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Cinema Addict - 2091 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 26, 2007

Location: Stoke on Trent, UK

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45 28% Game Night (2018) - Aug 18, 2019
"a movie that hates its characters to the point of exhaustion (the alternative is they actually think there's value in these formulaic character arcs and references to pulp fiction and fight club, so let's be generous here), and on that we're in agreement. i will at least get behind the final non-twist fincher burn, and Gary in general. devote a sequel to his character study and i'll tune in; thunder road proved there'll never be too many entries in the unhinged sadsack cop dramedy subgenre."
85 84% Dangerous Game (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
"if a magnum opus is a film that defines its creator and his legacy with complete honesty and comprehensiveness, then this film owns that label as hard as any ever has. i'd love to know how long nancy stayed with him after he cast her in this shit."
85 84% Sonatine (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
"the hijinks which constitute the bulk of the film aren't removed from the detached real-world violence that weighs upon murakawa's spirit so much as childish caricatures of the same. this made me think of THE ACT OF KILLING; memories of past violence therapeutically reconstructed as something fun, colorful... cinematic. murakawa's temporary eden is not functionally dissimilar to a movie theater, and one wonders whether kitano himself would still be alive were it not for the outlet of cinema."
40 23% Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
65 52% Ruby in Paradise (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
"aside from the peak-90s dreamy voiceover this is surprisingly 2010s: a young, poor american girl finds herself via the usual stepping stones of Rapey Sociopath Boyfriend, Sanctimonious Hippie Boyfriend, Nearly Becoming A Stripper, Man-Free Self Actualisation. really nails the beachside milieu though, and some moments of dialogue are disarmingly natural and generous, e.g. the telegraphed you-go-girl putdown toward the end getting undercut by both sides backtracking into sincere apologies."
70 62% Carlito's Way (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
"the writing's obviously goofy as hell but it's not like de palma gives a shit. better to focus on the colourful drugs 'n disco mid-'70s vibe, the set pieces (those final forty minutes are so breathless and liquid and elegantly choreographed that even the scenes which aren't one long take feel like one), a romantic rooftop scene straight out of a golden age musical, a shining-referencing rape-fantasy sex scene, sean penn killing it as a coked up smarmball."
70 62% Three Colors: Blue (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
45 28% Clean, Shaven (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
90 90% The Bed You Sleep In (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
"more of a legit carver approximation than its contemporary SHORT CUTS, while also invoking everything from TWIN PEAKS to 'a small turn of human kindness'. a stripped down log of blue-collar americana on grace and truth, or the absence thereof, which gets into the bones and weighs on the spirit. trees piled high for profit, a rose bush shot through a wire fence, a fisherman’s paradise that probably hides a body or two if you look closely enough. jost is so soothing until he’s terrifying."
90 90% Matinee (1993) - Aug 03, 2019
"it’s like a poem i once wrote: 'the road, the sacred pavement, we are the traffic, we are... what we traffic in. and the truck stops here, it’s no skin off my asphalt. it’s just a line, just a yellow line. my socks are red and i’m ready to ride.'"