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60 T5 Princess Cyd (2017) - Jan 05, 2018
"stephen cone is remarkably attuned to his actors, coaxing out open, earnest performances, framing them with great warmth and sensitivity. i really can't stress what a talented director he is. that said, i'm not sure i'll be wishlisting another of his movies unless it says "written by: literally anyone other than stephen cone", because there's only so much anyone can do with such trite middlebrow guff. i've seen a few compare cone to sallitt; allow me to recommend THE UNSPEAKABLE ACT once again."
27 T2 Baby Driver (2017) - Jan 05, 2018
"wright's always been a pandering, masturbatory motherfucker without pegg's human touch, and he reaches a career nadir with this bumbling collision of edgy, pseudo-QT subversion and laughably retrograde sentiment. everything is a pose, everything is strained, even the action deevolves into spatially murky chaos after the neat opening. i'm 30 this year and yeesh, i'm really starting to feel (& sound) like it, but until the fun police stop sleeping on PREMIUM RUSH they can suck it."
63 T5 Anti-Porno (2016) - Jan 04, 2018
"as one might expect, sono enters the roman porno reboot project with a hilariously unsubtle and obnoxious fuck you to the roman porno reboot project. the final provocation makes the end of KATE PLAYS CHRISTINE look like ozu. even the (intentionally) bad sono films are a pleasure for his vivid eye and defiant, shameless sensibility."
33 T2 Okja (2017) - Dec 30, 2017
"act I is a nice, serene child-animal fantasy pitched somewhere between MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO and THE LAST GUARDIAN. alas it's about capitalism again, so the yanks arrive straight out of a below par SOUTH PARK ep, and although the creaking satire initially seems balanced, the cynicism turns toward the audience with some particularly aggressive third act hogocaust moralising. it's almost worth a rec for sheer nuttiness, but really it's a misguided clusterfuck and a redundant entry in bong's filmog."
12 T1 Ratburger (2017) - Dec 25, 2017
"david walliams sucks"
61 T5 The Boy and the Beast (2015) - Dec 19, 2017
28 T2 Krisha (2016) - Dec 19, 2017
"the most interesting character in this movie is a woman with actual alzheimer's who's being exploited so her grandson can share his "gift" for filmmaking, which amounts to indulgently cribbing from all his favourite filmmakers at random. could've been a ten minute short and lost nothing."
81 T8 The Salesman (2016) - Dec 19, 2017
"vintage farhadi with the usual identity crises, stressing of familial bonds and tensions between traditional and modern, but with an emphasis on iran's strict segmentation between public and private, performance and reality, eroding those barriers until the actor protagonists are confronted IRL by the characters they're playing on stage. notice the 'anonymous' prostitute is actually hiding in plain sight; a sly panahi-esque joke at the expense of the censors."
67 T6 La fille inconnue (2016) - Dec 19, 2017
"their screenplays were always fairly schematic catholic allegories, but the reason this is the straw that's broken the dardennes' back is that they aren't imposing their perspective on that material as overwhelmingly as they used to. relatively speaking (they're still good yo) they aren't as urgent, immediate, physical, as instinctively insightful in their shot selection, as economical and purposeful in their editing. without their legendarily acute honing, the strings become visible."