-loathing villain scurrying around rambling about plato and nietzsche, show me beatty escaping a room by putting together a makeshift see-saw and having his coworker jump onto one end. piss on the rules of Good Cinema and give me a genuine, goddamned shameless comic book movie."
83 T9 I Hired a Contract Killer (1990) - Jul 26, 2017