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78 T8 I Hired a Contract Killer (1990) - Jul 26, 2017
72 T7 Paris Is Burning (1990) - Jul 24, 2017
90 T10 Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) - Jul 24, 2017
84 T9 Gremlins (1984) - Jul 24, 2017
67 T6 Blue Steel (1990) - Jul 24, 2017
"once you stop asking this to be a good/convincing action movie and accept it as the surprisingly complex and gorgeous visual essay it is (https://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/jc50.2008/BlueSteel/text.html), it's easier to get behind. "
80 T8 Troll 2 (1990) - Jul 18, 2017
""what're you going to do to me daddy?..." "tightening my belt by one loop so i don't feel hunger pains!" JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. and yeah of course the dude who says "there must be a logical reason for all this" has to die first."
82 T9 Edward Scissorhands (1990) - Jul 16, 2017
"probably more tragic given that the real life edward opened his shitty salon and allowed normies to exploit his talents for the creation of tacky mass-market novelty fare for the rest of his days. not that timmy was ever as much of an outsider as he liked to think, but this was among the last examples of his visual stylings ingeniously serving a (seemingly...) sincere, clear-eyed vision, and in spots he does achieve an innocent kind of poetry. comedy should probably be a genre tag, no?"
57 T4 The Witches (1990) - Jul 12, 2017
"man oh man did they pussy out on the ending. no wonder dahl hated this shit. it's a shame because so much of his vision is brought to life, from the quiet tenderness of the grandmaternal relationship to the grotesque chaos of the set pieces."
81 T8 Miami Blues (1990) - Jul 09, 2017
"a film that can be summed up by a passage in which jennifer jason leigh obliviously delivers a line of such tragedy it's hard not to tear up, then throws a frisbee to the guy whose teeth her fiancé stole and he grins and offers a frisbee salute."
61 T5 Bullet in the Head (1990) - Jul 09, 2017
"the last thing that needs to be edited down is a remake of THE DEER HUNTER; without the extra hour of non-essential character development that film would be considerably more trite. safe to say the studio fucked this one up then, but there remains a certain charm to the no-holds-barred insanity and sentimentality on display. would that every epic soap opera ended with a melancholy flashback-interspersed car chase and a shootout revolving around the symbolism of the lead's best buddy's skull."