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57 T4 It (2017) - Oct 23, 2017
69 T6 It (1990) - Oct 23, 2017
79 T8 The Silence of the Lambs (1991) - Oct 21, 2017
"rarely have i seen an actor/actress seem so tirelessly aware of the camera's probing as foster here. even when the feminism is at its most contrived or hamkins is cannibalising the scenery, demme's close-ups trust her to sell a range of feelings and power dynamics, and she nails it. various men are analogised with hannibal, yes, but crucially the audience are too; she's the caterpillar squirming under our gaze (like bill, 'not born but made') until finally she sheds, transforms and breaks free."
57 T4 The Lure (2015) - Oct 11, 2017
66 T6 Person to Person (2017) - Sep 24, 2017
"one of those low key, defiantly shaggy little NY indie dramedies we get every year as a superior alternative to sundance's workshopped trash. defa is an exciting talent, treating his characters with great sensitivity, allowing his fabulous cast to glow with inner life despite the rather generic (or in the case of cera's subplot outright misguided) material they're working with. if he can manage such specificity and feeling here, i'm intrigued to see what a more ambitious defa film looks like."
78 T8 The Virgin Psychics (2015) - Sep 20, 2017
""we know they're sexy cosplayers. we don't know their numbers or if they're armed." as ever, sono wears traditionally offputting qualities like a badge of honour and insists upon their vitality in diagnosing, criticising and celebrating this retarded world we live in. "
20 T1 Bean (1997) - Sep 20, 2017
73 T7 Toni Erdmann (2016) - Sep 03, 2017
"love the incremental escalation of absurdity into this novelistic accumulation of small disturbances, and the trust ade puts in my willingness to accept its intrusion. dislike the blunt social commentary and broad corporate caricature, ill-suited to a film that otherwise seems to hold a clichĂ©-resistant ComplexLikeLife inconclusiveness as its raison d'ĂȘtre. there are two films here; anhonestmess' "a below average episode of Peep Show" quip is harsh on one but might be fair to the other."
83 T9 Love and Peace (2015) - Aug 28, 2017
"tokyo 2020 is a hollow dream, a shortcut to glory veiling the nation's economic hardship and destined, like most olympics, to leave a legacy of suffering behind it. christmas deals in hollow dreams too; a corporate holiday that shits out novelties and platitudes, its mascot a sewer-dwelling alcoholic, its heartwarming, americanized hit songs sweeping under the rug memories of hiroshima. how better to express this than a majestically silly xmas musical built atop sadness, rage, mental illness?"
80 T8 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) - Aug 20, 2017
"when JK rowling stayed true to her story, this was the wisest, darkest, most emotionally fraught 'franchise' in blockbuster history. unfortunately, the series ends with by far the most offensive of her crowdpleasing bottle jobs, draining most of the beautiful and horrifying moments scattered around this film (and previous films) of their meaning by outright betraying what they stand for. i still can't bring myself to rate it any lower than this, but it could've been so much higher."