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Member Since: Feb 26, 2007

Location: Stoke on Trent, UK

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99% The King of Comedy (1982) - May 07, 2022
"even better than i remembered if only because i'd completely forgotten the sandra bernhard stuff."
77% The Aviator's Wife (1981) - May 07, 2022
95% Yuki Yukite shingun (1987) - May 07, 2022
"would the look of silence be more compelling and thorny if the 'protagonist' misled, harassed, threatened and bullied every single person he interviewed? you bet it would."
60% Kare no ootobai, kanojo no shima (1986) - May 07, 2022
"asian cinema has the terrible habit of riding its motifs into the dirt, which is unfortunate as this is absolutely rapturous for stretches, an open, sweeping film that moves like the wind."
88% They All Laughed (1981) - May 07, 2022
"inextricably stratten's film for the most horrible reasons, but it's a heartbreaking late turn from hepburn and patti ugh-be-still-my-heart hansen who steal it for me (i guess it's no surprise that it took someone special to keep keith richards of all people honest for four decades). plus my man gazzara, an actor who always seemed too young to confront how old his soul was, until finally he finds himself in the waned smile of this quiet, melancholy relic from the golden age."
77% The Last Witness (1980) - May 07, 2022
"proto-memories of murder, lacking the tonal frictions which make that film particularly interesting but engaged more directly and confrontationally with korean history. a perfect counterpart to the emperor's naked army marches on, which i watched in the same week."
77% Yokohama BJ Blues (1981) - May 07, 2022
"a tired, scarred neo-noir shot in twilight blue, full of characters who seem to be waiting to die. a low key slow burn for a lonely night."
60% Mystery Train (1989) - May 07, 2022
99% Glykia symmoria (1983) - May 07, 2022
"angry and disillusioned, droll and playful, lewd and fetishistic, gorgeous and grotty, a film of almost unfathomable range with a bottomless well of love and pain, somehow attaining a new cinematic ideal i didn't know i needed by drawing a line from peckinpah and rivette to the berliner schule and nocturama (amidst 1000 other reference points)? the NN rabbit hole has something for everyone and everything sparkles from the posters to the website, but this may be his crowning jewel."
95% Blonde Death (1984) - May 07, 2022
"best known for his transgressive writing and once dubbed "the world's angriest gay man", baker would later kill himself via a similar method to one of the deaths here, but thankfully he left us with this feverishly literary bit of sunny SoV scuzz which can hold its own against the best of waters and the funniest bonnie and clyde satire you wanna name (be it malick, jost or reichardt). in a better world this would be the subversive '80s teen movie of choice, not heathers."