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Cinema Addict - 1895 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 26, 2007

Location: Stoke on Trent, UK

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25 11% Pokémon 3 (2001) - Sep 17, 2018
"i love this traumatised child wish-fulfillment fantasy shit more than most people, but this is probably the most disneyfied and nonsensical version of that premise i've seen in an animé."
63 50% Pokemon: Power of One (1999) - Sep 17, 2018
"bursting with ideas, wild and even surreal, legendary birds are black metal as all fuck, but then lugia just had to open his stupid fucking mouth."
100 97% Norm Macdonald Live (2013) - Sep 17, 2018
"look, i know recent developments have shown this guy's a real jerk, but at least he's not a holocaust denier like his unscrupulous sidekick adam eget. you'd have to have down's syndrome to like that dastardly fellow."
100 97% Touch of Evil (1958) - Sep 09, 2018
100 97% Nocturama (2016) - Sep 04, 2018
"the culmination of a recent spate of movies (inc. THE BLING RING, SPRING BREAKERS, even COSMOPOLIS) which present late capitalism--its worldview, its fashions and media--as a hall of mirrors, so all-encompassing that critical distance is unavailable. good luck even defining it, let alone opposing it. NOCTURAMA is fundamentally incoherent, even surreal, but the frustration turns to horror when we realise that's what bonello intends, because it's exactly who we are. bet adam curtis would love it."
50 34% Tower (2016) - Sep 04, 2018
"exclusively offering long-burdened survivors the floor shows sensitivity, and the reenactment is dragged into our present-tense by these formal gimmicks, but the underlying approach is straightforward, akin to sitting in on a therapy session where the accuracy and virtues of the process are taken as a given. compare this to THE MISSING PICTURE or THE ACT OF KILLING, films which move beyond mere reconstruction into an interrogation of film's relationship to truth, memory and violence. "
25 11% They Look Like People (2015) - Sep 03, 2018
"perhaps horror is a useful tool for illuminating mumblecore, rooted as they are in similar pangs of social anxiety, alienation and emasculation, but the integration of subtext here is eyeroll-worthy and the lesson is a different one: if you're unable to write characters who resemble human beings enough for it to matter if they actually aren't, this movement's faux-naturalism will only emphasise that void."
75 70% HyperNormalisation (2016) - Sep 02, 2018
100 97% It Felt Like a Kiss (2009) - Sep 02, 2018
"curiously absent, another song which epitomises the film with its twisted irony, desperate self-delusion and eerie faux-naivete: "i can make you mine, taste your lips of wine, anytime night or day... only trouble is, gee whiz, i’m dreamin’ my life away...""
25 11% Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (1999) - Sep 02, 2018
"actually a fairly cool mash-up of alien, ghost in the shell, star wars, dbz etc until that greenpeace cunt mew turns up and ruins everything. "this proves fighting is wrong, it's useless, what can come out of it?!" misty cries, forgetting her complicity in a world that forces cute creature slaves to beat the shit out of each other for their masters' entertainment and oneupmanship. the english dub gets an even lower rating for drowning the climax in an extra dollop of disingenuous anti-war syrup."