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83 T9 The Night of the Iguana (1964) - Apr 14, 2017
90 T10 The Misfits (1961) - Apr 14, 2017
58 T5 Moby Dick (1956) - Apr 10, 2017
61 T5 Beat the Devil (1953) - Apr 09, 2017
"the weirdest thing about this may be that the weakest of all the seven central performances comes from bogart. he's the only one who seems to understand what a ludicrous mess he's involved with - everyone else carries it heroically."
66 T6 Key Largo (1948) - Apr 05, 2017
59 T5 Let There Be Light (1946) - Apr 05, 2017
62 T5 The Maltese Falcon (1941) - Apr 02, 2017
"i recently read 'red harvest', in which the convoluted plot flowed dreamlike along the subtle emotional undercurrents of its narrator's hard-boiled prose. this film needed more of that to earn its climactic speech, but the bulk is a deliciously silly lark (not helped by the score), somewhat inert and drily expository but carried by a killer cast and witty script. bogart's vaguely disturbing spade sowed the seeds for a screen persona that would reach a horrifying zenith with IN A LONELY PLACE."
81 T8 The Gunfighter (1950) - Apr 02, 2017
"one of the earliest westerns to be so overtly revisionist; when once myth elevated and immortalised the outlaws of the old west, now it's suffused with the stench of death, a burden passed via bullet from generation to generation. ringo gets a final heartbreaking taste of the life he could once have chosen, but he enters the film already a corpse, each scene heavy with inevitability, pendulum tick-tocking on the wall. a tragic end, later documented on film of course, is what his legend demands."
84 T9 The Asphalt Jungle (1950) - Apr 02, 2017
89 T10 Nathan for You (2013) - Mar 31, 2017