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69 T7 High Rise (2016) - Feb 01, 2017
90 T10 Sex House (2012) - Jan 30, 2017
"to call this show evil implies a clarity of purpose that i do not want to attribute to anyone involved."
70 T7 Down Terrace (2009) - Jan 14, 2017
""have you got a web presence?""
16 T1 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) - Jan 09, 2017
"too often an affectionate, pandering reflection of our (awful, hellish, painfully unfunny) zeitgeist rather than a satire, and that includes the first however many minutes everybody gushed over. i'd like to see what eric andré would do with this premise."
17 T1 London Has Fallen (2016) - Jan 09, 2017
"its funniest exchange is also its truest: 'was that really necessary?' 'no.' its second funniest line, is less true: 'well that was inspiring.' the fuckheadistan line isn't funny, guys."
74 T7 Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) - Jan 08, 2017
"a mother hits her head and will slowly, frighteningly succumb to dementia. dad's already gone. later, kubo is chased by demons into a crowd of adults, friends; it disturbs when they can do nothing to help him. it's a kids' movie about how nobody is immortal, not even mummy & daddy. your only options are despair, or to build that last great fortress against death: art. with its elegant, elemental metaphors, this frequently hushed, intimate, wondrous fairytale may cast laika as the western ghibli."
57 T5 X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) - Jan 08, 2017
"it's a singer x-men movie so it's more smart and resonant than your usual marvel/DC garbage. it's also 90% the same movie again, only even more crammed and therefore more rushed, with the returns inevitably diminished. a new angle is needed. most interesting here is his using the cold war as catalyst for a discussion of militarisation that concludes, joltingly, with the new testament god of this allegory making a small compromise that's seismic in its implication of lost faith."
39 T3 The Invitation (2015) - Jan 07, 2017
"(SPOILER ALERT) a lesser version of THE GIFT right down to the political allegory; here the stereotypical progressives (the diversity, liberal attitudes to sex/drugs, driving a hybrid, euthanasia etc) fail to reject the obvs insane conservatives (religious fanatics who bang on about 'family', with locks on their doors and guns in their home) due to their obnoxious levels of tolerance/politeness, with fatal consequences, and a twist that suggests GUYS WAKE UP THIS IS HAPPENING ALL ACROSS AMERICA!"
84 T9 The Alchemist Cookbook (2016) - Jan 06, 2017
"it's christmas, and so joel potrykus 'abuses science', cranks some pixies, crunches some bugles, plays waaay too much don't starve, and dives into the mind of another deranged, disenfranchised degenerate. the inspiration is EVIL DEAD rather than OFFICE SPACE, there are no white people to be found and the money-shot reference this time is SANSHO THE BAILIFF, but it's another potrykus punk classic through 'n through; if ydgi, retreat back to GREEN ROOM and be thankful you're one of the lucky ones."
86 T9 Certain Women (2016) - Jan 03, 2017
"i kept thinking of carver and of jost, but reichardt is all her own, a genuine master of framing and tone whose understated, elliptical style somehow invests spaces and movements and faces with meanings that bypass the brain and settle in the bones. in each story silences rupture before quieting again, and all the while you're tapped into the characters' states of being as they navigate a world (or, in the extraordinary third act reversal, a person) from which they share an essential disconnect."